I Choose You - Chapter 2
Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Scoobie joins Serenity's crew


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I Choose You


Chapter Two


Dawn Summers sighed and shrugged her bag more securely onto her shoulder. Another ship and job behind her. She was lucky the captain hadn't shot her for beating the crap out of the ship's mechanic.

The Hwoon-dahn's own fault for not keeping his hands to himself.

That was the problem with looking like she did. After being alive for five centuries and still looking like a fresh faced college student, inevitably led to people underestimating her. She did have a charm given her by Willow that helped her to look a bit older. It allowed Dawn to appear to age until she reached about 35 and then it 'reset' back to her perpetual early twenties appearance.

That was why she looked twenty one again. And why the ships mechanic had thought he might get a little trim from the girl (in his eyes) flying the boat. He found out the hard way that a woman who had lived as long as Dawn had, most of it fighting things that go bump in the night wasn't a good thing.

Dawn was as deadly with her hands as she was with a weapon... or anything that flew.

Dawn had flown nearly everything from a Piper Cub, back on Earth-that-was to the massive exodus ships of the great migration.

She also was a quintuple ace over six different wars, ranging from the Indo-Pakastani war in 2027 flying for the US Navy to the latest conflict, the Unification war. A conflict where she flew for the Independent Aerospace forces.

Dawn sighed and made her way through the Eavesdown night. She was always wary on Persephone. Too many Vampires on this planet for her liking. Something about the ignited gas giant, Lux that the planet orbited allowed Vamps to be out in the twilight hours. They seemed to congregate here on Persephone, or Pelorum, the other world that orbited Lux.

“You! Halt!” An authoritative voice called out from behind her.

Dawn stopped in her tracks and slowly spun around. She did her best to keep her face neutral at the sight of a pair of Alliance enforcement officers standing there. Their hands near the stunners on their belts.

“Yes, Officers?” she asked sweetly.

“Your jacket is illegal. Display of the Independent flag as well as rank insignia by any member of the former Independent forces is punishable by six months on the penal moon.”

Dawn did her best to roll her eyes, “Take a good look at me. Do I look old enough to have fought in the war? I would have been what? Thirteen?”

“Nevertheless. ID now,” one of the purple bellies ordered.

Dawn slowly slipped her ID card from a pocket and handed it to him. The man slipped it into a portable reader, “Dawn Summers.”

“That's my name, don't wear it out.”

The man scowled at the young woman, “From your birth date, I can see that you were too young to have served. Why are you wearing that jacket?”

Dawn sighed and replied with the cover story she used whenever she was asked about it. Dawn still proudly wore her dark brown leather flight jacket. With the Independent aerospace forces patches and flag on the shoulders. And her captain's bars on the collar.

However, she had gone by another name in the war and thanks to Willow's hacking a few years previous, Dawn had impeccable credentials, “It was my Mother's jacket,” Dawn replied indicating the name tag on the jacket's left breast, 'Joyce Summers.'

The officer frowned. He had heard of that name. A woman pilot who had been coined the 'Angel of Death' by Alliance troops. Over fifteen kills in air to air combat and hundreds of rollers and other vehicles destroyed. Not to mention the countless Alliance soldiers she had killed.

“Your mother should have been put against a wall and shot,” the war veteran snarled.

Dawn's eyes grew cold and her hand dropped to the grip of the pistol on her right hip, “Take off the uniform and say that to me...”

“Is there a problem here?” a new voice asked from behind the two Alliance officers that looked about ready to slap the cuffs on the young woman.

The officers spun, chastising themselves mentally for being so distracted that they had been snuck up upon. A tall dark haired man stood there in the long brown coat of an Independent militia member. Devoid of any and all insignia. Like the war law prescribed. More problematical was the fact the long brown coat was drawn back so the man had easy access to his gun.

“None of your business citizen,” the senior of the two replied, emphasizing the word citizen with contempt.

The brown haired man just grinned, “Reckon I say it is. According to the repatriation act... family members of former Browncoats may and I quote, 'display, wear upon their persons or otherwise show as a memorial to lost loved ones, the insignia if the former independent forces' unquote.”

The senior purple belly grumbled under his breath, “Move along then, Miss”

Dawn smiled but it wasn't a nice smile, “My ID please?”

The card was nearly thrown at her and the two officers stepped off into the night. Dawn turned to the man who had helped her and the beautiful woman who had been standing slightly behind him, “Thanks.”

The man smiled, “Not a problem,” he began holding his hand out, “Captain Malcolm Reynolds.”

“Dawn Summers,” she replied with a smile, shaking the man's hand.

The woman stepped forward, slipping her arm in the man's, “Inara Serra.”

“Ma'am,” Dawn nodded.

