Heritage - Chapter 9
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bryant's arrive on Londonium, Sara get's to fly, The kidnappers plot and we find out what Reggie and Alisha have been doing.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This story is set fifteen years into the future from my current storyline “Big Blue”.


Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 51 Inara Serra-Reynolds 44 Allan Bryant 68 Zoë Bryant 48 Simon Tam 43 Kaylee Tam 40 Jayne Cobb 52 River Cobb 36 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 15 Emma Reynolds 10 Sara Bryant 14 Rebecca Tam 15 John (Jack) Tam 11 Rachel Cobb 8 Jesse Cobb 6

Heritage-Chapter Nine


Allan awoke stiffly. His back reminding him that he was in the bunk he and Zoë shared on Serenity and not his bed at home on Boros. Allan was still in great shape for a man of his age. Nearing seventy years old, he counted his blessings. After nearly being killed a number of times due to violence or accidents, Allan was amazed every morning he woke up. Of course not many men his age woke up every morning next to a beautiful, chocolate skinned amazon warrior woman who made him feel like a teenager.

Allan rolled onto his side and studied his wife's back. Her dark skin still taught over her muscles. The almost invisible scar along her spine from the Reaver blade that could have killed her even before they had met.

Allan noted the slight wisps of gray in his wife's curly hair. Zoë was nearly fifty now but she still looked like a woman ten years younger. Her libido hadn't decreased over the years which Allan was convinced, kept his own vigor strong.

Zoë stirred and looked over her shoulder at her husband, “You starin at my back again baby?”

“Yup,” Allan smiled.

“What is it with my back?”

“It's your sexiest part... “

“It is huh?”

“Well your back and maybe a bit south of there,” Allan grinned.

“Like my backside huh?”

“Among other things... The total package however... is exquisite.”

“Mm' hmm,” Zoë muttered, “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“Wait till you see the dress I got you for the ball tomorrow night,” Allan grinned.

“You got me a dress?”


“I shudder to think...”

“Relax, you know the dress Sara wore to the formal?”


“Just like that... in black silk. It will match my tux perfectly, not to mention matching our daughter.”

Zoë smiled, “I reckon Inara ordered it?”

“Of course, I am a genius you know,” Allan snickered.

“Knew I married you for a reason,” Zoë giggled.


“I have Bryant's tentative schedule for the next week,” Rafe said to his cousin.

“Good. I knew getting you that security job at Blue Sun would come in handy, Joseph replied.

“Yeah. Should be arriving around 18:00 tonight. Usually has dinner at his sister-in-law's restaurant first thing. He has meetings tomorrow followed by the Governors Ball. His kid usually goes shopping the the third day. That's when I think it will be the best time to hit em'.”

“I agree. Lull em' into a false sense of security then bang. We'll be rolling in money.”

“Got the ship all set Joe?” Rafe asked.

“Yep, all fueled and hidden in the countryside. No land lock that way. I got the cell all prepped in the hold.”

“Good. Soon as we prep the weapons, we'll be set. Just need to wait till the right time.


“Okay River, we're all set to launch,” Allan said over the com.

“You're clear Allan,” The pilot replied.

Smoothly pulling shuttle two clear of Serenity, Allan pointed the small ship in the direction of Londonium, looming large in the window. It was a short three hour run to New London.

Allan glanced at Zoë in the co-pilot's seat. She nodded and stood up. Moving to the rear of the cabin. She found Sara playing a video game on the small hand held game system she used. Zoë smiled when she saw the holographic projection hanging in front of her daughter. Sara was playing a flight simulator game involving jet fighter planes from Earth that was. Her favorite plane in the game was one called the Joint Strike Fighter. The same kind of plane her great grandfather flew. Sam lay snoozing in the corner.

Zoë cleared her throat. Sara hit pause and looked at her mother.

“Think I'll be getting my entry and landing on the trip back... get yer pi-gu into the cockpit. Your father is gonna give you a lesson,” Zoë smiled.

With a squeal of glee, Sara jumped up and kissed her mother on the cheek before heading to the shuttle's small bridge. Sara plopped herself into the vacant co-pilots chair, “Thank you daddy.”

“Your welcome princess,” Allan smiled, “ETA is two hours forty minutes. I want you to calculate the proper entry speed and angles for planet fall.”

