Heritage - Chapter 6
Monday, October 6, 2008

Just a bit of family fluff... The body guards arrive and plans are made for the school dance.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This story is set fifteen years into the future from my current storyline “Big Blue”.

Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 51 Inara Serra-Reynolds 44 Allan Bryant 68 Zoë Bryant 48 Simon Tam 43 Kaylee Tam 40 Jayne Cobb 52 River Cobb 36 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 15 Emma Reynolds 10 Sara Bryant 14 Rebecca Tam 15 John (Jack) Tam 11 Rachel Cobb 8 Jesse Cobb 6

Heritage-Chapter Five


Sundays at Serenity Acres were usually pretty laid back. Jeff and Emma helping Mal feed and water the horses. Inara working in her garden and more often than not Kaylee lending a hand. Becca and Sara could usually be found in one of the other room's listening to music, talking about clothes, boys and, of course, being the daughters of a mechanic and engineer, the latest in electronics and machinery.

Jack Tam was usually found tagging along with whatever his father was doing while The Cobb's generally did things together as a family.

Allan and Zoë spent most Sundays working around the house. Being a wealthy engineer, Allan was proud of the expensive and powerful anti grav riding lawn mower he had purchased. On most Sunday mornings Allan spent his time cutting every blade of grass on the property to within an inch of it's life.

Zoë had picked up the hobby of tropical fish once they had settled on Boros. She spent Sunday morning's doing maintenance on the huge aquarium she kept in the living room.

This Sunday was a bit different. The parent's kept a closer eye on their kids and everyone stayed in at least pairs.

After lunch, Allan and Zoë took Sara into town to pick up food and supplies for the arriving security team.

New Edmonton was a growing city. Several small industries had set up shop in town. Agriculture was still the largest industry by far, but electronics and light manufacturing were slowly moving in.

Tourism and the service industries were growing as well. The vast prairies and forests of Boros were similar in climate and topography to North America from Earth that was. Many species had been introduced. Deer, elk and black bears had all flourished as did bison and wolves.

The nearly three month deer and elk hunting season drew hunters from all over the 'verse. The eastern mountain ranges near Capital City enjoyed deep snow during the nearly eight months the area had cold enough weather for the many ski areas to operate. Drawing even more tourists.

The terriformers had done good work two hundred years ago, as a viable ecosystem thrived on the planet. Boros also benefited from the fact that it was large enough to not require artificial gravity generators as did the smaller planets and moons to establish earth level gravity. The 0.98 G found naturally was close enough to normal to be left alone.

New Edmonton's population had grown from a little over twelve thousand when Allan had first seen the planet to just over thirty five thousand, in only sixteen years. The city's burgeoning downtown was seeing the construction of it's first high rise buildings.

A few perks of the growing economy were a large shopping mall and several huge supermarkets.

Pulling up to the largest of the two supermarkets in Zoë's official ground car. The small family went inside to procure supplies for the soon to be arriving security team. They drew some strange looks from fellow shoppers as they made their purchases. Particularly the pretty, fourteen year old toffee skinned girl with a sawed off winchester strapped to her right hip. While firearms carried in the open were legal and a fairly common sight on Boros, the sight of Zoë and her daughter both dressed in nearly matching outfits and carrying identical guns drew stares.

With the threat to the family, Allan and Zoë told Sara to wear her gun anywhere she went outside of Serenity Acres, except when she was at school. The gun scans at the doorways combined with the bodyguard Sara would have in the coming days assured her safety while in class.

Dr. Garland, the principal of Sara's school was less than pleased that armed men and women would be following three of her students around for the last two weeks of the school year but acquiesced when told of the situation.

Zoë's status as the police chief assured the schools board's cooperation. The primary school was similarly concerned about the bodyguard issue but accepted it as well.

Leaving the store, they quickly stopped for ice cream on the way home. Allan and Zoë doing their best to keep as normal a home life as they could.

