Into the Blue
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The next installment of my “Allanverse”. This story takes place three months after my previous stories, Out to the black. Chapter One: Inara takes Allan shopping on Persephone and they run into an old Nemesis


Into the Blue Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This fic takes place just over two years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/OC and Jayne/River.

A/N: Okay, here we go folks. The next installment of my “Allanverse”. This story takes place three months after my previous story, Out to the black.

Thanks again Chris for the beta…

Into the Blue

Chapter One – Discovery

Office of the CEO – Blue Sun Corporation - Londonium

The CEO was not in a good mood. The memo in his hand was just one of the causes of his foul demeanor. Alliance patrols had found a derelict ship near Boros, or more precisely, part of a ship. Upon investigation, it was found to have various Blue Sun components and serial numbers. The problem lies in the fact that the parts were four hundred years old.

The research department had taken five days of computer searching to find the original parts orders buried deep within the company archives. Unlike most corporations, Blue Sun really never threw anything out, not even parts orders from Earth that was. It wasn’t like the files took up any real space. Just a file on a long ago nearly forgotten data stick.

Further digging had revealed that Blue Sun’s founder had requested the parts just eight months before the exodus left Earth. Further digging in the archives revealed a message sent to the exodus ships just before they were out of range of reliable communication.

Allan Bryant, the company’s founder had built a ship. One with it’s own cryo chamber. Six months after the exodus had left. So did Bryant, on a course following the exodus ships. The message was a warning. If Allan Bryant was seen in the new system in one hundred years, he was to be arrested on sight for treason.

Bryant had been careful, the CEO read. Bryant had released a computer virus that had nearly wiped out all record of his ships construction back on earth that was. Unknown to the company’s founder, all the corporate files had been uplinked to the master Blue Sun computer located on one of the exodus’ factory ships. The upload had occurred just hours before Bryant had left Earth orbit.

Blue Sun had the full design specifications of the ship Bryant had called Free Bird. When compared to what the Alliance had found in space near Boros is where the trouble had begun. The command module on the derelict was missing as well as the contents of the cargo module. The rest of the ship had taken damage at some point in its journey. Alliance officials assumed that the ship had been used as some type of pathfinder vessel for the exodus and had become lost on the way. There was precedent for this, as one of the farm ships had failed to make the trip. Exploding after a collision with an asteroid three years into the journey.

The clincher that prevented this information from being forgotten was the report five days later from the small moon of Kelly out on the rim. The report stated that an unknown type ship had broken up on reentry. Alliance units on Kelly had recovered some pieces that had survived reentry. One of the largest pieces found was the remains of a very old and very empty cryo chamber. It also bore a Blue Sun serial number as well as something else, a trace of DNA. Running the serial number and the DNA through the archives revealed the same name… Allan Bryant.

“Was it possible?” The CEO thought, “Could Allan Bryant be alive, four hundred years after he left Earth that was?”

No body or pieces of a body had been found along the debris path. Some additional pieces had been collected. One curious piece was the tattered remains of some type of personal heat shield, well away from the rest of the debris.

This warranted further investigation. Drafting a memo, the CEO ordered a team of company troubleshooters to investigate. That done, he turned to the other source of his bad mood. Two troubleshooters had gone missing on Aberdeen. Their last report stated that they had a lead on River Tam. Shortly after their last message they had gone missing.

“River Tam,” the CEO spoke out loud, “The prized pupil of the Academy.”

Her brother had stolen River from the Blue Sun facility nearly three and a half years ago. Then the siblings were captured on Ariel only to escape again. A year and a half later River had been located by an Operative who had inexplicably let her go. Wiping her and her brother’s warrants as well. Parliament reeling in the wake of the Miranda broadcast had decided that the Tam’s were no longer a serious threat. Being swept under the rug so to speak in the quest to keep a lid on the whole Miranda affair.

Blue Sun however still looked for River Tam. She represented millions of credits worth of expense and could be a great asset to both the company and the Alliance if recaptured.

Quickly drafting another memo, the CEO ordered yet another team to begin the search anew. Starting on Aberdeen.


“Three more reps Gramps, then ya can stop,” Jayne ordered.

Grunting with effort, Allan pushed the bar up,” Jayne...”

“C’mon, two more.”

Growling, Allan did two more reps, with relief, he dropped the bar back onto the rest. Dropping his arms in exhaustion, Allan tried to get the feeling back in the appendages.

