Quest - Chapter 31
Monday, September 27, 2010

Some more fluff as I finish off this arc. The extended Serenity families relax on the beach while waiting for the rest of the wedding guests to arrive.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


AN: One more to go after this. After much pleading, I will continue the Allanverse in some form or another. Not sure what form it will take though.


Quest - Chapter Thirty One


“I could get used to this...” Zoe grinned as she lay back on her beach towel.

“Always did like it here at Ewa. Less crowded than Waikiki,” her husband agreed. Allan's eyes swept the skies, waiting for the next airliner full of tourists to appear on approach to the Honolulu airport. He had missed the majestic sight of a real aircraft plying the skies.

Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu was indeed paradise to Zoe's eyes. Warm breezes, palm trees and the pounding surf lulled her into a state of near bliss.

A squeal from the water focused the former soldier and cop's attention to where her daughter and son-in-law were trying to learn how to surf.

For once, Jeff Reynolds had figured out something faster than his genius wife. He was riding his long board with a measure of shaky confidence. The squeal was when Sara fell of her board once again.

Zoe looked to her left and smiled at where Clayton Cook and his fiance, Rebecca Tam lay, soaking up the sun. Clay and Becca's wedding was in three days and they had decided to take a break from the planning and preparations.

Another squeal from the surf drew Allan and Zoe's attention. Jayne Cobb had just tossed his wife into the water. River surfaced laughing while a nearby Simon simply shrugged his shoulders and continued swimming in the surf with Kaylee. The handsome Jesse Cobb was chatting up a group of girls nearby. Melissa Forbes had gone into Honolulu for some shopping earlier in the day. Luigi, Owen and Trudy were still back in Boston. Along with Allison and General Reed. They would arrive sometime tomorrow on a government transport aircraft, along with the other Earth dignitaries invited to Becca and Clay's wedding.

The sounds of another airliner caused Allan to look up and watch the polished aircraft seem to float towards landing at the airport, three kilometers to the east from where the extended Serenity families relaxed.

Further down the beach, Inara and Mal also sunbathed while Emma and Jack frolicked in the surf. Rachel Cobb and Derick Marsh snuggled together on a blanket a few yards away.

“Sure Sara's gonna be okay, learning to ride that contraption?” Zoe asked.

“The surf is pretty mild,” Allan replied as he looked to where his daughter was just emerging from the water. Her baby bump visible thanks to the two piece bathing suit she wore. Jeff was instantly at her side. His hand moving instinctively to Sara's belly.

“She'll be fine,” Allan grinned.

Zoe nodded and laid back again. A low whining rumble began to build. Causing people all over the beach to look up at the sky. Simultaneously, several of the people on the beach shared a smile and looked in the direction of the sound.

Breaking through a cloud came the familiar (to the Serenity extended family) shapes of a pair of Firefly class transports.

Some people on the beach squeaked in fear and others just stared In awe.

Banking past the beach, the two ships lowered their landing gear and began to swivel their engines into the landing configuration. Turning to the left slightly, the two spacecraft angled towards Ford Island in the center of Pearl Harbor.

“Looks like more of the wedding guests have arrived,” Allan grinned as he rose to his feet.

“Looks like,” Zoe agreed with a smile.


“There's Tranquility, Sara Jane and Freebird,” Roberta Sutherland said as she banked the FTL Firefly named Endeavor over the beach, headed for the Island she had been directed to.

Bobby smiled slightly and looked over to the co-pilots seat on the new Firefly. Vonda Harrell. Another survivor of the Kansas like Melissa Forbes and Sylvia Marsh had a big grin on her face, “Look familiar?” Bobby asked.

“Sure does,” Vonda replied. Vonda was a military brat. She had lived in Hawaii as a girl. She had disliked the new Alliance's military policies and had not followed her father into the military. Instead she had become a pilot before being selected to be one of the lucky few who would travel on the exodus.

