Undying - Chapter 4
Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Santo, the crew sees to supplies while River, Zoe and MacLeod meet with two of Mac's oldest friends.


Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They all belong to their respective creators. I'm just playing with them a bit.


I've been fighting off this plot bunny for some time now and I finally lost and wrote this. The show I loved the most before I discovered Firefly was Highlander. So, I guess this crossover was inevitable.


A Crossover between Firefly and Highlander: The Series. Ignores the events of Highlander: The Source. Post BDM in the Firefly 'Verse.


AN: Sorry for the delay. Between my muse leaving for parts unknown and a wrist injury that prevented me from writing. I wasn't able to do much the last month or so.




Chapter Four


“I've heard of this, Atherton Wing, fellow,” Methos said over his beer bottle.

“As have I,” Cassandra added as she sipped her tea.

Duncan, Zoë and River had been escorted to Cassandra and Methos' apartment over their antiques store.

It was a homey place. Paintings adorned the walls along with knickknacks from all over the 'Verse and even Earth-that-was.

“He's bad news,” Zoë added,”All fired rich. And we... well the Captain, had a run in with him a couple o' years back. We've been avoiding Persephone best we could but somehow Wing found out were were coming and laid a trap for the Captain.”

“These gorram 'new' Immortals,” Methos grumbled. Then he looked up, “Present company excepted,” he smiled at Zoë .

“What of you, Child?” Cassandra asked, looking at River, “You said you were a reader?”

River nodded, Cassandra's mind was nearly as ancient feeling as Methos'. And nearly as dark. But there was something else there. Almost a kindred spirit. After taking a deep breath, River began her tale.


Methos swore in Italian, Attic Greek and Latin when River finished her story, “I don't know why we didn't put a atop to the Alliance back when we had a chance,” the ancient immortal grumbled.

“Because people would have caught on,” Duncan observed, “And found out about us. We can't be in the spotlight.”

“Amanda is,” Methos grinned at his friend, “She's the toast of the core.”

“There are exceptions...” Duncan sighed.

“Who's Amanda?”

“Duncan's girlfriend,” Cassandra grinned.

“She's not...” Duncan began.

“Not this century anyway...” Methos smiled, cutting Macleod off, “How many times have you two hooked up over the centuries? Hmmm?”

“Oh stuff a sock in it, Old Man,” Duncan grumbled. Causing River to giggle and Zoë to smile slightly.

“They do love one another,” Methos began, “But they're like oil and water.”

“Sounds like Mal and Inara,” River said, grinning at Zoë .

“You got any more beer?” Duncan asked, trying to change the subject.

Methos snapped his fingers and a small, very crude looking mechanical robot. entered the room, carrying two more beer bottles in it's claw like hand.

“What the hell is that?” Zoë asked.

“One of Methos' toys.” Cassandra replied with a sigh.


“I think this should fit you well enough,” Methos smiled as he handed a newly made Katana to River.

River took the blade from him and twirled it slightly, “The balance is excellent.”

“That's the real deal, my dear,” Methos replied, “I learned to make swords from a master. I make a few a year for collectors. They are so accurate, even experts think that they're originals from Earth.”

“Thank you,” River replied.

“How do you carry it, River?” Cassandra asked.

“On my back,” the girl replied.

“Hmmm. Unusual but effective,” Methos observed.

Methos then turned and removed a case from a nearby shelf. Carefully, he opened the latches and flipped the top up.

“I think that this will suit you, Zoë ,” Methos said as he removed the sword within.

Zoë couldn't help but whistle in appreciation, “That's some blade...”

“One of my better collectables,” Methos smiled, “This is a real sixteenth century, Italian dueling sword. It's over seven hundred years old.”

Zoë 's eyes went wide in shock, “That thing's gotta be worth a fortune...”

“Worth more than your ship, I'd wager.” Methos grinned.

“I can't...”

“Take it,” Cassandra smiled, “I have a feeling you will take good care of it.”


Duncan took Zoë into the small courtyard behind Methos' shop to practice with her new sword. Back inside, the two ancient Immortals sat down with River.

“What did the Alliance do to you exactly?” Methos asked the girl before him.

River took a shuddering breath before she spoke, “They did... surgery. Changed how I think and perceive... I... it is difficult...”

“Have you had any medical attention since then?” Methos asked. He had been a physician many times over the centuries. And he still tried to keep current.

River nodded and smiled slightly, “Ge-ge is a doctor. Trauma surgeon.”

Methos relaxed slightly before continuing, “That is good.”

“They stripped my amygdala...”

“WHAT?” Methos thundered, “Afotés oi gioi tou skýles!”

“Calm yourself, boa-bei,” Casandra said.

“How is it you don't have Klüver–Bucy syndrome?” Methos asked.

“They did other things. They... rewired... the neurons...”