Mal looked at the bag slung over the girl's shoulder, “Going somewhere?”

Dawn frowned, “Just got fired.”

“From what?”

“I was the pilot on that old Brigantine over there,” Dawn replied, indicating a beat up old freighter a few hundred meters away, “Mechanic couldn't keep his hands to himself. Captain was a little pissed off since his mechanic can't turn wrenches very well with two broken arms...”

Mal looked at the woman in front of him and chuckled, “Like your spirit. And your momma's name was pretty well known to us groundpounders.” Mal then looked at Inara and she nodded.

“Looking for any work right now?” Mal added.

“I'd take deckhand work right now.”

Mal looked at Inara again and she smiled slightly. He turned back to Dawn, “Since on account of who your Momma was. I reckon I might have something you could do. I own a Firefly. Serenity, she's called. Slip one oh three.”

Dawn looked at the man closely, “Any other women on the crew?”

Mal nodded, “Us menfolk are in the minority. Inara here is our business manager. My First Mate, Mechanic, Pilot and Cook are all womenfolk.”

“So no fellas with grabby hands?”

“One, maybe... I'll keep him in line.”

“What would I be doing, Captain Reynolds. If you already have a pilot?”

“River's a fine pilot. But she's never had proper instruction. Kinda picked it up as she went along. I've been teaching her a might...”

“And I'm guessing, with the Alliance, you need a real certified pilot, at least on the paperwork,” Dawn replied.

“Something like that...” Mal replied, “And she's a might more helpful on the ground besides the flyin part. Getting to be a bit of a conflict.”

“What's the pay?”

“Eight percent to start. Plus your own bunk and full kitchen privileges.”

Dawn smiled, “Sounds like you got yourself another pilot.”

“Shiny,” Mal smiled, knowing that River would be the final decision maker after a quick tour of the girl's brainpan “Follow me.”

“Lead on Captain,” Dawn replied with a smile.


Zoë slowly strolled through the ship. Her daughter in her arms. Holly had turned a month old the previous week and was still up at all hours. The First mate gazed down with love at the little girl that Wash had given her as a final gift.

Holly was a beautiful little girl with a light toffee complexion and a tuft of curly reddish brown hair on her tiny head.

Zoë contemplated her future again. For the first month after they had gotten back in the air after Miranda. She hadn't really cared if she lived or died. Living one moment to the next. Only Mal's insistence she go see Simon after she had thrown up her breakfast one morning had led to a positive pregnancy test and Zoë's own rebirth.

“How's my good girl?” Zoë cooed as she strolled and bounced her daughter. Holly had been a little fussy after the latest feeding so Zoë was settling her before putting Holly down for the night. Not that she would stay down long. Holly had a prodigious appetite and Zoë was lucky to get three hours straight a night.

She had just stepped out onto the upper cargo bay catwalk when with a loud pop and rush of air, four people suddenly appeared in the cargo bay. Zoë's eyes shot wide as her brain tried to process what had just had happened.

The air pressure change caused Holly to cry and Zoë reached for the small pistol she wore on her belt.

Zoë relaxed only slightly when she realized two of the people who had suddenly appeared in the bay were River and Willow. The other two were a brunette and blonde woman. And they both looked injured.

“River?” Zoë called out as she headed down the stairs.

A wobbly Willow looked at River, “Thought you said it was clear?”

“Oops,” River grinned.

The injured Faith immediately shifted her grip on Buffy who looked like she was going to pass out. Wincing in pain as her own injuries made themselves known again.

The Slayers scythe clattered to the deck as Zoë approached, her daughter held protectively and a hand on her gun.

“What the hell is all this, River?” Zoë asked as she looked over the quartet of women.

“Will explain later,” River began as she moved to help the nearly unconscious Buffy, “Need Ge-ge, ma-shong.”

“Now wait a minute...”

“Zoë... they're old friends of mine,” Willow cut off the first mate, “And they're pretty banged up.”

Zoë trusted Willow, even though she still couldn't figure out how they suddenly appeared in the cargo bay, “Get em' to the infirmary. I'll see if I can pry the doc outta Kaylee's arms.”

River nodded, “Leave Holly with Kaylee. I'll try to explain after...”

“We'll both explain,” Willow added as she threw Buffy's other arm across her shoulders, leaving Faith on her own wobbly feet.

“This way,” River said as she and Willow carried the now unconscious Buffy aft towards the infirmary. Faith shot a quick smile in Zoë's direction and limped after the others.

Zoë shook her head slightly before heading back up towards the crew quarters where Simon and Kaylee had retreated after supper. Hopefully, the couple had finished whatever they were up to by this time.