Like the others who survived the near destruction of the Kansas. Vonda had awoken from cryo four hundred years into the future. Thanks to Allan and River's tutelage, she had been able to obtain pilots certification for shuttle craft and had been hired by Simon and River's parents as their personal pilot.

Now, over four hundred years after she had left the planet of her birth. Vonda was back. She glanced back at her friend Annie Nash. Another survivor of the Kansas. Both women had remained friends over the years, despite Annie being on Boros and Vonda on Osiris.

Annie wiped away a tear and smiled as the Firefly flared to land.

“Wow,” muttered Frederica Cobb-Tangaroa as she clutched the arm of her husband, Ora 'Oso' Tangaroa, “So much water...” Fred had grown up on the primarily desert world of Deadwood.

“You said it, Dear,” Oso agreed. The couple stood behind Bobbie and Vonda as they flew.

On the steps into the forward compartment sat their son, Dwayne. Next to the ten year old sat nineteen year old Meghan Nash. Vonda's daughter. The teen was eager to see the world where her mother had been born

Bobbie settled Endeavor gently to the ground next to Mal's Firefly, Tranquility.

Next to Endeavor, The Hipolito Flores followed suit. The other FTL capable Firefly was piloted and captained by Cordell Olsen.

“We're set, Alex,” Called out Vicki Baxter, Cordell's co-pilot and as of the night before, Fiance.

“Shutting down,” replied Alexandra Woodard. Cordell's flight engineer over the intercom from the engine room.

“Nice landing, Vicki,” commented Sylvia Marsh where she sat in the navigators chair at the rear of the bridge. The retired Captain of the Kansas was still recovering from her nearly fatal gunshot a month earlier.

“Indeed,” Admiral Stephen Henderson added from where he stood next to Sylvia, “I'm sorry the fleet will no longer have your and Commander Olsen's services.”

“Time seemed right, Sir,” Vicki replied as she finished shutting down the ship.

Sylvia smiled at Cordell, “Nice rock by the way...”

“Another thing that seemed to be the right time...” Cordell grinned sheepishly.

Alex entered the bridge with the ship's passengers in tow. Namely Clay's parents. Tom and Marcy. As well as Bridgett Haymer. Likewise, Reagan and Gabriel Tam had traveled for the wedding aboard Endeavor.

“Let's go see what Earth is like,” Grinned the redheaded Bridgett.


“Reminds me of Belepheron,” Bridgett commented as she stood at the foot of the Flores' ramp.

“Nothing like Boros, I'll venture that,” Tom Cook commented as he put an arm around his wife.

Alexandra stepped down the ramp, followed by Cordell and Vicki. The engineer still looked a bit sad after losing Hipolito but she was getting better. Vicki laid a friendly hand on Alex's shoulder and smiled slightly.

A few yards away, the ramp on Endeavor was also lowering. Before long the other firefly's crew and passengers joined the others.

“No welcoming committee?” Bobbie asked Cordell as she got close.

“Does seem strange...” as the words left his mouth, several military like vehicle approached the landed spacecraft. Behind them was a motor coach. The vehicles pulled to a stop and soldiers began to disembark the lager trucks. The crews shared a few nervous glances before the men formed up into ranks as if for inspection.

An officer wearing an impeccable white uniform stepped forward, “Welcome to Hawaii. I am Commander George Fusada, RNA Navy.”

Cordell stepped forward along with Bobbie, “Cordell Olsen, Captain of the Flores.”

“Captain Roberta Sutherland,” Bobbie added.

The officer shook both their hands, “Dr. Bryant sends his regards. The coach will bring you to the resort. My men will gather any luggage you have.”

“Thank you Commander,” Cordell smiled. He noticed what looked like pilot insignia on the man's uniform, “Do you fly, Commander?”

“I do, Sir,” the man replied, “I am Commander of VFA 167 aboard the Aircraft Carrier New London.”

Cordell smiled, “Strange coincidence. I just retired from the the Alliance Military. I commanded the 32nd Aerospace Defense Squadron based in the City Of New London on Londinium.”

