Big Blue -- Chapter 20
Monday, October 20, 2008

Reggie is in surgery. Allan realizes that he's now free from the threats to his and River's lives. As things wind down, there's still a final wedding to be planned.


Big Blue Chapter 20


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Allan. He's mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.

This story takes place three years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/Allan and Jayne/River. Follows immediately after Out to the Blue.


A/N: Getting close to the conclusion folks, Still more to come though.

Thanks again Chris for the Beta.


Big Blue


Chapter Twenty – Surgery


“We're loosing him,” Simon said, “Ten of epinephrine,” He ordered the paramedic.

The paramedic pushed the drug into Reggie's IV, his blood pressure immediately jumped.

It was tight in the back of the flying ambulance. Allan was at Reggie's head intubating him. Oso handing him equipment as needed. Simon and the Paramedic worked on containing the bleeding. Reggie Michaels was in bad shape.

With a slight bump, The ambulance alighted on the pad outside Capital City General's ER.

Quickly Reggie was moved inside to the busy department. As Reggie was moved to a treatment bed, the attending surgeon strode to the bedside.

“What do we have?” The doctor asked.

Before the Paramedics could speak, Simon gave his report, “Twenty eight year old male, struck by a high energy laser distal to the right shoulder. Explosive amputation. He's had two liters of saline, ten of epinephrine. Intubated and on a vent. I got most of the bleeders with a laser cauterizer. Pressure is eighty over forty, pulse one twenty...”

“And who the hell are you?” The attending demanded, not looking at Simon's face.

“Hi Terry.”

“Simon?” the attending nearly squeaked as he recognized his former colleague and friend, “What... how?”

“Tell you later.”

The attending shook his head for a moment then nodded. After a quick exam of the patient, Dr. Terry Hong's face grew grim, “Simon? Still got your license?”

“I do,” Simon replied.

“Scrub up. I'm going to need help on this one.”

Simon shot his friend a quick smile and nodded.

In the corner, Allan took a deep breath as Reggie was wheeled away to surgery. Suddenly his legs felt weak, he plopped himself down on a nearby stool.

“Allan, you okay?” Oso asked.

Allan nodded, “I'm okay. Adrenaline is wearing off.” Allan reached up to the side of his face, feeling the slight warmness from where the laser beam that struck Reggie just missed his head.

Looking down at himself, Allan saw that his clothes were soaked with Reggie's blood. He needed to change.

“Sir?” asked one of the paramedics. He had noticed Allan was looking at the blood on his clothing.

“Yes?” Allan replied.

“You can change back here. I've got some scrubs you can change into.”

“Thanks son,” Allan replied with a wan smile.

As the medic led Allan and Oso to the locker room, the engineer looked around. The old familiar sights and sound of an ER came flooding back to him. He still felt comfortable in a place like this.

After a quick shower and changing into scrubs, Oso led Allan to the surgical waiting area. The women of Serenity were waiting for them. Zoë moved to her husband and pulled him into a hug.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Allan nodded. He looked to where Alisha was sitting, tears on her face, Kaylee and Inara doing their best to comfort her. Regan was conferring with a hospital representative while River, still carrying Reggie's gun, stood watch over the group with Oso.

“Where's the doc?” Zoë asked.

“In surgery, the attending is an old friend. Wanted Simon to assist.”

“That's good,” Zoë said blankly. Her eyes moved over to her sister and then back to Allan, “Hows...”

“He's bad. Lost a lot of blood... I don't know.”

Alisha noticed that Allan was in the room. Pulling away from Inara and Kaylee, she moved to Allan, “How is he?” She asked through her tears.

“In surgery, mei-mei,” Allan replied as he pulled his sister-in-law into a hug, “Simon's helping work on him.”

That news alone seemed to bolster Alisha.

“It's going to be a while, why don't you go and sit with Inara and Kaylee. I'll let you know as soon as I know anything.”

“Thanks ge-ge.”

Zoë kissed Allan's cheek,” You know how much I love you?” she whispered.

“Not as much as I love you,” Allan replied in kind.

“Allan?” Regan asked as she approached with the hospital representative in tow, “This is Reena Paynter, she is the deputy director of administration.”

“Pleased to meet you Ms. Paynter.”

“I just wanted to assure you that we are at your disposal.”

“Thank you,” Allan replied. Taking a deep breath Allan looked the administrator in the eye, “I'm paying for everything. Reggie gets the best.”

“I'm sure the Alliance military will...”

Zoë's snort cut her off, “I've seen what the Alliance medical plan has done for soldiers who lost limbs.”

“I'm sure...”

“Doesn't matter,” Allan said, cutting the woman off, “Whatever he needs, cost is not an option.”

“This could get expensive if he survives.”

“I'm the new President and CEO of Blue Sun... I think I can afford it. Reggie saved my life. It's the very least I can do. Besides, he's dating my sister-in-law. Reggie's family.”

“I'll see to it myself.”



Gabriel drove Mal and Jayne to the hospital. The three men found the rest of their families in the waiting area. Mal gave Oso an encouraging pat on the shoulder as he entered.

“Any news?” Mal asked as he approached Zoë and Allan.

