Into the Blue -- Chapter 3
Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Tam's come aboard Serenity while Zoe and Allan finally seal the deal. Later Jayne asks and Important question


Into the Blue Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This fic takes place just over two years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/OC and Jayne/River.

A/N: Kinda fluffy but it should keep you Rayne-iacks happy.

Thanks again Chris for the beta…

Into the Blue

Chapter Three – Reunion

“Serenity you copy?” Zoë called into the com.

“Go ahead Zoë,” Kaylee replied. She had the bridge watch this night.

“Comin in hot, get her warmed up, we need to be in the black quick as we can.”

“Got ya’ Zoë,” Kaylee replied. Suddenly frightened. Switching to the Internal com, she called out, “Capn’… Zoë’s commin back hot and says we need to be in the black quick.”

“Get to the engine room Kaylee,” Mal replied, “I’ll get her ready to go.”

What the hell happened? Mal thought. Zoë wasn’t one to say they needed to fly unless it was really needed. Why couldn’t anything ever go smooth?

As Mal left Inara’s shuttle, he saw that Simon was already lowering the ramp, having heard Kaylee’s call as well. Mal noted that the doctor also had his med bag in case someone was hurt.

As soon as the ramp hit dirt, Allan drove the Mule in, lurching to a stop.

“Baby, get us in the black,” Zoë said quickly, “River stay here.”

“On it,” Allan said hopping from the Mule and moving as fast as he could with his bad ankle to the bridge.

“Zoë!” Mal called out as he came down the stairs, “What the hell is happinin and who are these folks?”

“Tell ya what happened as we’re safe in the black Sir. These folks are…”

“Mom? Dad?” Simon said incredulously.

“Simon and River’s parents,” Zoë finished.


“Kaylee you set?” Allan called over the com as he started flipping switches.

“Anytime Allan,” Kaylee replied, “Is River okay?” She finished, thinking the worst if Allan was handling the take off.

“River’s fine, just spin her up, we gotta get in the black.”

“Okay,” came the answer.

“Allan grabbed the overhead mike, “Eavesdown port control this is the Firefly transport Serenity, requesting immediate takeoff.”

“Serenity, I have you listed as an 11:30 AM departure tomorrow,” came the voice of the controller.

Allan looked at the chronometer on the panel. The current local time was 11:15 PM. Sighing with relief, Allan keyed the mike again.

“Sorry bout that control, must a been a paperwork screw up, Supposed to be 11:30 PM… 23:30. But we’re ready to go now.” Allan said quickly, his fingers crossed. Allan didn’t want to blast out of Eavesdown like he did back on Aberdeen.

“Cleared to lift Serenity, have a good trip.”

“Thanks Eavesdown, have a good night,” Allan replied as he applied power and lifted Serenity off the ground. Ten minutes later, Serenity broke atmo and Allan went to full burn, putting as much distance between the ship and Persephone as he could.

After a few minutes, Allan set course for Beaumonde. Mal had told him earlier in the day that the ships next job was there. Course set, he pulled Serenity out of full burn and set the autopilot.

Mal entered the bridge and stood beside Allan, “Course set?” he said simply. Allan could tell he wasn’t happy.

“On our way to Beaumonde,” Allan replied, “ETA is about forty five hours.”

“Good, come on back to the galley, gonna have a little palaver,”

“Be right there Cap,” Allan replied.


Allan entered the galley. The tension in the room was almost a physical presence. Mr. and Mrs. Tam sat at the table. River and Simon sat across from them. Jayne sat on River’s left and Kaylee sat next to Simon. Mal was at the head of the table in his usual spot with Inara sitting to his right and Kaylee to his left. Zoë was next to Jayne and Allan slid into the seat opposite her, sitting next to Reagan Tam.

Simon Glared at his parents. There seemed to be almost hatred between him and his father. River seemed to be a bit apprehensive. She clung to Jayne. Amazingly Jayne’s expression was fairly passive.

Mal spoke up, “Seems some introductions are in order… Mr. Tam, I’m Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Here on my right is Inara Serra. On my left is Kaylee Frye, ships mechanic. The big fella next to River is Jayne Cobb. He’s our … security specialist. Next to him is Zoë Washburn, my first mate. Across from Zoë is Allan Bryant, our co-pilot and assistant mechanic.

Gabriel cleared his throat, “Who is the pilot?”

“I am Daddy,” River said quietly.

Reagan looked shocked, Gabriel as well.

“River you fly the ship?” Reagan asked.