When they got home, Zoë and Sara along with Kaylee and Becca began unloading supplies and setting up the extra cots needed for the ten member team.

Allan knew every member of the team on the way to Boros personally. He decided that Marion Vorrasi, Oso's third in command at Blue Sun security and leader of team one would accompany Sara to school.

Oso, being family, would be assigned to his nephew, Jesse while Fred would be with Rachel.

The rest of the assignments would be handled when the team arrived that night. Allan felt that trust between the team and their charges would dictate who would be paired with who. The extra members not assigned to individual children would do patrol of the property and also install additional sensors to the security system.

The immediate needs seen to, Allan, Zoë and Sara had a quiet dinner and settled in to watch a movie. Sara had developed a fondness for the five hundred year old, James Bond series. Tonight they were watching the Living Daylights.

As the three of them settled in with a big bowl of popcorn. One could almost imagine that life was normal. Well, as normal as life could be for anyone associated with the ship called Serenity.


Just before midnight, The Heracles broke atmo over Boros. The sleek ship, the latest Blue Sun designed cutter, was fast, maneuverable and armed to the teeth.

Able to hold her own with anything this side of an Alliance destroyer. Blue Sun Security had three such ships at their disposal. Heracles was the flagship of the small fleet. A bit longer than Serenity, with four thruster pods. She could out turn almost anything flying.

Approaching the New Edmonton docks, the black painted ship was nearly invisible except for her running lights and the glow from her engines. Settling gently onto her landing gear, the powerful ship shut down.

A few minutes later, the ships ramp lowered and two vehicles emerged. Identical black painted hover vans quickly exited the spaceport and headed for Serenity Acres. Each van held five members of the team along with Oso behind the wheel of one and Fred the other.

Equipped with the latest in surveillance systems as well as heavy weapons, anyone who crossed the path of one of the van's or it's passengers, was going to have a very, very bad day.

Fifteen minutes later, the two van's pulled up to the gate at Serenity Acres. Waiting for them were Zoë and Jayne. Opening the gate, the two vehicles entered the property. Zoë and Jayne led the way to the guest house next door to Simon and Kaylee's house. With military precision, the group exited with their gear.

“Oso!” Jayne called as he shook his brother in laws hand.

“No hug fer your baby sis?” Fred admonished.

“Hell no,” Jayne replied as he pulled his sister into a bear hug.

“If I didn't know you two were related, I'd be getting jealous,” Oso chuckled.

“Some planets, that ain't a deterrent,” Zoë remarked as she got a hug from Fred as well.

Jayne and Oso laughed.

“Fred and Oso are bunkin at me an River's,” Jayne announced, “Allan wants Marion at his place and the rest can fight over the beds in the guest house. Fridge and freezer are stocked so grub's not a problem.”

“Oso and Fred are protecting The Cobb kids. Allan wants Marion with Sara. I figure put the women member's of the team with the girls and the men with the boys. Jeff and Sara will be carrying their own guns to and from school but not in class,” Zoë said.

“Works for me Zoë,” Marion Vorrasi replied. “Israel, I want you with Jeff Reynolds. Lisa, you're with Emma. Olivia, with Rebecca,” The team leader said to her tech specialist, “Victor, you're with Jack Tam,” She finished.

“Good choices,” Oso commented, “I want the perimeter checked before you hit your racks... Those not assigned are on overwatch... Marion, you're with me and Fred... let's go talk to the boss.”

Zoë led Fred and Oso across the courtyard to her and Allan's house while Jayne headed inside to his own home. Upon entering, they joined Allan in his study. With the door closed, the room was sound proof and Allan swept it for listening devices once a week.

“Hello all,” Allan said as the group entered. Allan heartily shook Oso's hand a got a hug from Fred. The couple was family even though they worked for Allan. Marion Vorrasi got a hug from the boss as well.

