Into the Blue -- Chapter 5
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little conversations between the crew. Just a little bridge to some action.


Into the Blue Chapter 5

Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This fic takes place just over two years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/OC and Jayne/River.

A/N: A bit fluffy but there’s some action coming soon.

Thanks again Chris for the beta…

Into the Blue

Chapter Five – Conversations

When Allan awoke, something wasn’t quite right. It was hard to breathe. He quickly opened his eyes…

The reason for his breathing difficulties became obvious. A sleeping Zoë’s palm was on his face. Smiling slightly, Allan carefully moved her hand and placed it on the bed. Zoë didn’t move. Allan gazed at the woman asleep next to him. Zoë lay on her stomach, the bed covers pushed down to her lower back, hair splayed across her strong shoulders. Allan’s eyes traced the curve of her back. Lightly his fingers followed the long scar that ran down Zoë’s back. It was barely visible, just a slightly jagged line of lighter brown against her cocoa skin. Allan’s hand moved back up her spine. Zoë suddenly shuddered.

“Give you about a week to stop doin that,” she said sleepily.

“Stop what?” Allan whispered as he leaned over and kissed her bare shoulder.

“That and anything else you want ta put your lips or hands on,” came the husky reply.

Allan reached out and traced Zoë’s lips with his finger, “Like this?”

“It’s a start.”

Allan’s lips met Zoë’s as she rolled on her side facing him. Allan’s hands began to roam over her body. Zoë shuddered at his touch, “Love you Zoë,” Allan whispered as he broke the kiss.

“Love you too.”

Suddenly Zoë sat up on the bed, swinging her feet to the floor, facing away from Allan.

“Zoë?” Allan said.

Zoë didn’t speak but her shoulders began to shake in silent sobs.

Allan scooted across the bed and sat beside her. Carefully he moved his arm around Zoë’s waist. Gently, Allan cupped her face with his other hand and slowly turned her face in his direction. Tears were running down Zoë’s face.

“Zoë? Bao-bei? What’s wrong?”

“Not rightly sure,” she whispered, “I… I just never thought I’d ever be this happy again… after Wash. I just never thought I’d find someone again. I guess it all just hit me at once… I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what? You don’t have to apologize to me for anything. I love you. To me you are the most incredibly beautiful woman in the ‘verse. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you mean to me.”

Zoë Smiled. Wiping away a tear she kissed Allan, “Sweet talker.”

Zoë suddenly giggled, the sound was music to Allan’s ears.

“Did you… miss stoic first mate just giggle?”

“I don’t giggle…”

“Right… And Jayne doesn’t like guns,” Allan said with a smirk.

Zoë giggled again. She kissed Allan and touched her forehead to his, “I just realized something.”

“What’s that?”

“You called me darling in Chinese.”

“I’ve been picking some up here and there… I am a genius ya know…”

With a snort, Zoë shoved Allan back on the bed, swinging her leg over and straddling Allan’s hips.

“Lets see if I can make the genius say something else in Chinese,” Zoë said as she began to grind on top of Allan.

“Ai-ya!” he exclaimed.


River was lying on top of Jayne while the big man absently rubbed her back. River’s body trembled under his touch.


“Hmm? Yeah baby girl?”

“You are very quiet this morning.”

“Jus thinking is all”

River smiled at her fiancé, “You… think?” she finished with a giggle.

“Har har girl,” Jayne growled as he swatted River’s behind.

River giggled for a moment then became serious upon seeing Jayne’s expression, “What’s wrong Jayne?”

“Don’t think yer Pa likes me.”

“He doesn’t know you yet. You need to talk to him.”

“What am I supposed ta talk about. We’s from two different worlds.”

“You will figure out something. I can help.”

”I… I’ll try Riv.”

“That’s all I can ask,” River said smiling. Suddenly a look of disgust crossed the young psychics face.

“What’s wrong Riv?” Jayne asked as River put her hands against her temples and squeezed her eyes tightly shut.

“I think my parents are having sex,” she said with a shudder, “This is worse than when Kaylee and Simon do it.”

Jayne’s laughter could be heard in the passageway outside.


“Good morning Kaylee,” Reagan called as she entered the galley.

Kaylee flashed her megawatt smile, “Mornin Mrs. Tam,” she chirped from the stove.

“Please Kaylee, call me Reagan.”

“Okay,” She replied, “How do ya’ want yer eggs Regan?”