“Yes daddy,” Sara replied as she bent over the navsat computer. “Done,” Sara announced.

“That was quick,” Allan said as he looked at the data. A smile crept across his lips, “Perfect kiddo.”

“Thanks, daddy.”

“Take it off autopilot for a while. No aerobatics, just follow the course. Keep an eye out for traffic.”

“Yes daddy,” Sara replied, her concentration now on the instruments in front of her.

Allan leaned back in his chair, a smile on his face. His daughter was a natural pilot. Just like her father, grand parents, great grandfather and beyond. Bryant's had been flying since World War Two.

“Be back in a minute,” Allan said. Sara just nodded. Rising from his chair, Allan moved to the rear of the cabin where Zoë sat on the small sofa, reading a book.

“How's she doing?” Zoë asked.

“Great. Before long she's gonna put me out of a piloting job.”

“Not that you need more to do anyway.”

“True. I was thinking, Her birthday is coming up in six months...She'll be fifteen then...”

“No.” Zoë said, cutting her husband off.

“You didn't even hear what I was gonna say.”

“Some harebrained scheme I'm thinkin.”

“Nope, just a little father daughter project. I want to build an airplane.”

“A what?” Zoë exclaimed.

“An airplane. A simple one. I have the plans to build a replica of the plane I learned to fly in.”

“I don't know. Airplanes are a bit outdated dear. Museum pieces.”

“I know. Everything is anti grav this, anti grav that. I want her to know how to fly something that requires feeling how a wing moves through the air. Not how much power to feed to a grav drive.”

Zoë knew she wasn't going to win this one, “Fine. Just make sure you can't kill either of you in the contraption.”

“I'll install an anti grav recovery system dear.”



“Go ahead,” Allan encouraged.

Sara keyed the com, “Londonium Orbital Control, This is shuttle two from the firefly transport Serenity. Request entry and vectors to the Blue Sun pads, New London,” She said confidently.

“Serenity shuttle two,” replied the voice on the com, “Cleared as requested, follow the vectors on your navsat. Welcome to Londonium.”

“Follow vector's. Thanks control, good day,” Sara clicked off the com.

Allan was beaming, “Perfect.”

“That's my girl,” Zoë said from the doorway.

Sara blushed a bit, “Thanks.”

“Okay kiddo, showtime. Let's see if you can get us on the ground in one piece.”

“Daddy!” Sara exclaimed.

“Just fly girl o' mine. Just fly.”

Sara flew the reentry nearly flawlessly. Allan could only marvel at his little girl. If she got any better, she would rival her old man or River. Dropping through the overcast skies, the City of New London spread before them. Turning to the north, Sara flew the shuttle lower. Soon the huge manufacturing complex belonging to Blue Sun became visible. Flaring the tiny ship, Sara landed without a bobble.

Allan's grin went from ear to ear, “That's my girl. Run the shutdown sequence.” Sara nodded.

Outside, a ground limousine was approaching. When the large vehicle stopped in front of the shuttle, Oso, Marion and Fred stepped out of the rear seat.

Zoë opened the hatch and stepped out first, followed by Allan and Sara. The teenager holding Sam's leash. A ground crewman retrieved their luggage and placed it in the limo.

Allan shook Oso's hand while Zoë got a hug from Fred. Marion gave Sara a hug as well.

“We all set?” Allan asked his chief of security.

“All set boss,” Oso replied, “No threats on the board.”

“Good, Maybe this was a fluke... or after shooting Eddie, they got scared.”

“I hope so boss. But in the meantime, I've doubled the security on your family. Durin's as well.”

“When is he arriving?”

“Later tonight. He and Bridget will be attending the ball tomorrow night.”

“Good, come on, I'm hungry for my sister-in-law's cooking.”

“Let's go then.”

Marion took Sam's leash and led the german shepherd to another ground car. She was on dog sitting duty for the night. Sam was very distrustful of strangers but considered Marion part of his family.


The limo made it's way through the early evening New London traffic. Two SUV like ground cars accompanied the limo. Oso wasn't taking any chances. Soon the small convoy reached their destination. An upscale restaurant called 'Alisha's'.

