Discovery - Chapter 7
Saturday, December 25, 2010

Back in my FF/T:TSCC crossover verse. John Connor and the crew of Serenity go out to a bar. The inevitable occurs.


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit. I own none of these characters.... I just play with them a little.


Crossover between Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly. A continuation of my previous Fanfic, Rebirth.


AN: Just to remind people... This is totally AU for T:TSCC and post BDM for Firefly. It also totally ignores the events of the latest Terminator movie because I haven't seen it.


AN2: Sorry for the delay. My muse abandoned me and left no forwarding address. -



Chapter Seven


“No... thank you, John Connor...”

John stared at John Henry. The words making an impact, “I appreciate that.”

An uncomfortable silence fell across the galley. Mal and Zoë shared a look and Mal nodded. They both knew the look that haunted John's eyes. The look of a soldier who had seen too much. It was familiar to them both because they had seen it in each others eyes after Serenity Valley.

“John?” Mal began.

The younger man looked up, “Yes?”

“Seems that you been to hell an back, I reckon. Somethin like that is bound to cause more'n a little stress,” Mal paused and looked at Cameron who sat placidly next to John, “I'm thinkin you need a little time to sort things out.”

John nodded, “You're not wrong.”

Mal grinned slightly, “Tell you what. After supper. Me and Zoë'll take you into town, find a bar and toast fallen comrades.”

“I think I'd like to join you, Mal” John Henry added.

“Moren' welcome, Hank. I reckon we'll bring Cam along to drag our sorry pi-gu's back to the boat after.”

“Sounds like a plan, Sir,” Zoë smiled.

Cameron nodded and smiled at John, “I'll take care of you.”

John smiled at her, “You always have.”


“Mr. Henry... why am I here?” Susan Mao asked her superior. She had drawn the AI aside while Cameron and Reagan prepared supper.

The Cyborg looked at the young woman, “You are here because you are more useful to us alive than dead.”

“Shenme?” she asked, nervously.

“You have knowledge of both Project Chronos, the results of Project Oracle and are aware that the CEO of Blue Sun is a machine.”

The young woman gulped, “Yes, sir...”

John Henry continued, “You are also very intelligent and your skills will eventually become useful to the Browncoats.”

“What?” Susan replied.

“You are core raised. And from your dossier, a staunch Alliance supporter. You couldn't have gotten your position at Blue Sun if you were not. However... after you spend some time with these people. You will learn that the Alliance is not looking out for the best interests of mankind.”


John Henry smiled menacingly. His eyes flashing red, “And while I am no longer a Terminator, per-say. I will kill you if you threaten my mission or anyone on this crew... dong-ma?”

Frightened, Susan nodded, “Dang-ran.”

John Henry's smile warmed, “I think you need a drink too.”

“I... think you're right...”


“Everyone ready?” Mal asked as most of his crew gathered in the cargo bay. Mal was wearing his usual shipboard garb as well as his coat. Hank was dressed similarly. Zoë was wearing her vest and tan pants. John Connor was dressed in bluejeans, a Blue Sun T-shirt and boots. A borrowed pistol on his hip.

River and Cameron were both in short denim skirts, matching red tops and their ever present leather jackets. River's hair was loose while Cameron's was drawn back into a pony tail. Inara had joined the procession out. Mostly to keep Mal out of trouble. She was dressed casually like the rest of the crew in pants and a blouse.

“I think so, Mal,” Hank said.

“Miss Mao goin?” Mal asked.

The woman in question entered the bay, “I am.”

“Let's be off then,” Mal began. He turned and hit a button on a nearby intercom panel, “Kaylee... we're off. Be back in a few hours.”

“Okay, Cap'n” the mechanics voice replied. She and Simon as well as Gabriel and Reagan were staying behind. Both couples wanting some quiet time. Jayne had left right after supper, heading for the nearest whorehouse.

Walking down the ramp, Mal offered Inara his arm which she accepted. Cameron took John's hand in her own and followed.

River gazed at Zoë who grinned, “Come on, River. Gotta keep an eye on em'.”

“You're right,” River replied, “They take so much looking after.”

'Hank' chuckled behind the two women, “Miss Mao?”

“Let's go,” She replied, “I need to get stinking drunk.”

As soon as the group had set off, Reagan closed the bay door from the bridge. Settling into her husbands arms as they stared at the stars visible outside the windows.


It was a typical rim world bar. A different one from the one Mal, Simon, Gabriel and Jayne had their run in with the triple eight, days before.