“Nothin yet sir,” Zoë replied.

“Where's the doc?” Jayne asked, not seeing his brother-in-law.

“Helping work on Reggie,” Allan answered.

“How long do you think it will be,” inquired Gabriel.

“Not sure. They've been in there almost two hours now. Depends on what they can do. I doubt the limb is salvageable.” Allan said. His fury just barely under control.

“Got a wave from Reggie's boss. Col. Mason's on the way here. Should arrive late tomorrow. Till then, Oso's in charge. Got a whole platoon o' feds keepin an eye on us.” Mal said quietly.

“I guess we just wait,” Allan said with a sigh.

Three hours later, Simon entered followed by his friend, Dr. Terry Hong. Both surgeons looked tired and haggard. Simon knelt in front of Alisha. Kaylee hugged the younger woman.

“Simon?” Alisha asked, her eyes red and wet.

“He's alive Alisha. But I'm not going to sugar coat this. Reggie was hurt very badly. He lost a significant amount of blood. There is a possibility that his kidneys will shut down from the shock. If that happens it most likely will be temporary.”

“What about his arm?” Alisha sniffled.

Simon's face fell, “The arm was too damaged to try and reattach. We couldn't save it. Also Reggie has some internal injuries from the concussion. His right lung is bruised and he has some burns on that side,” Simon finished.

“Prognosis, Simon?” Allan asked as Alisha began to cry anew.

“Still a bit in the air. As long as his pressure stays up and there's no major renal failure. He will recover.”

Zoë sat next to her sister and did her best to comfort her. Kaylee stood and hugged her husband. A quick kiss followed.

Simon's friend looked at him in shock. He'd never even known Simon to date regularly. Let alone have a pretty girl kiss him.

Simon turned to his friend, “Terry, this is my wife Kaylee.”

“Looks like you've been busy the last three years Simon,” Terry said with a smile, “I'm pleased to meet you Kaylee.”

“Likewise,” Kaylee replied.


A few hours later, Alisha was led to Reggie's room with Zoë for moral support. Gabriel took everyone but Allan and Simon out to an early dinner at a local restaurant. Oso stayed behind as his primary duty still lie in protecting Allan.

While Alisha stood vigil next to Reggie's bedside, Simon, Allan and Terry Hong spoke quietly in the hall.

“Will he be able to be fitted with a prosthetic?” Allan asked.

“Not immediately,” Terry answered, “It will be a few months before the stump will be ready to accept a prosthetic. Additional surgeries will be needed as well depending on the type fitted.”

Allan nodded, “Top of the line, best and most capable available.”

“That is quite expensive. I'm not sure the Alliance will pay for a high end artificial arm.” Terry replied.

Allan saw a slight grin on Simon's face, “Cost isn't a question here,” Allan said, “I'm paying.”

Terry nodded, “Won't be cheap.”

“I think Allan can afford it,” Simon said with a knowing smile.

“Who makes the top of the line model?”

“Off the top of my head? I guess Med Technologies or Blue Sun Medical. The Blue Sun unit is more customizable.”

Allan smiled, “That makes it even easier.”

“How is that?” the young surgeon asked.

“I run Blue Sun.”


Over the next few days, Reggie slowly awoke. Due to the deep shock he had gone into, his doctors were afraid he might have suffered brain damage. All during this time, Alisha hardly left his side. Allan, Zoë, Kaylee, River and Reagan did their best to make sure took care of herself. As soon as the Major was awake, everyone visited him as often as they could.

After consultations with Mal, it was decided that they would be staying on Osiris until Reggie was fit to travel. Mal wasn't about to leave crew behind. In his mind, Alliance officer or not, Reggie was crew.

Realizing they had at least two months of downtime and after talking with the crew. Mal decided to ground Serenity for her refit. The ship was moved to the Allied Spacecraft Corporation Yard in New Burbank on Osiris.

After some research it was found that this was the same yard that had built Serenity nearly forty years previously. Mal, Zoë, Allan and Kaylee, went over what was to be done to the ship during the refit.

Kaylee was unsure about leaving her girl in someone else's hands for over two months. Mal agreed to let her and Allan keep shuttle two available to fly between Capital City and New Burbank so they could periodically check on the work.

The crew was invited to move into the Tam estate during their time on Osiris.

Two weeks into their stay, Mal and Inara announced that they would be wed as soon as Reggie was well enough to attend the wedding. Instead of Shinon, the ceremony would be held at the Tam's home.

Allan spent a great deal of time on the cortex, getting Blue Sun running the way he wanted. Durin Haymer had recovered from his gunshot wound and had temporarily moved to Londonium to start his new position of Executive Vice President. Madeline Chang accepted her new position as Comptroller.

Allan took a one week trip to Londonium to see to several issues that had cropped up at Blue Sun. Zoë stayed behind on Osiris for Alisha and Reggie. Upon returning, Allan had a newly manufactured, customized prosthetic arm for Reggie.


Allan entered Reggie's hospital room the afternoon he returned from Londonium. As usual, Alisha was there. Surprisingly, so was Col. Mason.

“This a private meeting?” Allan said as he stuck his head through the doorway.