“River...” Methos said quietly, “Were you able to feel.... thoughts before this happened to you?”

A single tear ran down River's cheek, “Yes.”

“Could you control it before?”

River simply nodded.

“And now?”

“I'm getting better at it. Now that the voices from Miranda aren't there anymore. I was crazy before.”

Methos was muttering under his breath, “Child... I swear. If I ever find someone who even so much as helped do this to you...”

River cocked her head a slight smile appeared on her lips, “Not if I see them first.”

“Methos... why don't you go see how Zoë and Duncan are doing. I may be able to help River.”

“If you think so...”

“I know so.”


“Look into my eyes, River,” Cassandra intoned. Her voice taking on an almost supernatural feel.

Wide eyed, River stared into the Immortal's dark eyes. Images seemed to flow into River's mind from the ancient woman before her.

“Your mind is like an open field, River,” Cassandra continued, “You need to build a wall. A fortress. I will help you.”

“A wall...” River whispered. Her eyes still locked with Cassandra's.

“Brick by brick. Stone by stone. Build it up. Not all the way. Your mind will need windows to to see out and a door to come and go. But you will control when the door opens.”

“I will control...”

“That's it River. Stone by stone. See it getting higher and higher. All around you...”

“Need a door...” River said, a little louder.

“A door. That is right. One that only you have the key for. Only you can open and close the door. It is yours and yours alone.”

“The weapon...” River whispered.

Is you, River. You are it. It is you. Not separate. A part of you. A part that you control.”

“Like the door...”

“Yes... like the door.”

“A window...”

“Lets the light in. Allows you to see around you.”


“Can you see?” Cassandra asked.

“I can see...”

“Close the blinds,” the older woman ordered.

“It's dark... quiet...” Rivers voice replied, almost wistfully.

“Open the blinds slightly.”

“I can feel you.”

Cassandra smiled, “That is very good. Open them wider.”

“I can sense Methos, Duncan, Zoë ...”

“Now all the way.”

“Kaylee, Ge-ge, The Captain... eww, Jayne...”

Cassandra couldn't help but smile slightly as River slowly regained full awareness.

“What did you do?” River asked as her eyes snapped back to clarity.

“I gave you the tools to help you deal with your power, Mei-mei.”

“I... I can still read... but it's...”

“Quiet?” Cassandra asked.

“YES!” River exclaimed, “I... I haven't been alone... in my head for so long...”

Cassandra reached forward and hugged River, “I'm so glad.”

“Thank you, thank you,” River replied, “I was better after Miranda... but... It was still hard...”

“You're still not cured, River. But now you have a tool. A tool you can use when the world comes crashing down upon you.”

River was smiling now. Wide and bright. Cassandra was sure the girl hadn't smiled like that since she had gone to that horrid academy.

And like Methos. If she ever ran across anyone from that vile place. Mortal or not. They would be soon missing their head.


“Bravo,” Methos said as he clapped his hands. He had just spent the last ten minutes watching Duncan and Zoë spar in his back yard.

“Thanks,” Zoë replied. Catching her breath.

“How about giving me a try? Hmm?” Methos smiled, “I can see from here, you're getting used to Duncan's moves. By trying with different opponents, you might learn a trick or two.”

Duncan smirked, “Better watch out for her, Old man.”

Zoë grinned, “Old man?”

“He's over five thousand years old... I'm not quite a thousand yet...” Duncan replied.

“In that case. I'll go easy,” Zoë grinned.

Methos' expression didn't change, but almost if conjured there, a sword appeared in his hands, “I'll be the one going easy...”


Duncan watched with a critical eye as Methos and Zoë circled each other. Swords at the ready. Zoë was a born warrior. That was evident. Quickly she lunged at Methos who blocked the thrust with ease. Zoë twisted quickly and swung at her opponent. Methos had a smile on his face and he dodged the swing and brought his blade back to parry.

Over and over again, metal clanged as the two combatants moved around the yard. Methos had even resorted to getting physical. Sweeping Zoë 's feet out from under her. Or at least trying to. Zoë sidestepped the attack and shot out with her free hand, striking Methos in the nose. With a pained grunt he staggered back. Regaining his footing.

Zoë grinned and advanced again. Her sword and Methos' sparking as they clashed.

River and Cassandra entered the yard and watched. Zoë was unconventional in her moves. Making it up as she went along. That seemed to keep Methos slightly off balance.

“I think that's enough,” Duncan said after a glance from Cassandra.

The two combatants locked their swords together and stopped.

“Well now...” Methos breathed heavily.

“How'd... I do?” Zoë asked. Similarly out of breath.

Methos smiled and stepped back, Giving Zoë a slight bow, “If this were more than sparring. I might be worried about my head.”

“My Husband always said he though I could kill him with my pinky...” At those words. Zoë froze. Still breathing hard. A single tear ran down her cheek.