Stepping quickly from the limo the Bryant's entered the restaurant. Oso and Fred taking up posts inside the door.

The hostess, smiled as the family entered. The Bryant's were old friends, “Allan, Zoë... Sara? Is that you girl? You're prettier than I remember.”

“Hello Audra,” Allan smiled, “Where's Andy?”

“In the kitchen helping Alisha,” the woman replied, “Your table is ready. I'll take you there.

Allan smiled at Audra Baer. She and her twin brother had come a long way from being Academy trained assassins. Now, Audra was hostess and manager of Alisha's. Her twin brother Andy, served as Sous Chef. They also did some side work for Oso from time to time. No sense wasting highly trained sharpshooters when you need a few.

As the trio was led to their table, the other diners whispered back and forth. Allan was still quite the celebrity on Londonium. Before they could sit down, the restaurant's owner and executive chef entered from the kitchen, A wide smile on her face, Alisha O'Leary waddled over to her family. Alisha was very, very pregnant.

“Zoë!” Alisha called as she hugged her big sister.

“What am I? Chopped liver?” Allan teased.

“Never Allan, Ground beef at least,” Alisha chuckled as she hugged her brother-in-law, “And Sara, come here and hug your aunt,”

“Not sure if I can reach around you Aunt Alisha,” Sara giggled.

“Hush girl,” Alisha giggled as she hugged her niece.

“When are you due mei-mei?” Zoë asked as the group sat down.

“About five weeks to go,” Alisha replied as she wedged herself into a chair.

“Where's Uncle Reggie?” Sara asked.

“On his way from work sweetie. Your father works him too hard.”

“I do not,” Allan mock protested. Reggie O'Leary, formally Michaels, was Alisha's husband. They had met when Reggie and Oso were feds and assigned as Allan's bodyguards. Alisha was the cook on Serenity.

After being injured protecting Allan, Reggie had been forced to retire from the military. Now the former Major was Blue Sun's head of public relations.

“So, what's on the menu tonight? I'm starved,” Allan said.

“I made your favorite Allan.”

“You are the best sister-in-law...”

“Just remember that,” Alisha said, “I best waddle myself back to the kitchen before Andy wonders where I've run off to.”

“How's he doing?” Zoë asked.

“Great. When I go on maternity leave, he and Audra will be running the place for a while. Couldn't be in better hands.”

“Good,” Allan smiled. Remembering how close he had been to shooting the twins after Reggie's father had sent them to kill him and River all those years ago on Deadwood.

With effort, Alisha stood up and headed for the kitchen, stopping briefly to chat with a few of her other customers on the way.

Alisha had opened the restaurant shortly after she and Reggie had married. With seed money from Allan, Alisha's had grown to be one of the more popular eateries in New London. Most nights, reservations were required and had to be booked weeks in advance for Friday or Saturday nights.

Halfway through dinner, Reggie entered. Shaking hands with Oso who stood at the entrance of the dining room. A smile on his face, the tall red head made his way to Allan's table.

“Sorry I'm late. Had to get the press kit done for the stockholders meeting,” he said as he sat down.

“No problem Reg,” Allan grinned as he shook the younger man's hand. Reggie's grip was firm. In part to his prosthetic right arm. Allan had designed the limb to substitute for the arm Reggie lost saving Allan's life.

Leaning over, Reggie kissed Zoë and then Sara on the cheek,” Getting tall there kiddo. And more beautiful every time I see you.”

Sara blushed.

“Any boys I need to read the riot act to yet?” Reggie teased.

Sara blushed more and looked down at her plate, “Maybe.”

Zoë chuckled while Allan grinned.

“Who's the lucky fella?”

“Jeff,” Sara said quietly.

“Jeff? As in Jeff Reynolds?” Reggie asked wide eyed.

“One and the Same,” Zoë replied.

“Guess I can't shoot him then.”

“Nope, I already wanted to,” Allan chuckled. Sara shot him an evil glare.

The group began laughing, Sara joining them.


Allan awoke the next morning a bit reluctantly. Being on Londonium meant he had to go to the office. He hated going to the office. With a grumble, Allan climbed out of bed and made his way to the bathroom.