Entering through the swinging doors, the sights and sounds inside assailed their senses. Mal seemed to smile as he led Inara inside.

John nearly froze. He hadn't been in a place like this in his entire life. Cameron gently pulled him inside, making room for Susan and John Henry to enter. Zoë and River brought up the rear.

Edging around the room, the group found a table near the back. Inara noted how Mal, Zoë and Cameron all took seats that allowed them to watch the room. John, River, Susan and John Henry took seats opposite them. The AI and former resistance leader keeping an eye on the others backs. River kept a minds eye on everyone.

Susan Mao was as nearly overwhelmed by the bar as John. Growing up on Shinon, she had never been in such a rowdy drinking establishment. She was more used to dance clubs or the odd pub.

A scantily clad, blonde and buxom waitress approached the table, “What can I get you folks?”

“Two pitchers of the local drought beer and a bottle of whiskey. Glasses for both for everyone.

The waitress nodded and then looked hard at River and Cameron, “They old enough?”

“Just turned nineteen,” Mal said quickly.

“Fine by me. Be right back.

“I am not nineteen,” Cameron began.

“River is,” Zoë grinned.


The waitress returned with shot glasses, beer mugs and a pair of huge pitchers of medium amber beer. A second waitress dropped off an unopened bottle of whiskey. A well known brand made on Boros.

Mal popped the top and poured a generous dollop into everyone's shot glasses. “To absent friends, lovers, colleagues and comrades...”

Everyone raised their glasses and threw back the alcohol.

Of course, both John Henry and Cameron didn't flinch. Mal and Zoë winced slightly with the burn and Susan coughed slightly.

John and River gasped loudly. Tears running down Connor's face while River pounded her fist on the table and nearly gagged.

“God... I thought the hooch Derick made was bad...” John gasped after a moment.

“Not too bad actually,” Mal grinned at the younger man, “Still smoother than Kaylee's engine wine.”

“Not by much,” River gasped.

“And you'd know this how, Albatross?” Mal asked. Raising an eyebrow.

“My eighteenth birthday...”

Mal's face darkened, “Oh yeah.... kinda forgot that.”

River shuddered slightly, “I never wanted to see Jayne's man parts as a birthday present.”

Zoë snorted in amusement, “None of us did, Ai-ren...” Zoë trailed off as the endearment left her lips.

John cocked his head slightly, wondering what Zoë had called River. Mal's face twisted in confusion while Inara, Cameron, Susan and John Henry all smiled slightly.

“What's Ai-ren mean?” John asked.

“Beloved,” Inara began, “It is a term of endearment. As an example... Cameron would be your Ai-ren... sweetheart...”

“Oh.... ohhhhhhh,” John suddenly realized.

Mal looked between his first mate and pilot, “This is new...”

“Just seein where things might lead, Sir,” Zoë said in a tone of voice that told Mal that if he said much more. He'd be sporting a sore jaw. For once he got the hint.

“Just curious is all,” Mal replied defensivly.

“Not too much I hope,” Susan giggled as the alcohol hit her system.


Mal was sloshing drunk. Zoë had a good buzz going and Susan Mao was nearly unconscious, leaning against John Henry's shoulder.

River had stuck to beer and felt more than a little tipsy. Inara had restrained herself and was the soberest of the lot. Except for the machines. John Henry and Cameron were as sober as any teetotaler since alcohol didn't affect their core programs and the drinks were used to fuel their organic systems.

Susan had just told a dirty joke causing River to giggle uncontrollably. The two women were having a grand old time.

John Connor just seemed to get quieter and quieter as he drank.

“John?” Cameron asked. Worried abut his demeanor.

“I'm fine.”

Cameron made a face but didn't say anything. Mal suddenly stood up and then nearly toppled over.

“Need ta' gets more... alco... alco... booze!” Mal slurred Before Inara could grab his sleeve, the Captain stumbled off in the direction of the bar.

“Go-se,” Inara muttered under her breath.

“I'll get him,” John Henry smiled as he rose to his feet. Intent on retrieving his wayward former Sargent.

Mall jostled a man at the bar as he collided with the edge. “Wei!” cried the man as his drink went flying.

“Sssssory friend,” Mal slurred, “I'll get ya' 'nother...”

Mal reply was a left hook to the jaw that sent him reeling. The Captain landed with an undignified thump on his backside.

“Gorram Browncoat!” the man yelled. Noticing Mal's duster. He was only a little more sober than Mal was but was enough with the program to make the connection, “I lost my gorram brother to the likes o' you!”

Mal shook his head to clear it as the words registered, “What was that, you purple belly?”

