Quest - Chapter 32
Saturday, November 13, 2010

Done!!!!! Last chapter in this story arc. The Allanverse will continue at some point, however.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


AN: Last Chapter in this Arc.


Quest - Chapter Thirty Two


It had been a rough year. Particularly in the last eight months. Between the loss of Serenity and near death of everyone aboard. A major shakeup of the Admiralty. Reestablishment of contact with Earth, The destruction of Quest, The death of Hipolito Flores. Attacking the Altair Shipyards to stop both the company's slave labor practices and to halt their blatant industrial espionage. Allan hoped that the year that had begun less than a week ago would be better than the last.

It had already gotten off to a decent start. Allan's seventy eighth birthday party was one to remember. Attended by both his extended family, friends and even the Republic of North America's President.

Allan was still in remarkable shape for his age. Despite all the trauma he had endured over the decades. He hoped to at least make the century mark. Physically anyway. Chronologically, the elderly engineer was just shy of five hundred years old. But four hundred years of cryogenic suspension did tend to mess with the natural order of things.

Now, two days after his birthday party, Allan was sitting in the front row as he watched a young woman he had helped deliver, marry the love of her life.

Rebecca Tam was radiant in her wedding dress. Pale red flowers were imprinted in the fabric and flowed as Simon Tam walked his daughter down the aisle.

The sun was just setting over the Pacific Ocean when Simon handed his daughter off to Clayton Cook.

The RNA Navy Chaplain cleared his throat, “Dearly Beloved. We are gathered here today...”


The reception went deep into the night. A little after three am, Zoe dragged Allan off to bed. Soon the rest of the guests followed suit. The newlywed couple were the last ones left, slowly dancing on the beach with a full moon overhead.

As soon as everyone recovered from the party. They would have to get ready to return home.


“All okay, Dad!” Sara called out over the noise of Sara Jane's rumbling engine.

“That's the last adjustment,” Allan replied as the engine began to quiet.

“Hard to believe my old girl here is now FTL capable,” Sara smiled as she wiped some grease from her hands.

“Believe it Kiddo,” Allan grinned as he wrapped his arm around his daughters shoulder, “But none of it would have been possible without your work on Quest.”

“Well, in all fairness, Dad. It was your original theory that led me to Quest's original FTL system.”

Allan continued smiling, “You flatter an old man like me.”

“Love you Dad... so it ain't flattery.”

“You sound like your Mother.”

“And what's wrong with that?” Sara asked.

“Not a damn thing.”


Four days after the wedding. All was ready. Cortex messages between Earth and the Alliance were flying back and forth on a regular basis. The Alliance Fleet had just accepted delivery of it's first Quest class FTL transport from Altair Shipbuilding and would soon be making a regular run between Earth and Londinium.

Allison Sexton would be extending her vacation on Earth until the newly christened ship made it's first run back to the 'Verse' from Earth. It gave her much more time to spend with General Dan Reed.

Luigi Coletti had been promoted to Lt. Commander and was beginning to settle into his role as Military liaison for the Alliance Embassy in Boston. Cordell Olsen left one of The Flores' shuttles for Embassy use. It would be replaced as soon as they got the Firefly back on Londinium. Heracles had also brought the necessary fuel refining equipment and some basic spare parts for the small craft.

With the shuttle, Luigi could have Ambassador Wu anywhere on Earth inside of an hour. They would no longer have to rely on the 'Native' transports.

There was great excitement both on Earth and back in the 'Verse' about regaining contact with the planet of Mankind's origin. The Shinon Planetary government was already putting together an aid package to help the parts of Mainland China still recovering from the devastating war that had nearly killed everyone on Earth. They felt it was necessary for the spiritual ancestor country of the Shinonese people.

Likewise, Altair was rushing to get their half built Quest Class ships modified as passenger and cargo transports.

Before long, traveling from the Core to Earth would be just like going to the rim. A virtual non event.


With great pomp and circumstance. Including a military band. The crews of the six ships boarded and prepared to head for home.

Tranquility, Sara Jane and Freebird were all be heading for Boros. Heracles, Endeavor and the Flores would be heading coreward. Bringing those who lived on Osiris and Londinium home.

Dan Reed couldn't help but grin as he held Allison's hand as they watched the six ships lift into the sky.