River smiled at her mother. While Simon was always her father’s favorite, Reagan doted on her daughter.

“Yes Mom, I fly Serenity. Allan only flies when I let him.”

Allan chuckled, “That’s for sure.”

“Why are you here?” Simon said, his voice hard.

“I was wonderin that myself,” Mal said, “Can someone fill me in on that part?”

“I can Sir,” Zoë said quietly.

Half an hour later, the rest of the crew had been briefed about the activities earlier in the evening. The Tams had also filled in their part of the story. They had come to Persephone partly on vacation and partly to look for Simon and River. River’s letter to them had been postmarked from Persephone.

Simon hadn’t been pleased that River had contacted their parents. River had assured him that she had done it securely. She had mailed the letter to her Father’s secretary’s apartment and not to Gabriel’s office or to the Tam estate. She had just wanted to explain in her own words what had been done to her by the Academy and to tell her parents that she and Simon were well and happy. She had also sent a small data stick containing a current image of herself and Simon as well as the medical data Simon had collected on what had been done to her by the Academy.

Gabriel Tam, having regained some of his normal demeanor, spoke up, “Captain Reynolds, I demand that you bring us back to Persephone.”

Mal just glared at the older man, “Ain’t no one on this boat demandin nothing. We’re heading for Beaumonde. Be there in bout forty hours or so. You can get off there.”


“No buts about it,” Mal said sternly, “Inara, can you an Kaylee set the Tams up with some bedding in the spare shuttle?”

“Of course Mal,” Inara replied, “Mrs. Tam and I look to be a similar size, I can loan her some clothing since I assume they don’t have any luggage.”

“Thank you Miss Sera,” Reagan said, “We only have the clothing we are wearing.”

Allan spoke up, “I have some things I can loan to Mr. Tam.”

“Sounds good. It’s late people. Been a long day, we’ll do some more talking in the mornin,” Mal said, “Best we all turn in.”

“If you would follow me Mr. and Mrs. Tam,” Inara said in her best companion voice. Reluctantly the older couple followed Inara.

Simon got up and headed in the direction of his bunk in the dorms, fuming. Mal headed for Inara’s shuttle.

Allan stood up, “Guess I’ll go get that stuff for River’s dad.”

Zoë nodded, “Best be bringin a change for yourself baby, lest you want to be wearing that monkey suit in the mornin too,” she said with a slight smile.

“Be right back,” Allan said, moving as quickly as his bad ankle would allow.

Zoë stood up and headed for her bunk. Tonight was the night she thought. After all the tension tonight, she needed Allan more than ever.


“Yeah Riv?”

“Take me to bed…”

Jayne’s eyes popped, “You sure girl?”

“I am sure,”

A smile came across Jayne’s face, “Love ya’ Crazy.”

“I love you too my Ape Man,” River said with a smile.

Jayne picked River up in his arms and carried her to the entrance to his bunk. Setting River down he kicked the door open. A smile of anticipation on her face, River descended the ladder into Jayne’s bunk. Quickly Jayne followed, closing the door behind him.


Kaylee had set up an inflatable mattress on the floor of the spare shuttle, a smile on her young face. Never had she imagined meeting Simon’s parents, soon to be her in-laws.

“And this here is the temperature control in case you’s get too cold or hot,” Kaylee said, showing the Tam’s how the environmental controls worked in the shuttle.

“Thank you Miss… Frye is it?” Reagan asked.

“Please,” she replied, “Call me Kaylee.”

Reagan had to smile at the raw happiness that seemed to radiate from this girl. “Call me Reagan Kaylee,” She said sincerely. Pausing a moment, Reagan noticed the large diamond flanked by two rubies on Kaylee’s left hand. “That is a beautiful engagement ring, Kaylee. Who is the lucky man?”

Kaylee looked quickly at Gabriel who seemed to be pacing the floor like a caged lion. Then back to the genuine warmth she felt from Reagan. A sheepish grin crossed Kaylee’s face, “Simon,” She said.

“What?” Gabriel exclaimed, “Simon is marrying this… this…”

“Gabriel!” Reagan admonished, “That is no way to speak to our future daughter in law.”

“She’s just a…a…”

“You finish that sentence Mr. Tam, and we will have words,” Allan said darkly from the entrance.

Upon seeing the expression on Allan’s face, Gabriel wisely kept his mouth shut.

Allan smiled at Kaylee, “I’ll finish up in here Kaylee. I think Simon needs some cheering up.”

Her face a bit subdued, Kaylee nodded, “Thanks Ge-ge, I think I need some cheerin up m’self.”