“Oh… fried if that’s no trouble.”

“None a’ tall.”

“Where are you from Kaylee?”

Kaylee’s smile faded a bit, “Um, I’m from Kelly,” Se said with some uncertainty, “Hope you don’t mind me askin but why do ya want ta know?”

Reagan smiled at the young mechanic, “Because I want to get to know my future daughter in law.”

Kaylee’s smile lit up the room.

Simon stood in the doorway of the galley listening to Kaylee and his Mother’s discussion, a small smile on his lips. He felt a presence next to him, “She’s a beautiful girl Son.”

“She mean’s the ‘verse to me Dad.”

“Just like your Mother does to me,” Gabriel said quietly, “As do you and your Sister. I… I’m sorry for all that I have put you through.”

“It’s okay Dad, If not for coming on Serenity, we wouldn’t have what we have.”

“What’s that Son?”


Gabriel nodded, knowing Simon meant, “Speaking of family, what can you tell me about the man who is going to be my son in law?”

Simon laughed, “That, Dad, is going to be a long story…”


“What’s the matter Ai-ren?” Mal asked the former companion who lay in his arms.

Inara’s eyes were wet, “Nothing…”

“Then explain the waterworks,” Mal said as he gently kissed her while wiping away a tear.

“Do… do you love me Mal?”

“What? Course I do.”

“You don’t say it,” Inara sniffled.

“I do too,” Mal said indignantly, “Just maybe not as often as I should…”

“I love you Mal,” Inara said, a small smile crossing her lips.

“I love you Inara Serra, with all my heart.”

Sighing contentedly, Inara snuggled against Mal’s chest, “My wonderful pirate”

“I am not a pirate, I’m a gentleman thief,” Mal said smiling.

“Pirate or thief, you stole my heart,”

“You too Bao-bei, you too.”


The atmosphere at breakfast that morning was much lighter than it had been at dinner the night before. There seemed to be a feeling of acceptance between Gabriel and Simon.

Sizing on the good mood, Mal decided that some rearrangements were needed in bunk assignments. Since it seemed like everyone was shacking up with everyone else, Mal thought that making it formal would perhaps, help things go a bit smoother.

Needing the second shuttle for jobs occasionally as well as the sudden realization that Simon and River’s parents were going to be aboard for a while drove most of the assignments.

“Here’s how I figure it, might take a day or so to accomplish but I think that this is a workable solution.”

Mal continued, “Allan, ifin Zoë don’t mind, I’d like you to move your stuff into her bunk. That’d make room for Gabriel and Reagan to move into your room since it’s the biggest o’ the dorms, that’ll free up the other shuttle if we need it.”

Allan looked at Zoë, she gave a quick smile and nod, “Okay Mal, I don’t have much to move anyway.”

“Now since we got two future married couples here,” Mal said with a smile,” Best they start keeping house so to speak,” That comment resulted in a concerned look from Gabriel Tam but after a moment of thought and a pleading look on River’s face he acquiesced.

“So here’ what’s gonna happen,” Mal continued, “River, I want you to move yer stuff in with Jayne, that’ll put you nearer the bridge anyway. Kaylee, I’m gonna move you down to Simon’s bunk since that’ll give you a little more privacy. And Keep Simon closer to the infirmary and you to the engine room.”

Kaylee and River beamed at Mal, as they chirped in unison, “We love our Capn’.”

Chuckles flowed around the table, even from the elder Tams.

“You two been spending way too much time together,” Mal said good naturedly. Turning to his merc, Mal continued, “Jayne, I want you to work with Kaylee on modifying everyone’s rack to take a bigger mattress, we’ll pick up some new one’s when we get to Beaumonde… By the way, Albatross, what’s our ETA?”

“Eight hours, nine minutes, fifteen seconds… approximately,” River said with a giggle, after seeing the expressions on her parents' faces, “We will arrive in New Dunsmir at 15:00 local time.”

“Sounds good River. Jayne, Zoë and myself will go meet Sir Harrow’s contact for the pickup. Kaylee and Simon, see to whatever provisionin’ we need. Inara, I’d like you to go with em’ and pick up whatever sundries Simon’s folks will need for a while. Best take your shuttle for the trip. Allan I need you to stay with the ship and see to the fuelin,” Mal finished. Everyone nodded around the table acknowledging their assignments. Everyone rose and got to work.