First to lift was Sara Jane, Sara And Jeff at the controls. Clay and Becca were along as the ships engineers. Jack and Emma rounding out the crew.

The next off the ground was Tranquility. River flying with her customary grace. The ship was rather full with both her normal crew/family and Clay's parents, along with Annie Nash.

Next to lift was Endeavor with Bobbie Sutherland behind the controls. Admiral Henderson, Sylvia, Melissa, The Tam's and Vonda all aboard.

The Flores was just seconds behind Endeavor. Carrying the remainder of Quest's crew. Heracles was next. Carrying the VIP's from Blue Sun. Namely Durin Haymer, Reggie, Mike and Alisha O'leary and Durin's daughter, Bridgett.

Last to fire it's engines was Freebird. Only Allan and Zoe were aboard as the small ship pulled into a low hover above the hard concrete of Ford Island. As soon as Heracles had pulled out of sight. In a showy departure, Allan slammed the throttles forward and climbed nearly straight up. Beating the other ships to orbit by a large margin. Allan had always kept the best toys to himself.

Three hours later. All six ships popped back into the Georgia system. Three headed for Boros and the rest for the Core.

They were home.


“We need more space,” Sara remarked over dinner.

“More space?” Zoe asked.

“Jeff and I need our own house,” Sara replied, “With room for a landing pad.”

“I'll talk to Mal,” Allan said smiling as he twirled spaghetti onto his fork. It was their first 'family' meal back at home on Boros. Jeff and Sara having temporarily moved into Sara's old room in Allan and Zoe's house.

“I think we can deed a few acres, over across the creek for a house,” Allan continued, “Or two...”

“Two?” Jeff asked.

“Clay and Becca. You think Kaylee is going to let that girl out of her sight now that Becca's having a baby?” Zoe asked.

“Think you're right, Mom,” Sara chuckled, “Not like you'd be like that...”

“Don't be so sure, Daughter,” Zoe grinned in reply.

“I'll start looking at house plans tomorrow,” Sara added, “You think Mr. Lee would build them?”

“I'm sure Charles would love too,” Allan replied. Charles Lee was the contractor that had built Serenity acres in the first place.

“I'll call him as soon as we talk to uncle.... I mean... Oh gorramit My father in law!” Sara sputtered.

Jeff smiled at his wife while Allan and Zoe chuckled, “Mal's been your 'uncle' far longer than he's been your father in law, Baby,” Zoe said after a moment.

“And calling him Uncle Mal makes him sputter less than when you call him 'Dad',” Allan added.

“But it's fun to make him sputter,” Sara grinned as she went back to her dinner.


Within a week, ground had been broken for a pair of log homes, nearly identical to the other houses that made up Serenity acres.

As well as another landing pad large enough for a pair of Fireflies. Needed because Jeff was still listed as owner of Endeavor and the ship would be returning to Boros as soon as Emma and Jack finished school in the spring. For the moment, Emma used her Brother's ship to travel back and forth between Londinium and Boros. A trip now much shorter since the ship had it's own FTL system.

As the houses took shape, it was all their husbands could do to keep Sara and Becca from doing too much. Now nearly six months along, both women had a hard time even walking, let alone wielding a hammer.

After a bit of yelling and cajoling, Becca and Sara resigned themselves to sitting in comfortable deck chairs 'supervising' the construction. Jeff and Clay made sure that all went according to plan.

Both of the men spent hours both working on the houses and doting on their wives. Trying to find the optimal mix of work and attention towards the women without seeming to smother them.

Simon was kept busy doing prenatal exams on both Sara and his daughter. He grumbled about it publicly. Saying he was a surgeon, not an obstetrician. But secretly, he wouldn't trust anyone but himself or perhaps Sherri Lee to keep tabs on Becca and Sara.

Mal and Jayne, between chores on the ranch would also kibbutz and make suggestions. Most of which were ignored. Which both men half expected anyway.

Kaylee, Inara and Zoe went over interior design ideas. Making suggestions and then ordering furnishings, much to the girls dismay.

One afternoon, late in the construction process, Allan found his daughter grumbling over a cortex tablet at the kitchen table.

“That doesn't look like your 'happy' face, Sara,” Allan said as he sat down across from her.

“It's not, Dad, “she replied, “I've been going over Jeff's and my finances.”