The Tam’s watched the young mechanic leave. After she had left, Reagan spoke up, “Is Kaylee actually your…”

“Sister? Allan, replied, “No, It’s term of endearment. This whole crew is a family of sorts. They have been through a lot together.”

“I still can’t see what my son sees in that… that girl,” Gabriel snarled.

Allan was fuming. He now could see where Simon got some of his pig headedness.

“Kaylee might not have the fancy upbringing or education that you think that she should have. Kaylee is the heart of this ship. She keeps Serenity in the air when she shouldn’t even be able to get off the ground. Kaylee might not have formal training but she could take this boat apart and put it back together blindfolded.”

Reagan was glaring at her husband but kept quiet. She seemed to know that Allan was about to put Gabriel in his place.

“I don’t think where someone of your age, who is relegated to being my daughter and that girls assistant can speak as to having an education,” Gabriel shot back.

“Don’t let my speech patterns or position fool you Mr. Tam. I am a highly educated man. I hold more degrees than Simon,” Allan said. While there was a polite smile on his face, Allan’s tone of voice was not as friendly.

“In what field?” Gabriel snarled.

“Several actually,” Allan said firmly, “I hold a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Associates degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, Chemistry and Business Administration. I also hold a masters in Astrophysics.” Take that Tam, he thought.

Gabriel Tam looked stunned. Reagan despite herself tried to hide the grin on her face. She hadn’t seen her husband put in his place like that in quite some time. Smiling, she spoke, “Why with all that education are you on this ship Mr. Bryant?”

“They saved my life, and I theirs. It’s a long story and perhaps I’ll tell it to you later. But suffice to say, this crew has taken me in and made me a part of their family. I’ve found the woman I love here as well. Which reminds me, Zoë is impatiently waiting for me to come to bed. I’m sure we will discuss things further in the morning. Inara should be over with some clothes for you Mrs. Tam. This bag here should have some things you can wear Mr. Tam. Good night,” Allan said as he turned and left the shuttle.


Allan was still fuming as he approached Zoë’s bunk. Pausing outside, he took a deep breath. Slowly Allan pushed the hatch open and climbed down. Once at the bottom Allan closed the hatch.

“What took so long?” Zoë said, her voice floating out of the dark.

“Mr. Tam… I ended up telling him off. He started to insult Kaylee after Mrs. Tam spotted the engagement ring.”

“Kaylee okay?”

“She’s fine, I didn’t let him get far. I can see where Simon gets some of his pig headedness.”

“Are you done?” Zoë asked.

“Huh? Done what,”

“Talkin, cause if you’re done I’ve got better things for your mouth to be doin,” Zoë said her voice almost a purr. Slowly, Zoë stepped into the dim light cast from the lamp on the desk. Allan gasped. Zoë was completely nude.

Allan stepped forward and pulled Zoë to him, “You are so beautiful Zoë.”

Zoë took Allan’s hand and led him back to the bed. Sitting on the edge, she began to undress Allan, “Ain’t no one else on this boat tonight… just us Baby,” Zoë said softly.

The last of Allan’s clothing had no more than hit the floor when a reminder that they weren’t the only ones on the ship came. A thump and a muffled cry of “Ohh Jayne,” came through the bulkhead from the bunk next door. The muffled voice was unmistakably River’s.

Allan locked eyes with Zoë and simultaneously they both began laughing hysterically. After a minute, Zoë hit the bulkhead with her fist and yelled, “Hey, Keep it down! You two ain’t the only one’s tryin to get sexed on this here boat!”

Another crash was heard and a muffled, “Sorry Zoë,” from Jayne could be heard in reply.

Still laughing, Allan collapsed onto the bed, pulling Zoë close to him. Passionately he kissed her, and then with a smile on his face, he said, “What say we keep the neighbors up?”

Zoë giggled, “Good idea...”

It surely was…


Allan awoke first. Turning his head, he gazed at the wonderful woman lying asleep next to him. Allan reached out and let his fingers trace along the contours of Zoë’s collarbone. Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled.

“Mornin, Baby,” Zoë purred sleepily.

“Mornin yourself,” Allan said smiling as he started to get up.

“Where in the hell do you think you’re going?” Zoë asked.

Allan leaned back down and kissed her, “My turn to make breakfast.”

Zoë hit Allan with a pillow, “Not fair,” She pouted.

Allan kissed Zoë again, “I’ll make it up to you later.”

“You damn well better.”