It had only taken Allan half an hour to move his meager possessions from his room in the dorms to Zoë’s bunk. The hardest thing to move was the small strongbox containing his remaining valuables. In the end he had descended the ladder and then had Jayne lower the box to him. It was fairly heavy due to the gold it still contained. After all his gear was stacked in the corner of the room that was now his and Zoë’s bunk, Allan sat on the bed.

Slowly he let his eyes wander around the small room. It was almost like he’d never set foot in Zoë’s bunk before. Even though he had spent the last four nights in it, combined with the numerous nights he and Zoë had just cuddled in each other’s arms when he was healing from his injuries.

Now it was officially His and Zoë’s. Allan spotted things that he hadn’t noticed before. Like the box of toy dinosaurs under the small desk and the neatly folded pile of flight suits and Hawaiian shirts in the corner.

Allan knew that they belonged to Wash. Smiling, Allan picked up a toy dino. Turning it over in his hands, Allan suddenly seemed to have some kind of connection with Wash.

Allan pondered his relationship with Zoë. What was she to him anyway? Lover? Most defiantly, Girlfriend? Yeah, He supposed so. Life partner? Maybe, down the road at some point. He certainly hoped so. The only thing that really bothered him was their age difference. What if Zoë wanted kids at some point? Allan had never thought he would ever be a father. Now pushing fifty-three, Allan didn’t know what to think about that. By the time any children were near grown he’d be an old man.

Think I’m getting ahead of myself here. Allan thought to himself. Smiling he looked back at the dinosaur in his hands. Don’t worry Wash. I’ll take good care of her.

“Copper for em’,” Zoë said quietly, standing next to the bed.

Allan jumped. The dino falling to the floor. He’d been so lost in thought, that he hadn’t heard her enter, “Jeeze Zoë, don’t do that, like to give me a heart attack. Ain’t a young man anymore.”

Zoë smiled, “You’re only as old as you feel.” She said as she sat next to Allan on the bed.

A smile back on his face, Allan wrapped his arm around Zoë’s waist, “Well since you make me feel like a teenager again, I guess I ain’t as old as I think I am.”

Zoë kissed Allan and started to unbutton his shirt, “Um.. Zoë?” Allan said trying to break the kiss.

Zoë glared at him, “What?”

“I’m due on the bridge in ten minutes for my watch…”

Zoë smiled seductively, “Well since I’m the First Mate on this here boat, I’m hereby countermanding the watch schedule.”

“Well in that case, what are my orders ma’am?”

“I’m orderin you to rip my clothes off and make love to me.”

“Aye-aye, ma’am.”


An hour later Allan entered the bridge, still tucking in his shirt. He saw River sitting in the pilot’s seat.

“You’re late,” She said smiling.

“Sorry Kiddo. Got new orders from the First Mate.”

River giggled, “I thought that was the case,” she said rising from the chair, “I’ll be in Inara’s shuttle if you need me. We’ll be looking at wedding dresses on the cortex with Kaylee and Mom.”

“Okay, River, I’ll call you an hour before planetfall.”

As River left the bridge, she called over her shoulder, “Wash knows you will take care of Zoë… He thinks you’re good for her. Didn’t want her to be alone forever.”

“Huh? River…” she was gone.


Allan sat in the pilot’s seat, his laptop computer open on the console and playing some Stevie Ray Vaughan tune. Behind him he head someone clear his throat. Turning he found Gabriel Tam standing in the entrance.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Mr. Bryant. I was wondering if I might sit up here for a while?”

“Help yourself,” Allan said smiling and pointing to the co-pilots chair, “And it’s Allan by the way.”

“Call me Gabriel... I want to apologize to you for my behavior the other night. I was out of line. I know better to judge people like that. Kaylee is a sweet girl. I misjudged you as well… I’m sorry”

“Kaylee’s like the little sister I never had,” Allan looked at the elder Tam and smiled, “apology accepted.”

“Thank you,” Gabriel paused for a moment, “Where are you from Mr.… Allan.”

Allan snorted and smiled, “Long way from here.”

Gabriel looked at him, confused.

Allan glanced at the navigational display for a moment, and then pointed out the window to a faint star visible outside, “See that small star, just moving behind the support beam?”


“That’s where I’m from… The Sol system. Otherwise known as Earth-that-was.”

“That’s impossible!” Gabriel exclaimed.