“Money's kinda tight. We both took a huge loss when Quest was destroyed. We both had millions tied up in that ship. All of the money in the Trust funds you set up when we were kids. And now with building the house...”

“What about the royalties from the FTL patents?”

“Just a trickle as of yet,” Sara sighed, “And we still need to settle the bill with Blue Sun for Endeavor. Not that we really need two ships. I suppose we could pull the FTL and sell it...”

“There are other solutions,” Allan replied.

“Like what?”

“You and Becca sharing the one million credit award for this years Nobel Prize in Physics for one.”

“That will just about pay for the houses, furnishings... and the pad.”

You could sell some of your Blue Sun stock,” Allan suggested.

“I could. Or... I could get a job...”

Allan snorted, “As what?”

Sara shot her father a a look that could have melted hull plating, “I have three offers to teach in the Core. Jeff has two...”

“Professor, Sara?” Allan grinned at his daughter.

“Very funny.”

Allan pulled the tablet away from her and looked at the data, “This isn't so bad...”

Sara took the tablet back, “Still need to set up a college fund for the baby. Pay for Endeavor. Sara Jane needs a core overhaul within the next year...”

Allan grinned at Sara and pulled an envelope from his shirt pocket, “Or you can read this letter... ”

Sara took the envelope, “Shenme?”

“That's from Blue Sun Underwriters. They just paid off on the insurance on Quest... plus interest...” Allan grinned.

“Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiouh doh sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo!” Sara exclaimed as she read the letter.

“It's calculated on Quest's total value, interest and potential earnings the vessel could have made as a transport over a twenty year lifespan. That's your and Jeff's share of the award.”

“This is one point three billion credits, Dad!”

“Yep...” My share of the claim is about a billion... Blue Sun itself gets about the same.


“And once the ships start coming off the line at Altair, you, Becca and Jeff will start getting more royalties.”

Sara sat back in her chair, “Rutting hell...”

“Pretty soon, Daughter o' mine... you'll be richer than your old man... and that's saying something.”


With her financial future assured. Sara settled into trying to 'enjoy' the last few months of her pregnancy. Simon had determined the baby's sex but Sara and Jeff decided that they wanted to be surprised. Becca was having a boy. She and Clay began to set up the nursery in their newly completed home.

Jeff and Sara's home was in the final stages. The last items needing completion had been the baby's room and the kitchen. Sara had decided to splurge and she'd ordered state of the art commercial appliances from the core.

Monty had delivered them personally. It was his last official run for Blue Sun with the Walrus. At age sixty nine. the old Browncoat had finally decided to retire.

Wanting to be near kin. Monty had bought a plot of land on Boros' moon, Ares. He had sold his ship to Sid Highgate, his Engineer and first mate. Purchasing a small shuttle to get around with in his retirement.

With it being only a short two hour flight. Monty could almost always be counted on to drop in for dinner Friday nights. Knowing he couldn't miss out on Kaylee, Sara or Allan's cooking.

As Sara and Becca's due dates approached. Everyone settled into a rather dull routine. And didn't mind it one bit.


“I must say, Ms. Reynolds. Your business plan is... unique.”

Emma tried to not roll her eyes at her professor. Instead she flashed her winning smile, “Thank you, Professor Tau.”

“However. I was looking for something a little more... ambitious from you. Considering your families... history.”

“This is what I want to do with my life Professor.”

“Ms. Reynolds... you have rocketed through university in three years rather than the usual four. Maintained grades, despite your numerous absences that kept you in the top six percent of your class. And as your final paper to me before graduation you give me this... drivel?”

While Emma might look like her companion mother, she had her father's temper, “Now see here...” she began.

“Bi zuie!” the professor snapped, “Before I drop your grade any further... B minus. Good day, Ms. Reynolds. That will be all.”

Emma found herself outside the professors office, trembling in anger, “Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze fuh ur-tze... I'll show him...”

“Show who what, Boa-bei?” Jack Tam said as he walked down the hallway towards his Fiance.

Emma took a calming breath, “Professor moron in there,” Emma muttered.

Jack put his hands on Emma's hips and looked into her eyes, “Didn't like your plan I take it?”

“Understatement of the year...”

“He's a core raised, former CEO with a PhD in Business...”

“So?” Emma huffed.

“For all that. He's never been on the rim. Let alone worked the black. We grew up in that kind of environment. It will work.”