“Why I ever let Zoë and Simon talk me into letting you supervise my rehab, I’ll never know.”

“Aw quit yer bellyachin’ you been doin great,” Jayne said in a friendly tone, “Hell you’re damn lucky yer still breathin, let alone walkin.”

Slowly Allan sat up on the weight bench, “I know Jayne, and I appreciate that every morning.”

“Bet Zoë does too,” Jayne said with a leer.

Allan glared at the bigger man, “We haven’t done anything like that… yet.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I mean it, we have an agreement. One real date dirt side. Dinner and dancing, then…”

“So how come I see you sneakin outta her bunk some mornin’s?”

“I’m not sneaking… and we… we just sleep together… and I mean just sleep…once in a while.”

Jayne just glared at Allan not believing a word.

Thinking it was time to turn the tables, Allan grinned at the mercenary, “So… How’s you and River’s love life?”

“None o’ yer damn business,” the big man growled.

“Won’t let you touch her yet huh?”

Jayne stared at his boots, “Think Zoë and Riv been spendin too much time together… We, uh, got the same arrangement as you an Zoë.”

Allan laughed, “Dinner and dancing huh?”

“Gorramit she wants me to get all duded up, a suit an everything… I ain’t even got a suit.”

“Well Jayne, we’re landing on Persephone in the morning. While you, Mal, Zoë and River are meeting with Sir Harrow. I’m supposed to go with Inara on a shopping trip. She’s going to pick up dresses for Zoë and River, and I need a suit myself. If you ask her nice, I bet Inara would take your measurements and wave the men’s shop so we can get you something off the rack that might fit.”

“Huh? How come Riv needs a dress?”

“Because my confused friend, Zoë and I are taking you and River out on a double date tomorrow night. Dinner and dancing…”

“Dinner and dancin…” Realization flashed across Jayne’s face, “Oh yeah… that’d be real shiny Allan. I’ll go see Inara right now.” In a flash Jayne was halfway up the stairs heading for Inara’s shuttle.

“Da-shu, are you conspiring with my paramour to get Zoë and myself naked?” River asked as she glided up beside Allan, a knowing smirk on her face.

Allan laughed, “Not quite Kiddo. I thought it might make it easier to get accurate measurements that way, rather than asking him what they were since he probably didn’t know anyway. The naked part later is just the bonus…”

River Giggled, “Good thinking Da-shu.”

“Hey, you ain’t the only genius on this boat.”


River expertly piloted Serenity through the congested airspace of Persephone. Mal stood in his usual place behind her while Allan sat in the co-pilots chair, monitoring systems.

“What’s our ETA Albatross?” Mal asked.

“Four minutes thirty seconds to Eavesdown,” was the quick reply.

“Good, well you an Allan get us docked, I’m heading to get ready. Once we’re shut down meet us in the bay.”

“Aye aye, Captain,” River replied with her usual smile.

“When are you and Inara going shopping?” River asked Allan.

“About an hour after we land. We have an appointment at the men’s shop. It took some work but they managed to find something that would fit Jayne off the rack. Mine is going to be a bit more tailored.”

“It’s hard to imagine you in a suit Allan.”

“I had to a have a few for the office back on Earth. I even had a couple of tuxedos too. Although casual Friday for me was jeans and a t-shirt. Once, a new security guard nearly threw me out of my own building.”

River laughed at that, “What did you do to him?”

“I told him he did good job and gave him a raise,” Allan said smiling.

“It sounds like you were a good employer.”

“I thought so, I wasn’t big on office work. I was usually down on the shop floor with the rest of the engineers and mechanics. I was more comfortable with them than the stuffed shirts with the MBA’s in the boardroom. They kept telling me what I needed to do to run the company. I didn’t listen to them much. I delegated most of the day-to-day operations but I had the final say. That’s why my version of Blue Sun didn’t make weapons, even though the board wanted to. I only made one exception to that rule and regretted it.”

“What was the exception?”

“A handheld laser pistol. Somehow the Alliance Minister of Defense got it named after him. Since he approved the program, he thought it was his right. So instead of the Blue Sun Mk.1 Laser Pistol, they called it the Lassiter.”

River looked at him, “You’re kidding?”

“Why, you know about the Lassiter?”