As their usual custom, They stayed in the presidential suite of the New London Hilton. Allan thought it funny since the Hotel had nothing to do with the Hilton family from earth that was and in fact was owned by Blue Sun. Someone thought that since Hilton was a name well established with hotels, they should continue the practice in the new 'verse.

Zoë grinned when she saw her husband emerge from the bathroom, dressed in one of his rarely worn suits. Allan was a jeans and t-shirt man if there ever was one. However, She did like how Allan looked all dressed up.

Seeing that she was awake, Allan sat on the edge of the bed, “So whats on your agenda today?”

“Seein as I'm on vacation,” Zoë grinned, “I figure Sara an me'll lounge around the pool this mornin, hit the spa in the afternoon and then get ready for the ball.”

“A truly busy day,” Allan chuckled, “All I have are department head meetings this morning then the board this afternoon.”

“Gonna eat with us?” Zoë asked.

“No time, Breakfast meeting at eight. I'll be back about four.”

“Okay baby, love you.”

Allan kissed Zoë, “Love you too.”

Allan left the bedroom and made his way across the main room of the suite. Quietly he opened the door to Sara's room.

As usual, Sara was sprawled across the top of the covers in the sweats and t-shirt she wore as pajamas. Sam curled up beside her. The big german shepherd thumped his tail on the bed.

“Good boy Sam,” Allan said quietly. Closing the door, Allan made is way to the main door to the suite. Opening it, Allan nearly bumped into Oso as he stood outside.

“Mornin boss,” Oso said cheerily.

“Mornin Oso. All set to head to the office?”

“We are,” the big man said as he handed Allan the morning paper. As they headed for the lifts, they passed Marion dressed in casual clothes.

“Mornin Marion,” Allan said.

“Hey boss, gonna take Sam for his walk.”

“He's in Sara's room. See if you can jump start her would ya?”

“Do my best.” Allan heard her say as the lift doors closed.

Downstairs, Allan and Oso piled into the limo and started for the office. It was a short ride across downtown to the spire like building that was Blue Sun headquarters. Pulling into the executive parking garage, Allan was deposited in front of the express lift that would take him to the 208th floor executive offices.

Exiting the lift, Allan was met by his executive secretary, Edwyna Butterfil.

“Good morning Mr. Bryant,” The short brunette said in greeting. Handing her boss a stack of data disks

“Morning Eddie,” Allan replied with a smile. The true power at Blue Sun rested with Edwyna. She acted as his mouthpiece at meetings and made sure her boss was kept in the loop. Allan trusted her with everything.

Allan entered his office and sat in his chair. Powering up the cortex screen and computer display built into the surface of his desk, Allan began to get acquainted with his schedule for the day.

“Anything pressing?” He asked as Edwyna entered.

“Not at the moment Allan,” She replied. In the outer offices She called him Mr. Bryant. Behind closed doors, first names were used. “The department heads will be here in about twenty minutes. Food services are setting up the breakfast in the boardroom now.”

“Good,” Allan replied, “Try to find me a hole in my schedule for Orville Potts this afternoon.”

“From R&D?”

“Yes. I have a private project I want him to work on.”

“Very good Allan, I can fit him in after the board meeting.”

“That works. If you don't mind, I think I'll read the paper until the department heads get here.

“You got it Allan.”


Oso walked into the uniformed security office at Blue Sun headquarters, “Mornin Mike,” He said to the head of the uniformed security department.

“Hey Oso. What can I do you for?”

“Need some warm bodies. Weapons certified. Military experience preferred.”

“What's up?”

“Running a bit thin with all the VIP's in town. Keeping the teams on the primary's but need some extras for the families.”

“I got a few I can spare.”

“Who's your best shot?”

“Probably Rafe Wing. New to the company but has some police experience. Originally from Persephone. Seems pretty solid.”

“Have him report to me tomorrow morning seven AM. I'll team him with Marion on the Boss' daughters detail. Tell him to wear a suit.

“Got it Oso. Anyone else?”

“I need four more. Pick you best and send em' to me at eight.”

“No problem.”

Unknown to the two men, they had just assigned one of the people after Sara to her own protection detail.



Wednesday, October 15, 2008 9:43 PM


Can't wait to see Allan teaching Sara to fly the plane they're going to build. I am curious, though. Because this is future-fic, it tends to give away what is happening in your other fic. Or is this AU future?


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