“Everyone, please sit down,” Allan asked. Oso and Fred took a seat on the sofa while Marion sat in the armchair. Zoë perched on the corner of Allan's desk. The CEO of Blue Sun sat heavily in his desk chair.

“The situation is pretty much the same as it was when I waved,” Allan began, “Other then Eddie Buford is expected to make a full recovery.”

“Has he been able to say anything?” Oso asked.

“Not yet,” Zoë replied, “He's still in and out. Maybe tomorrow if we're lucky.”

“What's the plan?” Fred asked.

“I'll have a marked car detailed to each school,” Zoë stated, “One team member with each kid. I want you dressed in casual clothes. Try to blend in best you can. The school's know what you're there for. They're not happy but that's their problem.”

“Any specific threat?” Marion asked.

“Nothing definite,” Allan replied, “Badger heard a few rumbles about someone wanting to know where we live. I'm making a wild guess that this might be the start of a kidnapping plot. Not pro's though. Mercenaries either wouldn't have shot Eddie or if they did, they would have made him and his car disappear.”

“I agree,” Marion said.

“Guest room is made up for you Marion, Sara's usually up by six thirty at the latest.”

“Thanks boss.”


Sara swatted at the snooze button on her alarm clock. When the noise stopped , she snuggled back into bed. Her hopes of sleeping in another ten minutes were dashed when she felt a wet sloppy tongue belonging to Sam slurp across her face.

“Gorramit Sammy,” She groused, not opening her eyes yet, “Make yourself useful and go eat Becca's cat or something.”

Sam whined and thumped his tail on the floor.

“Fine.” Sara huffed as she crawled out of bed. Opening her bedroom door, Sam made a beeline for his dog door in the kitchen, “For what daddy paid for that animal, you'd think he could open a door,” Sara muttered to herself as she headed for her bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, showered and dressed, Sara headed downstairs. She could smell food cooking. Knowing it was too early for her father to be up and since her mother had trouble making toast, Sara cautiously poked her head around the corner to see who was in the kitchen...

“Marion!” she cried upon seeing the dark haired security specialist.

“Mornin kiddo,” Marion Vorrasi replied. She was usually assigned as Sara's bodyguard/babysitter whenever the family was on Londonium. Sara and Marion acted more like sisters than bodyguard/protectee.

“I didn't know you were coming.”

“You only deserve the best mei-mei,” Marion replied.

“Now that you're here you can help me with something.”

“What's that kiddo?”

“Can you shoot my history teacher?”

“No!” Allan exclaimed as he entered the room.

“Rough her up then?”

Allan shot his daughter a venomous look. Sara pouted while Marion chuckled. Sam blew in through his dog door. Marion threw the big german shepherd a sausage link as he trotted by. Sam caught it in the air, not even breaking stride as he moved to Sara's side.

“You're gonna spoil that dog you know,” Allan chuckled as he grabbed a strip of bacon and gave half to Sam.

“Like you're not daddy.”

“You didn't have to make breakfast Marion,” Allan commented.

“I was hungry and I know Zoë can't make toast...”

“Yes I can,” Zoë said as she entered, already dressed for work.

“Burnt toast,” Sara muttered as she dug into her eggs.

Zoë gave Sara a stern look. Marion giggled.

“You guys haven't changed in the six months since I last saw you,” She commented, “Except for Sara. You're becoming a beautiful young woman there kiddo. You must be beating the boys off with a stick.”

“I wish,” Sara muttered.

“What's wrong, Sara?” Marion asked.


Zoë sighed, “Most of the kids around here are either Asian or Caucasian.”

“Oh,” Marion replied, getting the hint.

“They all think I'm a freak.”

“You're just a rare gem, Sara.”

“I don't look like any of the other kids, I'm smarter than almost all of them, and I can kick all of their pi-gu's...”

“Sara...” Zoë started to say.

“And I don't have anyone to take me to the end of the year formal!”

“Ah, ha. The true problem is revealed,” Allan observed.

“Maybe I should go to Shinon and become a companion like aunt Inara...”