“The Captain stole one of the two known examples in existence. We still haven’t been able to fence it yet after almost three years.”

“Worth a lot of money?”

“It had been appraised at over one million credits but no one wants to touch it.”

“I wonder what the prototype would fetch… I’ve got it in the bottom of my gun case.”

River just stared at Allan.

“River, you gonna land us or stare at me for the rest of the day?”

“Oh… Commencing landing sequence.”


“All set Inara?” Allan asked from the open entrance to the former companions shuttle.

“In a moment Allan,” her voice replied.

Allan turned and leaned on the railing overlooking the bay, a smile on his face. Another new planet to explore he thought. Even if it was just for a shopping trip.

“I’m ready Allan.”

Allan turned and had to try very hard not to stare. Inara was wearing one of her “Companion” dresses. Flowing red silk with a deeply plunging neckline. An elegant quilted jacket her only concession to the brisk autumn weather here on Persephone.

“Wow Inara, you look… stunning,” Allan managed to blurt out without sounding like Jayne.

“Why thank you Allan. I must say you look quite handsome yourself.”

“Not by half Inara, These are the nicest clothes I brought with me. I didn’t expect much need for a business suit when I was planning on building a new world.” Allan replied.

“I think this suits you quite well,” Inara said, noting Allan’s khaki trousers, white button down shirt and leather jacket.

“Thank you Inara… By the way do you have your gun?”

“I do,” she said patting a slight bulge under her left arm, “Mal insisted. Persephone may be well developed but it isn’t as civilized as a core world.”

“Zoë said that as well,” Allan said as he adjusted the holster for his colt tucked into the small of his back.

“I’ve never seen a jacket like this,” Inara commented as the pair descended to the bay floor.

“It was my Grandfathers. It’s a real US Navy issue G-1 flight jacket. He gave it to me when I earned my wings.”


“Earning your wings was a term used in the military back on Earth when you became a qualified pilot,” Allan paused next to the com unit, “Kaylee, me an Inara are leaving. Be back in a couple of hours.”

“Okay Allan, See ya then,” She replied. A moment later Kaylee’s voice could still be heard over the still open com, “Ohhhh Simon…”

“Com’s still open Kaylee,” Allan called trying not to laugh.

“Eeep,” came the reply followed by the click of the com shutting off.

Laughing, Inara and Allan left the ship. Allan secured the door while Inara hailed a taxi.


Allan and Inara’s first stop was a store called Francine’s. It was an upscale dress shop. Trying to not look bored and also trying to not peek at what Inara was purchasing for Zoë to wear on their date that night. Allan instead gazed out the store window, people watching.

Half an hour later, Inara had finished the required shopping. Leaving the store. They made their way up the street to the men’s clothiers. The dress shop agreeing to have the purchases delivered to Serenity.

All the walking had been a bit hard on Allan. While his broken bones had healed well, his severely sprained and dislocated left ankle was still giving him problems. Simon had insisted Allan use a cane when off the ship. Inara had noticed that Allan was leaning on the cane a bit more than usual.

“Is your ankle bothering you Allan?” Inara asked with concern.

“Just a little sore, I’ll be fine,” Allan said with a smile, “however if the men’s store has a chair I wouldn’t be adverse to sitting down for a few minutes.”

“It’s just around the corner and I think they can accommodate finding you a chair.”

“Thanks Inara.”

The men’s clothiers did indeed have a chair. After a short rest, Allan was taken into the back of the store for his fitting. Allan had left the decision of the choice of style up to Inara, as Allan’s limited sense of style was four hundred years out of date.

After his fitting and the purchase of Jayne’s off the rack suit, Allan arraigned to have the clothing delivered to the ship as well. Looking at his watch, Allan decided that they had time for one more stop before returning to the ship.

“Care to join me for a quick bite of lunch Inara? My treat.”

“Certainly Allan. I would be delighted. Besides, it’s Simon’s turn to make lunch.”

“Ugh, thanks for reminding me. Simon’s a great doc, did wonders for my injuries but I don’t think the man can make a sandwich right. Eating out is a much more preferable option… Shall we?” Allan said, offering his arm to Inara.

Looping her arm through Allan’s, the pair started off, “I know the perfect place. It’s supposed to be just like an Earth that was New York Deli. Very upscale,” Inara remarked.