“Actually it’s quite possible. I spent four hundred years in cryo. I was supposed to get here just ahead of the exodus ships. My ship took damage before it got to full speed. So instead of arriving in a little under one hundred years, I got here five and a half months ago.”

Gabriel looked aghast, “When were you born?”

“January seventh, 2067.”

“My god… How did you get on Serenity?”

“They literally stumbled across me in space. I was still frozen in cryo. Mal, Jayne and Kaylee boarded my ship to see if there was anything worth salvaging and accidentally released me from cryo. Been on board pretty much since. They took me in, made me part of their family.”

“That’s… That’s amazing,” Gabriel said, still a bit in shock, “I take it you were an Engineer on Earth-that-was?”

“I was. Actually, My company built the exodus ships, I was the primary designer as well.”

“But Blue Sun built the exodus ships...”

Allan smiled, “That’s right, Blue Sun started out as Bryant Aerospace”

Gabriel’s eyes widened in surprise, “You founded Blue Sun?”

Allan nodded. Gabriel just whispered, “Good Lord.”

Deciding he needed to change the subject a bit, Allan asked, “I know you’re from Osirus, but Simon never mentioned what you did.”

“I own a large brokerage firm.”

“Ahh, that explains your knowledge of Blue Sun I take it.”

“Some of it,” Gabriel agreed, “The rest came from research over the last couple of years. I was trying to find a business way of hurting them. Trying to get some kind of Payback for what they had done to my family. Perhaps that’s why they began to see me as a threat again. I found out that all the board members combined only hold approximately a million shares. Blue Sun hasn’t issued public stock in years. It’s so diversified that they don’t need to anymore.”

Allan nodded, the gears were turning in his head, “The board only controls a million shares?”

“Yes,” Gabriel nodded, “No one was allowed to buy more than fifty thousand shares. This keeps the company from being bought out. It’s illegal but the Alliance turns a blind eye since it’s Blue Sun. There are over two and a half million shares that are unaccounted for. Apparently the original board tried to buy back all the shares they could before leaving Earth. At least that’s what my research showed. The records are of course a bit spotty. If those shares were to reappear, and if held by one person or even a small group who co-operated. They literally could buy Blue Sun lock, stock and barrel.”

“So those old shares are still worth something?” Allan asked, a smile starting to form on his face.

“Very much so. However, someone would need original stock certificates. Authenticating them might be a bit troublesome but it can be done. A few odd certificates have come through my firm from time to time over the years. Mostly heirlooms handed down over time. However the stock is still good. It’s moot point however. No one knows where those share are. I doubt they still exist.”

Allan had a huge smile on his face now, Gabriel looked at him strangely, “You… you don’t have certificates with you… Do you?”

Allan laughed, “I don’t know about the rest, but I have the certificates for a little over two million shares not thirty feet from where you’re sitting.”

Gabriel Tam looked like he was going to faint, “You… I…”

Allan laughed, “It’s gonna take some planning, but with your help I think we may be able to get a little payback for what Blue Sun did to River… Are you interested?”

“Hell yes!”

“Good, We won’t be able to do anything as of yet. We need to get this cargo run out of the way as well as deal with you and the Misses’ warrants. Then we might be able to come up with something

Gabriel nodded, “What do you need me to do?”

“Keep it under your hat for a bit. We’ll brief Mal later. And I think I’ll need River’s hacking skills before we’re done as well. It’s going to take some time but this may be doable.”

“I agree. We will need to proceed carefully. No need to draw attention yet.”

“Right, In the meantime, could you go fetch River for me? I haven’t landed on Beaumonde before and I need her here before we land.”

“Of course,” Gabriel said as he stood to leave. Pausing a moment, he turned back to Allan, “Thank you… you have given me hope again. Hope that my family will be whole again.”

“It’s already whole Gabriel, You’re here with your wife and kids. That’s all you need.”

“You are a wise man Allan.”

“I better be at my age. I am over four hundred years old you know,” Allan said, laughing.



Wednesday, July 9, 2008 8:07 AM


I like the idea that Blue Sun could be undermined financially. What's to stop them from closing that loophole, though? Aren't they about to develop an inkling that Allan's about?


Wednesday, July 9, 2008 6:12 PM


Oh no! I've reached the end of your series! NO!! :) I love how you focus on the individual couples, though some more time on each one is definately needed. And I love how you had Allen musing on Wash, then River's statement. Very nicely written. Please more soon!!!


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