Allan nearly spit his coffee across the breakfast bar. Coughing he tried to catch his breath.

“Easy dear,” Zoë said chuckling and patting Allan's back.

“That's it, no more hanging out with aunt 'Nara,” Allan choked out between coughs.

Sara began to giggle at her father.

“When is the dance?” Marion asked.

“Friday night.”

“At the school?”

“In the gym.”

“That's workable for the team,” Marion mused, “I take it Jeff and Becca are going?”

“I think so,” Sara replied.

“No problem then.”

“Except I still don't have a date,” Sara reiterated.

“So you go stag and knock em' dead with the dress you'll be wearing.”

“What dress...”

“The one we're buying you after school today,” Marion smiled.

Allan groaned,” What... you two think I'm made of money?”

“You're the president and CEO of the largest corporation in the 'verse dear. I think the answer to that question is yes,” Zoë said in mock seriousness.

“Fine I know I'm outnumbered here,” Allan grumped. As Sara went back to her breakfast Allan shot Zoë a small smile. Crisis averted, he thought.


Zoë drove Sara and Marion to school. Followed discreetly by one of the black hover van's the team brought with them. One would be parked near each of the schools.

Simon drove Jesse, Rachel, Jack and Emma to the primary school while River brought Becca and Jeff with her to the high school. The younger kids bodyguards following in the hover van detailed to the primary school.

The older Serenity kids got strange looks from the other students as they were followed around by what was soon termed, the goon squad. An ironic title since Jeff's guard, Israel was smaller than his charge by about thirty pounds and five inches. The small man was no pushover. As a former Alliance special forces soldier, Israel Schneider was as deadly as they came. Olivia Little, despite being nearly thirty years old, looked more like a fellow student as she followed Becca Tam around. The wiry blond was the security team's tech expert. No shy wallflower, Olivia had black belts in three disciplines and had been a fed working the streets of Persephone.

Marion Vorrasi, was a contradiction. Tall and athletic, friendly and open, she exuded competence from her pores. Ferociously protective of Sara, she was also perhaps the girls best friend outside of the Serenity kids. However threaten one of her charges and whomever made the threat would regret it. Usually with permanent results.

The school day progressed without incident. As school let out, Allan came by to pick up Sara and Marion. Allan wanted final veto on the dress Sara would wear to the formal on Friday. Marion chuckled at Allan's severe case of over protective father syndrome.

Pulling up to the New Edmonton Mall, in the old hover truck. Allan found a good parking spot and powered the vehicle down. Walking the short distance to the entrance, Marion and Sara chatted while Allan made sure he had his bank card handy. He knew he'd need it soon.

Three stores and a surprisingly small number of bags later, Sara led Marion and her father into the most upscale clothing store in the mall. The store owned by Inara Serra-Reynolds.

Inara's establishment catered to both men and women and Allan was a frequent customer himself when he needed business attire. Sara of course knew every inch of her Aunt's store and dragged Marion off to the formal dress section. Allan plopped himself down in a chair near the front counter. A moment later, a delicate hand appeared in front of his face holding a cup of tea. He didn't even have to look up to see who it was.

“Thanks, Inara,” Allan replied as he took the cup.

“You're welcome,” the former companion smiled. Taking a seat next to her friend she gave Allan a long look. “You look troubled Allan.”

“My little girl is growing up.”

Inara giggled, “Just wait till Emma is Sara's age. Mal will be following her everywhere... with a gun.”

Allan chuckled at the mental image of a teenaged Emma on a date followed by a scowling and heavily armed Mal Reynolds. “I guess I'm not so bad.”

“No you're not,” Inara agreed, “Besides, I think Emma is sweet on Jack.”

“That will go over well,” Allan observed, “How many times has Mal threatened to shoot Simon over the years...”

Inara giggled again, “He'll get over it. We seem to be so... self contained. It is probably inevitable that at least some of the kids would be sweet on each other at some point in their lives.”