“Well, since I’ve eaten in a few of those in my day, none of them quite upscale, we’ll see how close they came to the real thing.”


“Excellent choice Inara, This place is just like the real thing,” Allan said as he bit into his Ruben sandwich. Swallowing he continued, “They even got the sauerkraut right.”

“What is sauerkraut anyway,” Inara asked just before biting into her own Ruben.

“Shredded and fermented cabbage. Considered a delicacy in most of Europe back on Earth.”

“Even though it doesn’t sound all that appetizing, this is quite good. I wonder… Merciful Buddha!” Inara suddenly exclaimed, looking down at the table and hiding her face with her hand.

“Inara what’s wrong?” Allan asked concern in his voice.

“WHORE!” Screamed a voice from behind Allan. Every eye in the deli looked in their direction.

Inara shot to her feet, “Atherton Wing, how dare you call me that,” she said, steel in her voice.

“I’ll call you whatever I like whore. That’s what you are,” the man said, fury in his voice. Standing nearly toe-to-toe with Inara.

Wing felt a hand drop onto his shoulder, “I think you need to leave sir. Before someone gets hurt… namely you,” Allan said in a quiet but firm voice.

Without warning Wing backhanded Inara across the face, knocking her to the floor.

The next thing Atherton Wing knew, he was on the floor, Allan’s knee on his chest, left hand on his throat and a very large pistol pressed against his forehead.

Wing’s eyes crossed as he tried to focus on the muzzle of Allan’s pistol. Allan locked eyes with the man he had pinned to the floor, “You okay Inara?” Allan asked. Turning his attention back to Wing he growled, “You even breathe wrong, they’ll be cleaning your brains off the floor… Understand?”

Wing nodded.

“I’m fine Allan, let him up please.” Inara said, wiping the blood from her lip as she regained her feet

“You sure?”

“Yes, I can handle this,” Inara said.

Allan glanced at Inara, noting she had her own gun out and trained on Wing.

“Allan, you need to leave quickly, the owners have called the authorities. Since you do not have any identification, you will be arrested,” Inara said quietly.

“Okay Inara, if you say so. I’ll just be outside.”

Allan slowly got up off the man he had put to the floor, “Your lucky day asshole,” Allan growled. Allan exited the Deli moment’s before two Alliance enforcement officers entered the establishment.

Allan quickly purchased a newspaper from a passing vendor to use as a cover. Taking up a post outside on a bench, Allan kept his eyes scanning the crowd, looking for threats.

After about fifteen minutes, and the arrival of what Allan assumed was a current day squad car with two more officers. Atherton Wing was led in restraints to the vehicle and placed in the back seat. Allan tried his best not to smile. Instead adopting a curious look on his face but not overly so.

A few minutes later, Inara exited the deli, and shook hands with the senior officer. Making quick eye contact with Allan, she nodded once and began to walk down the street. After a few moments Allan folded his newspaper and discreetly followed, limping a bit and leaning on his cane.

A block down the street, Inara paused at a street vendor, allowing Allan to catch up.

“All taken care of?” Allan asked as he approached Inara.

“Atherton Wing is about to find out that striking a companion, even a retired one is a very serious thing. The guild has very strong ties with the Alliance and considering that Atherton has a black mark in the client registry already, it will not go well for him. His wealth and power here on Persephone will not save him from the guild.”

“And I take it you were the one to give him the black mark?”

Inara smiled, “I was, it happened after he and Mal had a sword fight.”

Allan laughed, “We better head back to Serenity. On the way you can fill in the details. I gotta hear this story.”



Da-shu = Uncle


Wednesday, July 2, 2008 2:18 AM


It appears none of Mal's secrets - or anyone else's! - are safe from being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light of day. Good chapter, and it makes a change for Atherton Wing to just be arrested, and not ending up as a blot on the landscape. Unless, of course, he gets out of jail ...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 5:12 AM


Atherton Wing huh? Didn't see that coming. Hopefully we won't see more of him... unless it end in him getting hurt.

Glad to see more of thie series, can't wait for the rest.

Thursday, July 3, 2008 1:46 AM


I have a feeling that if Mal was there, he would have ended him... luckily Allan was there and took Inara's advice *phew* Though I'd really like to see what happens if he faced the crew and like blackbeanie said...want to see him getting hurt! I'm glad you kept the Allan verse' btw

Keep flying ;)


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