Allan entered the galley intent on getting the coffee started since he needed a cup himself. He was surprised to see River, wearing one of Jayne’s T-shirts and a pair of bike shorts busily making breakfast. River handed Allan a cup of Coffee.

“From the sounds you and Zoë made last night, I think you need this,” River said straight-faced.

“Said the pot to the kettle there Kiddo,” Allan replied with a grin.

River giggled, “Jayne is highly skilled.”

“Please… no details.”

“Not to worry, Zoë and I will compare notes later,” River replied with a sly grin.

Allan shot the small genius a withering glare. Then laughed, “Simon’s right… you are a brat.”

River’s reply was a stuck out tongue.

“River, that’s not polite,” Reagan Tam said as she entered the room.

River smiled, “Good morning Mom,”

Reagan smiled. She had so longed to hear those words come from her daughter’s lips. It had been too long. She walked over to River and kissed her on the cheek. Suddenly River hugged her mother.

“I missed you Mom,” River said.

“I missed you too sweetie,”

“Why don’t you go sit in the lounge with your Mom River, I’ll finish this up,” Allan said quietly.

“What are you making River?” Reagan asked.

“Daddy’s favorite, Eggs Benedict.”

“You raidin my hollandaise again kiddo?” Allan said with a grin.

“Just a little,” She giggled.

Allan laughed, “Go sit with your Mom.”

“Thank you Da-shu.”

Allan busied himself with finishing breakfast. The rest of the crew slowly drifted in. First was Zoë. Quickly kissing Allan before grabbing a cup of coffee. Shortly there after, Jayne entered heading for the coffee maker.

River rose off the sofa and taking her mother by the hand, led Reagan over to Jayne.

“Mom, This is Jayne.”

“We were introduced last night dear.”

Zoë moved close to Allan, “Think this is gonna go well?” Zoë whispered.

“No idea,” Allan replied.

River smiled at her mother, “Jayne is my boyfriend Mom.”

Reagan Tam looked like someone had just hit her in the face with a shovel. Jayne looked like he was looking for a hole to crawl into.

“I… uh, River?” Reagan stammered.

Jayne took a deep breath, now or never he thought.

“Mrs. Tam, I know you’re a bit surprised about this. I know I was. Me an River didn’t always get along, but in the last couple years we got to bein friends. Then that friendship turned inta somethin more. I know I don’t deserve a girl… I mean a woman like yer daughter but she for some damn reason loves me and I love her right back. I promise I’ll take care of her…” Jayne paused a moment. Taking another breath he continued. She mean’s the whole ‘verse ta me…”

River’s eyes were wet while Reagan’s expression had softened. She could tell that Jayne was sincere in his statement.

Nervously, Jayne reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box. Suddenly he dropped to one knee, “River I meant ta give this to ya last night but we got kinda interrupted… Aw hell, River Tam would you do me the honor o’ bein my wife?”

Time seemed to stop for a moment…

“Yes Jayne I will be your wife,” River replied.

From the far end of the galley near the door, Kaylee squealed, while Simon had turned deathly pale. Mal and Inara entering through the other door looked shocked.

A thump was heard from the doorway as Gabriel Tam hit the floor.

“Gabriel!” Reagan shouted as she ran to her husband’s side.

Allan rolled his eyes at Zoë who stood with a bemused look on her face, “Must be a family trait,” Allan said.

“Seems to be,” Zoë agreed.

Quickly, Allan moved to the prone form of Gabriel Tam. Simon was in no shape to do anything at the moment. It was with effort that he hadn’t joined his father on the floor. Kaylee guided him to a chair.

“Mal, can you give me a hand here?” Allan asked.

“Huh? Oh… yeah Allan”

Carefully Mal and Allan moved Gabriel to the sofa. Simon had recovered enough to stand on his own and check his father,” He’ll be fine. Just fainted.” Simon said, reassuring his Mother

Throughout all the commotion, River and Jayne stood facing each other holding hands, oblivious to the world around them.



Sunday, July 6, 2008 10:00 PM


Aww! The part where Jayne asked River to marry him was so cute! I'm also glad that Allan and Zoe sealed the deal *winks* the part where River gives Allan the coffee cracked me up :D

Keep flying ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008 7:52 AM


I love some fluffy goodness. Really enjoyable.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008 5:53 PM


Aw, I LOVE this series!!! Onto the next one!

Keep Rayne-ing!

Friday, July 11, 2008 5:34 AM


Security specialist? Nice.

Love the addition of the Tam parents, hilarious stuff.


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