Commander Fusada, smiled even wider, “If you have time, I'll buy the drinks at the O Club.”

“Sounds good. I'll bring Vickie along. She was my XO.”

“Very good, Sir.”

“Hey! I can swap flying stories just as well as you fighter pukes,” Bobbie chuckled, “Right Sylvia?”

“I'm sure, “Sylvia replied as Stephen helped her walk down the ramp. It had taken her a bit of effort to make it down from the bridge.

Cordell looked back at the Commander, “Commander Fusada. May I present Rear Admiral Stephen Henderson. Alliance Navy.”

Fusada Snapped to a stiff attention and saluted, “Welcome to Hawaii, Admiral. Would you care to inspect the men?”

Steve grinned slightly and returned the salute. He was in civilian clothes and ostensibly on vacation, “Relax, Commander. I'm on vacation. No need for the pomp and circumstance. I would however like to get Captain Marsh here sitting down. She is still recovering from a serious injury.”

“Certainly, Sir.” Fusada replied. He snapped his fingers and the motor coach pulled closer to the ramps.

In a matter of moments, everyone had boarded and the bus headed for the resort Allan had rented for the wedding.


The coach pulled up in front of the Resort. Palm trees swayed in the trade winds as the passengers disembarked.

As each visitor stepped off the coach, A pretty local girl who worked for the resort draped a Lei around their neck in the traditional greeting.

Gabriel Tam looked dubiously at the flowered necklace. As did Reagan.

“It's not going to bite,” Vonda chuckled next to her employers, “Everyone gets at least one.”

Gabriel and Reagan hadn't moved a few steps when they were accosted by two of their favorite people.

“Grandma! Grampa!” Cried out Becca and Rachel in unison as they nearly tackled their grandparents. Jack and Jesse were just as happy but less overt in their greetings. Letting their sisters do all the 'mushy' stuff.

After the kids were done, Simon and River were next while the rest of the guests filed off the coach.

“Mom, Dad...” Simon greeted as he shook his fathers hand while River hugged her mother.

“It is rather hard to believe that we are actually on Earth that... I mean. Earth.”

“Boggles the mind a bit,” Mal said as he strode up to greet the newcomers.

“Inara!” Reagan cried out as she hugged the younger woman.

“You look lovely, Reagan.”

“You flatter an old woman like me, my dear.”

“You look great, Mom,” Simon agreed.

“Let's get everyone settled into their rooms. Got quite the shindig planned for this evening,” Mal said with a grin.


Dinner that night was nearly overwhelming for the Alliance visitors. The only one's who truly knew what to expect were Allan, Vonda, Sylvia and amazingly, Oso. Having grown up in a Polynesian family. The big security chief knew all about a Luau.

The women had all dressed in Mu mu's or other light dresses while the men were in shorts and aloha shirts. Traditional foods were passed around as musicians played traditional Hawaiian songs in the background.

“They cooked the pig in the ground?” Bridgett asked from where she sat next to Sara and Jeff.

“Yep,” Sara replied, “It's good too.”

“So the wedding will be informal,” Reagan asked her granddaughter.

“Yes,” Becca replied as she reached for another bowl of Lomi-lomi.

“How informal?” Gabriel asked as a grass skirted girl wearing a just a bikini top laid more food on the banana leaf 'table' laid on the sand.

“A white dress with hibiscus flowers on it,” Becca began. “My bridesmaids will wear more flowery dresses. Clay and the boys will be in khaki pants and white aloha shirts with the same pattern as my dress. We'll be barefoot too.”

“Barefoot?” Reagan asked. Almost shocked.

“It will be on the beach... at sunset.”


“It'll be romantic, don'tcha think?” Kaylee smiled at her in laws.

“It does indeed...” Reagan smiled.


After the food, the music picked up and a traditional Hula dance began. Before long River and Rachel had dragged most of the women up to dance. Even Zoe gave it a shot. As did Fred. After being dragged to her feet by her husband. Oso was quite good and of course River and Rachel were naturals.