“Oh, go-se,” Zoë and Inara said at the same time.

Mal struggled to his feet, and clenched his fists as he stared at the other man. Already more bar patrons began to line up next to the man who Mal had bumped into.

“I said, you brown coated pile of niushi... My brother was killed by the likes o' you. I think I'll just get my payback outta you.”

As the words left his mouth, the man suddenly hit the floor, out cold. Thanks to the flesh covered coltan fist belonging to John Henry.

The bar suddenly went as quiet as a church. For about twenty seconds.

Then all hell broke loose.


The crew trotted as fast as they could back towards Serenity. Jayne, who had been drawn by the sounds of the brawl had Susan Mao slung over his shoulder. Hank was carrying Mal in a similar way.

The Captain was unconscious due to both the alcohol he'd consumed and from the results of a beer mug being smashed over his head.

River was assisting a limping Zoë with Inara's help and Cameron carried John in her arms like a baby. He was battered and bruised from the fight but was smiling as he drunkenly sang at the top of his lungs, “And the man at the back saaaid, everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz,. And the girl in the corner said, boy, I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a ballroom blitz, Ballroom blitz, Ballroom blitzzzzzz...”

“Would someone please shut him up,” Jayne grumbled.

Inara just shook her head and raised the com unit to her lips, “Reagan? Are you there?”

moments later, Reagan's voice replied, “What it is Inara?”

“Please alert Simon that we are coming back with wounded... and it probably wouldn't hurt to prepare Serenity for departure...”

On the Firefly's bridge, Gabriel Tam groaned as his wife replied to the former companion, “Just like last U-day?”

Inara sighed before replying, “Maybe a little worse...”


John slowly regained consciousness. The first thing he noticed was that he was laying in bed Second was that there was someone with him in the bed and third, it felt like a triple eight had been using his head as a soccer ball.

“Uhhh,” he moaned.

“Good morning, John.”

John's eyes snapped open. He moaned again and shut them just as quickly. Squeezing his eyes tightly shut he muttered, “Cam?”


“Did I drink a lot and then get in a bar fight?”


“And... you're really here... and this isn't a dream.”

“It's not a dream John.”

“Am I naked?”


“Are you?”

“Maybe...” Cameron replied with a slightly mischievous tone in her voice.

John opened his eyes again and Cameron's face slowly came into focus in front of his face. She wasn't naked but nearly. John could see that she was wearing a skimpy black negligee. “Morning,” he said after a moment.

“Good morning, John,” Cameron smiled, “how do you feel.”

“Like I lost a fight with a HK,” John groaned.

Cameron turned and sat up. Giving a John a good look first at her cleavage and then her barely covered backside. Cameron turned back holding a cup of water and two small pills. “Take these and drink at least two liters of water in the next two hours. You are dehydrated.”

“And hung over,” John added before he popped the pills into his mouth. Following them with the water.

“Who undressed me?” John asked after a moment.

“Me of course,” Cameron replied.

“No fair,” John sighed.

“You can undress me tonight,” Cameron grinned.

John blinked his eyes. First he was surprised by Cameron's flirting. And then by how alive she looked. Her face was animated. And her eyes actually sparkled.

“You're different than I remember,” John said after a moment.

Cameron tilted her head, “In what way?”

“You seem more... alive.”

“I have been striving to become more human in my behavior.”

John shook his head causing him to wince from the sudden movement, “Not just your behavior. It's your face...”

“What is wrong with my face?” Cameron asked, as she pushed one finger against her cheek.

John smiled, “Nothing is wrong. In fact, you're... I don't know how to describe it exactly... You're more... animated than I remember.”

“I have been living on this ship for eighteen months.”

“Yes but, I don't know, you're like Alison. Your eyes sparkle, your face changes expression as you speak...”

“You don't approve?” Cameron asked, trepidation in her voice.

John reached up and rubbed his thumb against her cheek and again marveled how Cameron leaned into his touch, “Oh, I approve. It will just take some getting used to.”

Cameron smiled slightly, “We will have plenty of time for that.”

John reached behind her neck and pulled Cameron close, “You are so right about that,” he said before kissing her.


“Honestly, Mal... what am I going to do with you?” Inara almost sighed as she helped him sit up in the bed.

“Love me till we're old and gray?” Mal grinned despite his split lip and impressive shiner.

Inara sighed, “I was thinking more along the lines of clapping you in irons so you won't get hurt again.”

“None of the kinky stuff till I've healed up a might Bao-bei,” Mal grinned.