“True,” Allan admitted.

“I know Jeff thinks Sara is pretty...” Inara trailed off.

Allan shot her a look, “You aren't playing matchmaker again are you Inara?”

“Heavens no Allan,” Inara smiled, “But I must admit I'm pretty good at it.”

“Me and Zoë don't count,” Allan grumbled.

“Nonsense, You two took a three pronged attack.”


Kaylee, River and myself.”

“In that case I admit you did a good job then,” Allan smiled.

“Of course. Just like the job you and Zoë are doing with Sara. She has so much potential to be a spoiled... brat.”

“Are you referring to a certain teenaged red head who lives on Belepheron?” Allan asked. Knowing Inara was speaking about Durin Haymer's daughter Bridgett.

Durin and his wife had conceived Bridgett shortly after Allan and Durin had taken over Blue Sun. Yolanda/Saffron/Bridget was a thief and con woman. Trained as a companion, she had lied, stolen and cheated her way across the 'verse. In the process had tricked Mal into marrying her and later had conspired with him to steal an antique laser pistol from Durin. However under her alias of Yolanda, Yosafbrig as Mal called her, had married Durin years previously.

Yolanda, in one of her schemes to escape her husband Durin, had propositioned Allan in a bar. Thus started the path that lead back to Allan retaking his company.

Yolanda had a troubled pregnancy and despite the efforts of the finest doctors on the planet, Yolanda died in childbirth. Durin was devastated. Kept going only by the daughter Yolanda had given him.

Bridgett, was a stunning girl. Truly her mother's daughter in looks. She took after her father personality wise for the most part but since Durin doted on his little girl, she had become a bit whiny and spoiled.

Unfortunately, Sara and Bridgett got along well whenever they two girls were together. Allan thought it ironic that Durin named his daughter with one of the many aliases his wife had used.

Allan was shook from his reminiscences by a shrill squeal from Sara across the store. Jumping to his feet, expecting trouble, Allan instead found his daughter admiring herself in a full length mirror. The squeal resulting from her delight at the dress she was wearing.

A deep copper color, the strapless floor length gown complemented her toffee skin tone and red tinged curls perfectly. The tight bodice accentuated Sara's developing bust.

“Sara, thats perfect,” Inara remarked, “I knew that dress would be the one you would pick out when I ordered it.”

“You planned this?” Allan asked.

“Of course. As soon as I saw it on the cortex, I ordered it for Sara. Why do you think it fits her so well?”

“You are a sneaky woman Inara.”

I think I have something here for you as well Marion,” Inara said, “I know you will be escorting Sara. This dress allows the easy concealment of a firearm,” Inara finished as she showed an indigo blue dress to the bodyguard.

“I suppose that's going on your expense account,” Allan muttered.

“Glad you approve boss,” Marion replied, “Makes it so much easier with accounting.”

Sara bit her lip, “What do you think daddy?”

Allan took a long look at his daughter. The dress showed a bit more cleavage than he was comfortable with, but he had to admit. His daughter was simply stunning. And that was with Sara's hair in her usual ponytail and no makeup. After Inara finished with her as Allan knew she would. Sara would truly knock them dead. He was glad that Marion would be with her at the dance. A gun might come in handy.

A smile came across Allan's face. “Princess, I think you are beautiful.”

“Thank you daddy,” Sara beamed. Marion gave her boss a discrete thumbs up.

“Hurry up and get changed, Mom's gonna be wanting dinner when she gets home from work,” Allan told his daughter.

Sara nodded and quickly entered the changing room. Allan turned to Inara, “Can you get that dress in black satin and Zoë's size?”

“Of course Allan,” Inara replied with a slight smile.

“Good,” Allan replied with a smile of his own.



Tuesday, October 7, 2008 2:10 AM


I bet Inara's already got the dress ordered and out the back! Good stuff - just enough tension to go with the fluffy.


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