Cassandra stepped forward, “How long has it been? Since he died?”

“Year and a half... thereabouts...” Zoë nearly whispered.

“It's hard... loosing the ones you love,” Cassandra said.

Zoë looked at the older Immortal, “How do you do it...”

“One day at a time,” Methos said as he put an arm around Cassandra's shoulders.

“That's it?” Zoë asked.

“You just have to get up in the morning and say to yourself, this is the first day of the rest of your life... and get on with living. Best you can.”

“That's how I go on every day,” River added, “But after today. It might be a little easier.”

“How is that, Mei-mei?” Zoë asked.

“Because, Cassandra helped fix me...”


Zoë couldn't help but smile at River on the walk back to Serenity. The girl seemed to almost float along as she walked. Her eyes were clear and smiling for the first time that Zoë had ever seen since she had known the girl.

“It's amazing... the change in her...” Duncan observed as they walked along.

“Simon's gonna be out of his gourd when he finds out,” Zoë replied.

“Upset that his sister is essentially sane again?”

“Because he didn't do it.”

“Ge-ge will have to deal with it,” River remarked.

Zoë grinned at the bratty tone River had spoken in, “That he will, Sweetie.”

Duncan chuckled, “How do you like the new sword, River?”

River reached back to where her new blade was strapped across her back, “I like it.”

“Good. Methos is an excellent swordsmith. He made my current one about eighty years ago.”

“Explain more about the game, Macleod, “ Zoë asked.

“Like what?”

“Challenges... I mean. You have obviously known Cassandra and Methos a long time. Why haven't you tried to kill each other?”

“Because we're friends. I only fight those who have done wrong...”

“Methos has done wrong,” River observed.

“Not for a long time. Men and women can change. Once Methos was the scourge of the entire Eurasian continent. He has also been a physician many times over the centuries. It's his way of trying to even the balance.”

“And you, Macleod?”

“I'm not proud of everything I've done in my life. But I try to do what's right.”

“That's all we can do,” River remarked.

“How is someone so young is suddenly so wise?”

“Because I'm a genius,” River grinned.


The trio walked back up the ramp into Serenity’s cavernous cargo bay. Just as her feet hit the deck plates. River froze. Her right hand reaching for her sword.

“Something's wrong,” the young woman said quietly.

Duncan's sword appeared instantly. Likewise, Zoë 's mares leg was in her hand just as fast.

“Everyone should be back by now,” Zoë nearly whispered.

A faint noise from the rear of the ship drew their attention. Duncan and Zoë moved as one. River a step behind. As the paused outside the hatch to the common area, River scowled, “One of Wilkins men. Going through the infirmary. Looking for drugs.”

“Any more?” Zoë asked.

River cocked her head, “Five more in the galley... including Wilkins. Inara is tied up, Captain too. Jayne's unconscious. Kaylee and Ge-ge are hiding.”

“Can you take the one in the infirmary, little one?” Zoë asked.

River rolled her eyes, “In my sleep.”

“He's yours,” Zoë replied in a whisper, “Mac and I will take the forward stairs. Soon as you take out this one, head up the aft. We'll get em in a cross fire.”

River nodded and without a sound slipped through the hatch into the common area. Zoë slipped her backup pistol out of it's holster and handed it to Macleod, “Lets go.”


River slipped silently across the deck. Through the windows of the infirmary, she could see a swarthy man opening cabinets and pawing through the contents.

“Where's the good stuff?” he snarled out loud.

“Simon keeps it under lock and key,” River said as she stood in the doorway.

“What the...” the man began as he spun around. His words cut off as River's foot nearly crushed his larynx. Gagging, he staggered back while reaching for his gun.

A spinning kick to the mans temple dropped him like a stone.

“Good night, Gracie,” River grinned as she took the mans pistol and turned to leave. She had more fish to fry before the day was done. No one hurt River's family.

No one...




Sunday, November 14, 2010 7:03 PM


Good to see River has been aided in her healing...but I dunno, it seemed like the results came along a lot faster than what seems feasible for helping someone develop mental constructs to aid in helping them control something like telepathy. Still...I think this was an excellent chapter :D

Monday, November 15, 2010 3:30 AM


BEB, maybe River's walls are going to crash a little - Brian's well known for mixing things up!

Excellent chapter - Zoe (as we've always known) is a natural warrior woman, and I can just see her fighting with a sword. And the bad guys won't know what hit them ...

Monday, November 15, 2010 3:36 AM


Oh Yeah!!! A sane, in control, pissed off microassassin??? Its shaping up to be a bad day for bad guys...

YES Please!!! May we have another??

Monday, November 15, 2010 3:44 AM


Oh Wow, I love this! I love "Highlander" and having this crossover with "Firefly" is just so cool. Can't wait for more. Bravo, Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"


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