death in serenity
Friday, October 6, 2006

This is my first story that took place in serenity. I hope you enjoy it and I would love some feed back as always. Also remeber that my spelling isn't the best.


DEATH IN SERENITY prologue This is the recreation of a interview with the suspected murderer River Tam. She was never charged with the murder of Jayne Cobb but we have proof that she was involved. I interviewed her recently and this is what she said. Interviewer: Did you kill Jayne Cobb? River Tam: Yes Interviewer: Why? River Tam: I think it was his voice, it was fool of males and contempt, not only that but the voices in fact HIS voice tolled me that he was going to kill the crew. Interviewer: What voices? River Tam: The thoughts that I pickup when I'm sleeping, they talk to me whisper secrets in my ears. He said he was going to kill them because they had taken a substantial amount of money away from him. You probably think I'm insane. Let me tell you what I did. I would wait until everyone had gone to bed, then, I would go to the kitchen and take a large knife out, making sher to remember which drawer I tuck it from so that no suspicion would be aroused, the I would creep so quietly, so very quietly and lock all the doors but his, so that no one could find me in the acted. I would then clime head first into his room so that I could see him. I would always take a lantern with me and shine it just over his head to make sure that he would wake up. I would watch him sleeping breathing in and out, in and out, but I couldn't kill him, it wasn't his face that angered me it was his mind and while he was sleeping no thought when through his miserable mind, wile he slept no words past his veil mouth, and so, I found myself unable to do the dead. This when on for a month I never talked to him during the day as I normally didn't so that their was no change between use, and so you see, he would have to be a very smart person to figure out that every night for several hours at a time, I watched him sleep plotting his death. On the last night of October, I was less careful then the other nights. He had drunk allot that morning and he must have been sleeping well. As I crawled down the stairs my hand slipped and the lantern clasped within fell and broke into a thousand pieces. He woke up with a start and yelled out " How's gorram there!?!" I thought he would shoot me, but then I remembered that the captain had taken away his ammo because when he was cleaning his guns he had accidentally shot one of them into a chair. I stayed as still as I could but his ragged breathing didn't stop. It went on faster and faster and louder and louder. He must have been terrified. But I could not strike him, until I herd his voice in my head " It must be the doctors moon brained sister planning some kind of crazy joke." This infuriated me. Why does he insist on looking down on me!?! I thought. I decided that it was his time. With a yell I jumped on him, slicing deep into his chest. He screamed a final death scream and was still. I backed away. the knife was embedded in his chest. I ran up the rails and into the infirmary. I could hear them pounding on their doors in the crew dorms so I had to be fast. I washed the blood from my face and arms, then I ran into my room and changed. I threw my bloody clothes under my mattress, and lied down. I had ten seconds before my door was flung open by Simon, looking worried. I calmed my face and looked at him. " Jayne's dead River, their could be some on board the ship, we all have to leave our rooms to that the capt and Zoe can look for them." Thats what happened they never found my clothes and I deposed of them on the next planet. Epilogue After that I was forced to leave by her brother. I have written down what I heard and it is know up to you, is she insane? Is what shes saying nothing more then the ravings a lunatic? Or is what she saying the truth, was Jayne Cobb going to kill the rest of the crew? I leave it up to you.


Friday, October 6, 2006 11:57 AM


Gutsy idea!!!! However, it could be better excuted, more build up and character study. Also, "their" is a processive meaning belong to them. It is not the word "there".

Friday, October 6, 2006 12:00 PM


I meant "belonging to them". See what happens when I hurry.

Friday, October 6, 2006 12:09 PM


thanks hope, I can't spell well and I used spell check so yah I figured that thier would be some mistakes. Even in this I bet there are some.

Sunday, October 8, 2006 8:28 PM


Huh...mighty interesting tale, if a bit damaged by the rough spelling, grammar and punctuation:(


Wednesday, October 11, 2006 4:26 PM


yah i posed alot of horro


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I thought Id give horror and Jayne a break, so know its attion and Mal, my spelling is bad I know but just ignore it and enjoy the story itself. I guess it could be a gladiator parody but I was never into rustle crow even though hes a good actor. Also the Tragnot sounds like Alador in "dinosaur". Enjoy.

I like to make Jayne suffer. Its not that I don't Im disturbed, its just that Adam Baldwin is a really good actor ( Its not that I want him dead, its just I dont want him alive, anymore.) I think the name is self explanitory. No real end so Ill let you think about it

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Its my first romance so be easy, Dont ask me how I thought of it will all be much happier. feedback as always, and yes I know that my spelling sucks.

Horror/Drama I can't decide.... anyways I like it and I would enjoy some feedback.

death in serenity
This is my first story that took place in serenity. I hope you enjoy it and I would love some feed back as always. Also remeber that my spelling isn't the best.

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Its the next memory of the tortured soul in Decent into hell, he finds his past and starts his future.
give me some feedback

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I was reading some Poe and this idea came into my head so I wrote it down. It be great to get some feedback if possible.