Willow and River lay Buffy on the medical bed in the center of the infirmary. Faith winced as she took a seat on the counter, “She gonna be alright, Willow?” Faith asked.

Willow smiled slightly at Faith. It showed how worried the slayer was since she had used Willow's name rather the the witch's usual nickname.

“Looks like a concussion. Her healing should take care of most of it...”

Faith nodded and took a deep breath and winced again. Her ribs were defiantly broken.

A rumpled Simon stumbled into the room, followed by an almost unreadable Zoë, “Are you okay, Mei-mei?”

“Not me that needs you, Dummy,” River replied. Her hand indicating Buffy on the bed and Faith sitting on the counter.

Simon immediately switched into doctor mode, “What happened?”

Willow replied, “Fight. Buffy hit her head on a wall and Faith over there I think has some broken ribs.”

Simon nodded and flashed his penlight into the comatose Blonde's eyes, “Pupils are reacting normally. Was she knocked out immediately?”

Willow shook her head, “She got here standing but passed out. Said her vision was messed up.”

Simon nodded and began to hook the blonde up to monitoring equipment. He pulled out a portable scanner and ran it over Buffy's head, “No skull fracture that I can see...”

“Will she be okay, Doc?” Zoë asked from the doorway.

“Barring complications. I believe so.”

Zoë nodded, “Better have a look at her.”

Simon turned to the brunette, “Where does it hurt?”

“Popped some ribs,” Faith replied with a wince, “And I think my left shoulder is out.”

“I'll get you something for the pain...”

Faith shook her head, “Don't like needles. Just pop the shoulder back and tape me up. I'll be fine.”

“I really think...”

“She will be fine, Simon,” Willow said cutting him off, “Faith is one of my oldest friends. She knows what she is talking about.”

Simon nodded but wasn't happy about it, “Zoë can you give me a hand?”

There was a sharp cry from Faith as Simon and Zoë yanked her shoulder back into place. The woman blinked back tears and then nodded, “Much better.”

Simon was amazed by the woman's stoicism. It reminded him of Zoë's own high tolerance for pain, “Can you lift up your shirt?”

A grin slid onto the dark slayers face, “Wanna get me naked already?”

Simon blushed, “I...”

“Faith!” Willow chastised, “He's already taken.”

“Damn. He's pretty suai.”

“Damn right he is,” a new voice said. Kaylee stood just outside the infirmary with Holly in her arms, “Paws off.”

“She's got spunk. Like her already,” Faith grinned as she carefully pulled off her t-shirt. Revealing a black lacy bra. Her torso black and blue from the pounding she had taken.

“Some fight,” Zoë commented.

“Had worse,” Faith replied.

“Reckon so,” Zoë replied. Faith and she locked gazes and the First Mate nodded slightly. She knew another warrior when she met one. This Faith was dangerous. The only question was to whom.

Simon expertly wrapped Faith's ribs. Noting the relief on the woman's face. “Feeling better?” he asked.

“Much,” Faith replied, “What about B?”


“Buffy,” Faith replied.

“She has a concussion, and her cuts are fairly minor considering how much blood is on her clothing...”

“We heal fast, Doc.”

“Shenme?” Simon asked.

Zoë spoke up, “You wanna explain how you got in the cargo bay?”

“Red?” Faith asked

Willow took a deep breath, “Would you believe magic?” she said with a nervous grin on her face.

“River? Who are these women?” Kaylee asked.

Willow answered that much easier question, “My oldest friends. From when I was a teenager. Buffy Summers and Faith Lehaine.”

Faith waved slightly, “Hi.”

“Still ain't answered my question, LT,” Zoë repeated. Stating Willow's old rank to make a point.

Before she could answer, the sound of the cargo bay door opening drew Zoë's attention. Sure it was probably the Captain and Inara, Zoë didn't take chances. She turned to check when River spoke up, “Captain and Inara... and Little Sister!”

“Who?” Zoë, Kaylee and Simon said at the same time.

They didn't get an answer before River ran from the room.


Mal led the way up into the cargo bay, “So, you ever fly a Firefly, Ms. Summers?” he asked.

Dawn smiled, “A few times.” She couldn't tell the Captain she had been the developmental test pilot for the entire Firefly program fifty years or so back.

“Good. Strange that a young woman such as yourself has so much experience,” Mal commented.

“Mom taught me to fly, “ Dawn said as part of her cover story, “And I'm older than I look.”

“And how old would that be?” Mal asked.

“Mal...” Inara began, lightly cuffing him on the arm, “It's not polite to ask a lady her age.”

Dawn let out a giggle, “That's okay, since he's going to be my boss. I'm twenty two.” 'At least that's what My ID says,' Dawn thought to herself

Mal continued, “Well, welcome to Serenity... and what the hell is that?” he said as his eyes fell upon the red and silver axe like thing laying in the center of his cargo bay.