Inara and Emma quickly caught on as did Kaylee. Becca and Sara weren't quite as graceful but were having a good time.

Smiling at their women dancing, Mal, Allan, Jayne, Jeff and Clay settled in to watch, nursing some of the local beer.

“Could get used to a place like this,” Mal commented.

“I used to have a little cottage about five miles up the coast from here,” Allan said wistfully, “Four hundred years ago.”

“Nothing says you can't have one again. Now that you can get here in a few hours now,” Stephen said as he joined the other men.

“Boros is home now,” Allan replied, “But as a vacation spot... yep. I'll be back.”

“Is mighty pretty,” Jayne added.

River suddenly appeared and grabbed her husband's hand, “Come Zang-fu. Hula with me!”

“River I ain't no good at...” the look River shot Jayne could have melted hull plating.

“Better get going, Jayne. She can still kick your Pi-gu,” Mal chuckled.

With a grumbled, Jayne came to his feet and was reluctantly dragged away to dance with his wife and daughter.

With a grunt, Zoe plopped down next to her husband. Immediately reaching for a beer, “Had enough?” Allan asked.

“That kinda dancin is hard on the hips,” Zoe smiled, “And I ain't as young as I used to be.”

Allan wrapped his arm around her, “None of us are. Seems like just yesterday, Sara and Becca were always trying to dismantle Serenity. Or crawl through the ventilation ducts. Now... they're both going to be mothers.

Simon had joined them, “And in the process, Making us all grandparents.”

“Scary, ain't it,” Mal nearly sighed.

“Worse for Gabe and Reagan,” Allan added. “They're going to be Great Grandparents.”

Zoe chuckled, “I give it a year tops before Rachel and Derick have a kid of their own.”

Simon shuddered, “A great uncle... wonderful...”

“Emma and Jack better wait a while...” Mal grumbled, “I'm just getting used to thinkin about being a grand pappy to one...”

“Join the club, Mal,” Allan grinned as he clinked his beer bottle against Mal's


The next day. More guests arrived. Namely the rest of Quest's crew aboard Heracles. Along with a gray bearded mountain of a man by the name of Montague Reynolds and a few final stragglers.

The stragglers being Blue Sun's CEO, Durran Haymer. It's Executive Vice President, Reggie O'leary and his wife and son.

Heracles had been delayed, laying four more FTL Cortex relays between Earth and home. Instead of eight hours, the cortex delay with the new nodes was less than ten minutes. Heracles had also brought the necessary components to allow engineers on earth to reverse engineer their own cortex units. Soon, news broadcasts from the 'Verse would be seen on Earth's satellite television systems.

The universe had just gotten a little smaller.

Zoe had enthusiastically hugged her Sister as Alisha and Reggie descended Heracles' ramp. Allan and Reggie shook hands and Allan hoisted his nephew into his arms.

“How you doing, Mikey?”

“Shiny, Uncle Allan,” The boy replied.

“Hey, squirt!” Sara called out as she approached.

“Sara!” the boy cried out as he dropped out of Allan's arms and ran to his cousin.

Sara dropped down to one knee to hug Mike, “You behaving?”

“Sure am!” Mike replied.

“Likely story,” Alisha chuckled as she hugged Sara, “How are you doing?”

“Morning sickness finally went away,” Sara grinned.

“Took me a while for that to happen too.”

“Same for your Mom, Kiddo,” Allan added.

“Must be the Allene side of the family,” Reggie chuckled as he tousled his son's hair.

“Must be,” Alisha agreed.

“Come on,” Allan said, “Everyone is waiting.”




Monday, September 27, 2010 1:13 PM


Love it, Brian. Good fluff all around and a nice way to tie off a story. Ready for the next bit and are we going to get some more from these characters? ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 2:09 AM


I'm glad our pleading has worked! And this is good fluff, although I wouldn't be surprised at a little gunplay at the wedding itself. It wouldn't be our shiny 'verse if there wasn't, don't you think?


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