“But I need financing. Who is going to give a twenty year old enough money to buy a ship? Especially when she got a B minus on her final.”

“I think I know someone...”


“That's a lot of money,” Jeff nearly whispered as he looked at the letter Sara had received from Blue Sun.

“No kidding,” Sara replied as she tried to get comfortable.

Jeff immediately noticed Sara's uncomfortableness, “You okay, Boa-bei?”

“Your offspring is putting up a fuss tonight,” Sara winced.



“Your due date is in five days...”

“So?” Sara replied as her face twinged again.

Jeff sighed, “Baby... are you in labor?”

Sara looked at her swollen abdomen for a moment and then glanced at her husband, “Maybe...”

Jeff rubbed his face in exasperation and then glared at her, “Ai-ren...”

“Contractions are ten minutes apart. Got plenty of time...” Sara trailed off as she felt a gush of fluid, “Or not...”

For just a moment, Jeff's mind went blank. As he regained his wits, there was a knock at the front door. Sara gingerly rose to her feet and slowly made her way towards the stairs, heading for the bedroom to change clothes. Jeff headed for the door.

Opening it he shouldn't have been surprised to see his Aunt River standing there with her brother. A Step behind, Rachel grinned, “It's time.”


Allan and Mal were pacing the living room. Occasionally, the two men would nearly collide, look at each other and then continue pacing.

Zoe and Inara shared an exasperated look, “Husband...” “Mal...” they said respectively.

Allan looked at his wife and cringed at the expression she wore, “Yes dear?”

“Sit down before I make you,” Zoe nearly snarled.

“What Zoe said,” Inara added.

With a shared look, both men settled onto the wrap around sofa next to their wives.

“Sara's gonna be fine,” Kaylee added as she came in from the kitchen with a tray of steaming coffee mugs.

“I know it intellectually...” Allan trailed off.

“You know if it's a boy or a girl?” the mechanic, soon to be grandmother asked as she settled in next to her napping daughter.

“Sara's been keepin it a state secret, or the like,” Zoe grumbled, “Wouldn't even tell me.”

“I know,” piped up Rachel Cobb as she entered the front door, followed by her Fiance, Derick Marsh. Rachel's younger brother brought up the rear carrying an armload of wood for the fireplace.

“Bein a reader, ain't fair, Jei-mei,” Jesse grumbled.

“Where's Clay and Jayne?” Inara asked.

“Dad's down in the barn,” Jesse replied as he piled the wood on the hearth.

“And Clay is finishing up a few things for the nursery, upstairs for Jeff,” Kaylee commented.

“I reckon we just gotta wait,' Mal said after a moment.

Inara smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek, “That's right Grandpa,” she teased.

“So says the grandma,” Mal replied with a grin.

“Least Sara and Becca ain't in labor at the same time, like we were, 'Nara,” Kaylee grinned.

“Shush,” Zoe snapped, “No temptin fate.”

“The odds o' that happinin again...” Kaylee began before Becca snapped her eyes open and grunted.

“Are better than even,” Rachel finished for her Aunt with a smile on her face.

Allan did a classic face palm, “Not again...”

A light sheen of sweat broke out on Becca's forehead, “Where's Clay? I think it's time.”

If Mal hadn't had been sitting down, he probably would have dropped. His normal color had faded to a pasty white.

Allan sighed and then clambered to his feet, “Jesse, get the portable med kit from Sara Jane's infirmary. Rachel, you're with me. Inara, would you go fetch the father to be?” He ordered as Kaylee assisted her daughter in the direction of the guest bedroom off the main living area.

There were nods all around, “And what about me, Husband?” Zoe asked.

“You get to tell Simon...”


Afternoon turned into evening and then early morning. Both Sara and Becca were progressing well and both mothers to be were doing well.

Despite the similarity of both Jeff and Becca's own births, they had more resources to call on. Simon, in his position of Chief of Surgery at New Edmonton General, had requested some assistance.

Allan had been gently expelled from assisting in Becca's labor by a Nurse-Midwife who had come to Serenity Acres at Simon's request.

Also, a New Edmonton County Emergence Medical Crew's ambulance was waiting on the pad outside, while the paramedic crew were helping Simon and Nurse Pauline French.

All that was left was the waiting.


With one last, push. Brooke Rebecca Cook entered the 'Verse at 2:45 am, February 14th 2546. Valentines day. She was a healthy girl who began screaming her lungs out nearly as soon as she hit atmo.