Dawn gasped in surprise. She knew the Slayers Scythe anywhere. She then looked hard at the Captain, “Where is my sister?”

Mal looked at the young woman in front of him. She almost seethed with anger, “No idea who you're talkin about. Never seen that... thing before in my life...”

The sound of running feet captured everyone's attention as River sprinted into the bay, “Little sister is here. Family unit complete,” the dark haired girl stated as she gracefully slid to a stop in front of Dawn.

“Little?” Dawn began

“Come with me,” River ordered as she grabbed Dawn's arm and tugged her aft towards the entrance to the common area.

Dawn dug her heels in for a moment to retrieve the scythe before following the girl.

“Mal? What is happening?”

Mal shook his head before starting off after River and Dawn, “Damned if I know. But I'm gonna find out.”


The sound of running feet drew everyone's attention. Zoë was still glaring at the ship's redheaded cook. Wanting an explanation. Willow was trying her best to formulate an answer that wouldn't get her shot or doped up to the gills by Simon.

“Wills?” cried out a very familiar voice.

“Dawnie?” Willow replied, slipping past Zoë with a huge grin on her face before pulling the taller girl into a hug.

“Willow!” Dawn cried as she returned the hug. Meanwhile Zoë noticed the grin appear on Faith's face.

Zoë was distracted when Holly made her presence known, Quickly she took her daughter from Kaylee's arms, “I'm thinkin we need a little bit of explaining around here,” the First Mate stated.

“Couldn't agree more, Zoë,” Mal said from the top of the stairs.

“Talk all you want,” Dawn began, “Where the hell is my sister?”

“Buffy's in the infirmary, Dawn,” Willow began.

The brunette dropped the scythe on the floor and ran to the small room, nearly shoving Kaylee out of the way. Mal stood fuming at the top of the stairs, “Who the hell are these women?”

“Some really,really old friends of mine,” Willow stated sheepishly.


Buffy slowly blinked her eyes open, wincing at the bright light in the room. An involuntary moan left her lips.

“Buffy?” said a very familiar voice.

Buffy blinked her vision clear and the face of her baby sister swam into view, “Dawnie?”

Dawn smiled and brushed a wisp of Buffy's hair from her face, “Hey big sis.”

Buffy struggled to sit up so she could give her sister a hug. The room spun and she fell back against the bed . Dawn smiled and leaned down, hugging her sister.

“What are you doing here?” Buffy asked, “For that matter, where the hell am I?”

Dawn's smile faded slightly, “You're in the infirmary of the ship I just got hired to fly. Willow ported you and Faith here after she saved your bacon...”

“Faith!” Buffy cried out, worried about her sister slayer.

“She's fine,” Dawn replied, “A little banged up.”

Buffy twisted her face thinking about the fight, “I remember now... bout a hundred Vamps... we were in deep go-se...”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Dawn chastised, “If not for Willow and her girl, you would have been toast.

“Willow's here?” Buffy asked, a smile on her face.

“Up in the ship's galley. Waiting for us. Seems the ship's First Mate saw you all port into the cargo bay...”


Dawn shook her head, “One of the crew, Willow's girl, knows she's a Witch. Just need to convince the others.”

“Why?” Buffy asked, “Can't we use the old, trick of the light explanation?”

“Not gonna work with this group, I think. Besides, I think Willow's girl is a Potential.”

“What?” Buffy exclaimed as she shot up in bed.

At that moment, a dark haired girl slipped into the room and smiled. She was small. But carried herself with an almost feral grace.

“Good, you're awake,” the girl said.

Buffy looked at her and smiled slightly. Her 'spidey sense' confirming the girl's potential slayer status, “Hi,” Buffy said after a moment.

“Always wanted sisters,” the dark haired girl said, “I'm River.”

“Buffy,” the Blonde slayer replied.

“I know. Willow tree speaks of you often. Same for Mei-mei. Must hurry though, Captain's fuse is getting short.”

“Dawnie, you up for helping your ancient sister walk?”

“Ancient, my ass,” Dawn growled before taking one of Buffy's arms. Swiftly, River took the other and together,they helped the Blonde walk off the bed and up the stairs.

“Time to face the music,” River said with a mischievous grin.




Sunday, March 13, 2011 6:43 AM


This should be fun! Wondering what you've got waiting under the wraps, Bri - because there's sure to be a lot! Also wondering idly if maybe the Alliance have decided to use Vamps somehow ... looking forward to more!

Sunday, March 20, 2011 3:51 AM


As always... love the way you write. This is shaping up to be quite the fun little tale.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 11:10 AM


This is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing where this is going


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