Inara let out a noise halfway between a scream and a sigh. She threw her hands up in the air and moved off the bed.


“What?” she snapped.

“I'm sorry.”

Inara was struck speechless for a moment. She looked at Mal with a look of wonder on her face.

Mal continued, “I'm sorry I got you so worked up. Didn't mean to start a fight last night.”

Inara rolled her eyes and gracefully sat back on the bed, “You always do find one though.”

“Seems to be a regular occurrence, I reckon.”

“It does at that.”

“I'll do my best to avoid any future bar brawls,” Mal replied with a slight grin.

Inara sighed again and then smiled slightly, “That's all I can ask.”


“Good morning!” River said cheerily as John stumbled into the galley, followed by Cameron.

“Not so loud,” Susan grumbled from where she sat at the table, nursing a cup of black coffee.

“What she said,” John replied as he dropped into a chair.

“Mornin', all,” Zoë said as she entered the room.

River looked at her and smiled shyly, “Morning Zoë.”

The First Mate stepped up next to River and looked at what she was mixing in a bowl, “What are we having?”

“Pancakes,” River replied.

John let out a slight gasp before regaining his composure. Cameron put her arm across his shoulder, “John?” she asked.

“I haven't had pancakes since... well, before J-Day.”

Cameron nodded knowingly, “Sarah, John's Mother used to make pancakes almost every day for breakfast.”

John smiled at the memory Cameron's words brought up, “Mom couldn't cook much. Her specialties seemed to be limited to hamburger helper, frozen pizza and overcooked pancakes. ”

“But you ate them anyway,” Cameron replied.

“Mom made them...” John replied with a distant look on his face.

“I miss her too,” Cameron added.

John looked at the the woman beside him. That's what he considered Cameron to be. He smiled, “She was one of a kind.”


“And you're sure this will work?”

“I'm certain. I helped with the test runs on the original equipment and I copied the designs exactly.”

“Well if it works. Why did Blue Sun abandon the project?”

“I don't know. I'm just glad I quit three weeks ago. Everyone I was working with has gone missing.”


“Missing... like probably dead.”

“That sounds ominous.”

“No kidding...”

“Did they know you were pirating the equipment?”

“No gorram way. It's not like it takes any super high tech to build this. It's astounding, actually.”

“It's still hard to believe that someone built a time machine... something that seems like science fiction, I might ad. Way back over four hundred years ago on Earth that was.”

“Believe it. With enough power and a matching TDE on the other end, you could not only travel back in time... but also go to Earth that was itself.”


“That it is,” the weaselly looking man replied as he began to fiddle with the equipment's controls.

His companion, a well dressed businessman, smiled, “Just think of the profits my company could make. We can just travel back in time, change a few investments here and there and then watch the money roll in.”

“That's one use,” the weaselly little man replied.

“I tell you, Mr. Swaggert, you're going to go far, working for me.”

“I hope so, Mr. Jenkins... what the?” Swaggert said in alarm as every indicator on the console lit up. Alarms began to wail.

“What's going on?” Jenkins asked as Swaggert's hands flew across the controls.

“Incoming time bubble!” Swaggert replied as he tried to shut down the equipment.

“Make it stop!”

“I can't!” Swaggert yelled as the air in the room began to crackle with energy.

At the center of the room, a transparent blue bubble began to form. Electrical discharges shot out, striking some of the equipment, causing a cascade of sparks.

“No!” screamed Swaggert as one by one, the equipment racks in his makeshift lab began to explode.

With a sudden rush of air, the bubble coalesced and suddenly a nude woman appeared, kneeling on the floor in the slight depression caused by the time bubble.

Equipment continued to overload and spark. Swaggert jumped to his feet and charged at the brunette who was just coming to her feet.

“You!” Swaggert began, “Who do you think you are?”

As if by reflex, the woman punched the irate man, knocking him to the floor.

Despite her nakedness, the woman wasn't frightened. But instead appeared angry, “My name is Sarah Connor. And I'm looking for my son...”




AN: Dun,dun dunnnnnn... Bet you didn't see that one comin, did ya?


Sunday, December 26, 2010 8:10 AM


Awesome. Sarah is back. LOVE IT! I like that John loves the new Cam... she's learning lots from River. Great stuff... good to see you back. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010 9:26 PM


Aww yeah...Mama Connor's on the scene and she's bringing the T2 level of crazy she-wolf! Can't wait to see what comes next for our plucky heroes when Sarah comes across them!

Monday, January 17, 2011 8:54 AM


I really liked it! The couples moments were so cute =)

Hope to see more soon!


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