Despite the long labor, Becca couldn't stop smiling as her Husband, Clay, cut the umbilical cord.


An hour and a half later, Sara and Jeff's son was born. The boy, like Brooke before him, screamed as soon as he landed in Simon's waiting hands.

He had curly dark brown hair and his skin tone was a bit lighter than his mother's.

“Look what we made,” Sara beamed as she held her son in her arms.

“Wow...” was all that Jeff could say as he looked at his son.

Simon wiped his hands and slowly stood, “Congratulations.”

“Thanks Uncle Simon,” the couple said simultaneously.

“Have you picked out a name?” Simon asked.

Sara and Jeff shared a look and Sara nodded. Jeff cleared his throat and began, “Allan Malcolm Reynolds.”

Simon smiled, “Good choice.”


“Nobody's answering,” Emma said worriedly as she shut the cortex screen off.

“It is six am there, Boa-bei,” Jack replied as he slipped a cup of tea into his fiance's hands while she sat behind Endeavors' controls.

“Daddy's up by now. So is Uncle Jayne and Aunt River.”

Jack nodded, “Dad's usually up by now too. Getting ready for work.”

“Something's wrong,” Emma stated as she began the process to spin up the modified Firefly's FTL drive.

“I think you're right.”


Endeavor popped back into normal space as close as she dared. The fact that there were FTL ships besides the just coming into service Quest class vessels was a very closely held secret. The fact that twenty year old Emma Reynolds was allowed to 'borrow' her brother's ship said something about the young woman.

Twenty minutes later, the new Firefly plowed into Boros' atmosphere. On a direct course for Serenity Acres.

Emma flared the ship quickly and settled next to Sara Jane on the pad. Across the creek, Both Tranquility and Freebird sat on their landing pads. The Sun was just rising and there were no lights on at any of the houses in the main complex.

However every light was on in Sara and Jeff's new house.

Settling her pistol into its holster on her hip, Emma charged down the stairs into the cargo bay. Jack, his own pistol in the shoulder holster he preferred.

Quickly, the two young people ran across the slippery ground between the pads and the house. A new fallen layer of snow on the ground.

As soon as their feet hit the steps, the front door swung open and a smiling River and Rachel Tam stood in the doorway.

“Aunt River?” Emma asked, “Is everything okay?”

River shared a smile with her Daughter before looking at her Nephew, “Welcome home, Uncle Jack.”

“Huh?” Jack said in an eerie imitation of Mal.

“And the same to you, Aunt Emma,” Rachel added with a grin.


“Close the gorram door! You're lettin all the heat out,” Mal's voice bellowed.

“Come,” River beckoned to the newly arrived couple.

Dumbfounded, Emma and jack followed their aunt and cousin inside and Emma came to a sudden stop, slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand, “I am such an idiot...”

“Not the only one, Ai-ren, “ Jack admitted as they looked at the scene before them.

Sara sat in a rocking chair, a blue bundle in her arms while Jeff as Jeff stood beside her. Likewise, Becca was on the sofa, snuggling both Clay and a pink bundle in her own arms.

The rest of the extended family looked both happy an exhausted.

“You had the babies!” Emma exclaimed. The sudden noise resulting in simultaneous screams from both formerly sleeping newborns.

“Family unit is complete,” River remarked.

“Can say that again, Moony, “Jayne grinned as he laid his arm across his diminutive wife's shoulders.

The End

AN2: Wow... what a trip. I began this story arc in March of 2009. Here it is, finally finished in November of 2010.

When I started this story line, I originally intended to kill off my OC Allan at some point in the arc. But thanks to some pleading by people like Jane 0904 and Angellmarcs, I didn't.

Also the “Allanverse” will continue in some form in the future. I have a couple of ideas in the fire and I have laid some groundwork with this chapter. Look for the jr. members of the second generation (with one exception) to feature prominently.

Thanks for coming along on the ride with me and stay shiny.



Sunday, November 14, 2010 4:49 PM


i loved the ending. It is soo good. Thanks for the wonderful adventure and look forward to the next one. Glad we kept them all living. ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010 3:10 AM


I am in Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! great ending to a fantastic arc. This has been a wonderfilled 'verse and I do hope there is more Allanverse in the future.

Simply wonderful.


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