“Come on in,” Reggie said with a smile.

“Hey ge-ge,” Alisa said, smiling as well. Her greeting was followed by a hug.

“Hey Alisha. Good afternoon Col. Mason,” Allan said.

“Mr. Bryant,” The colonel replied.

“Alfreda is here to give me my official walking papers,” Reggie said.


“A full medical discharge with pension.” The colonel said with a slight smile, “I hate to loose him but unfortunately the rules are the rules.”

“I see,” Allan said, “What about Oso?”

“Just pinned his captain's bars on him an hour ago.”

“Good,” Allan said with a smile,” He deserves it.”

“I must apologize again Mr. Bryant. Despite our best efforts, you were nearly killed. More than once.”

“Colonel, this is what happens when too much power is placed in the hands of a government with too few checks and balances. I know it's the system you know and grew up with. I'm saying this as a relative outsider.”

“I appreciate your candor, sir. But we must agree to disagree.”

Allan smiled, “Well said. Anyway, I brought Reggie a present.”

“What's that Allan?” the former major asked.

Allan opened the case he had brought with him. Carefully he removed what looked like an arm. In fact, that's what it was.

“Soon as this is attached, I'll be able to shake your right hand again.”

Reggie looked to be in shock, Alisha beamed at her brother-in-law.

“Allan, I'm not sure what to say...”

“Don't say anything. It's the least I can do. This is the top of the line prosthetic. The docs will have to surgically implant the mount points but once that's done. This arm will give you about eighty five to ninety percent of the function you had before.”

“Dr Hong said that the best prosthetics only restored forty to fifty percent of normal,” Alisha commented.

“True,” Allan admitted, “But that's before your genius brother-in-law, with a little help from River and Kaylee refined the design. Trust me, Reggie will be able to shoot a gun accurately with this piece of hardware. It will take some work to get the nerve/arm interface working properly, but once your brain figures out how to run it, you'll be holding Alisha with ease and even typing.”

The smile on Reggie's face was warm and wide, Alisha just hugged Allan and kissed his cheek. Even colonel Mason looked pleased.

“Besides,” Allan said again, “Gotta be able to dance with Alisha at Mal and Inara's wedding next week.”


After leaving Reggie's new arm with Dr. Hong. Allan made his way downstairs to the hospital lobby. Taking a moment to people watch, Allan realized that for the first time since awakening from cryo, no one was trying to kill him, steal Serenity or hurt someone in his 'family'.

As Allan's eyes wandered around the large lobby, his eyes fell on a very familiar face, Zoë was approaching him. She gave Allan a kiss in greeting.

Pulling apart, Zoë smiled at her husband, “Hello there Mr. Bryant,”

“Hello yourself Mrs. Bryant.”

“How did Reggie like his gift?”

“It totally disarmed him...Ow!” Allan said in mock pain as Zoë cuffed his shoulder in response to his joke.

“Not funny,” She said only half meaning it. It was something Wash probably would have said.

“Come on, I have the burning desire to take my lovely wife out to dinner.”

“Well if you're burnin that bad...”

“Just wait till tonight.”

“I can't wait.”


“Allan, you got a minute?” Mal asked the engineer.

“What's on your mind Mal?” Allan asked as he sat next to the captain on the Tam's rear patio.

“I was wonderin... if maybe you might...”

“Might what Mal?”

“Would you be my best man?” Mal blurted out.

Allan was surprised at the question. He'd only known Mal for about a year. He thought Mal had already asked Simon to stand with him. Realizing the seriousness of the question, Allan replied.

“I'd be honored Mal.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

Inara found Zoë in the Tam's living room, reading a book, “Zoë?”

“Hi Inara,”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“I reckon so.”

“I was wondering if you would return the favor of being my matron-of-honor?”

“Of course. You were there for me. Can't do no less than return the favor like you said.”

“Thank you Zoë.”

“Who's givin you away?”

“My uncle Salah. He's my father's brother. He should arrive tomorrow night.”

“Your ma' coming?”

“She isn't speaking to me as of yet.”

“Her loss. Once the baby comes... I bet she'll change her tune.”

“I hope you're right, Zoë but I doubt it.”


Mal asking Allan to be his best man also left Allan in charge of Mal's bachelor party. Osiris, being a core world had quite a bit to choose from. Luckily Allan's best resource in planning the party was the person who probably knew him best... and this person shared his bed.

“How's the party planning goin baby?” Zoë asked as she sat at the small vanity, brushing her hair before bed.

“So many options,” Allan chuckled, “I'm not sure what to choose.”

“We're taking 'Nara out to a club for her party,” Zoë commented.

“Does Mal like sports? I saw a cortex ad for a big sports pub downtown...”

“Capn' ain't much into sports,” Zoë replied, “Take him and the boys out for a big steak dinner and drinks and I think he'll be more'n happy enough.”

“Thanks hon.”



Monday, October 20, 2008 9:38 PM


Glad Reggie's going to be okay, and look forward to the stag do for the boys! Something is bound to go wrong ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 2:14 AM


“I run Blue Sun.”

He really loves telling people that. They should print up a shirt.


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