Heritage - Chapter 19
Friday, November 28, 2008

Allan and Jayne Leave for St. Albans while their families worry.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.

This story is set fifteen years into the future from the story I have written called “Big Blue”

AN: Getting closer to the big confrontation.


Thanks to my Beta, Chris

Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 51 Inara Serra-Reynolds 44 Allan Bryant 68 Zoë Bryant 48 Simon Tam 43 Kaylee Tam 40 Jayne Cobb 52 River Cobb 36 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 15 Emma Reynolds 10 Sara Bryant 15 Rebecca Tam 15 John (Jack) Tam 11 Rachel Cobb 8 Jesse Cobb 6


Heritage-Chapter Nineteen


It had been two weeks since The Bryant family had returned home to Boros. Sara continued to improve daily. She had physical therapy three times a week was now able to negotiate stairs and stay on her feet for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

Simon and her therapist agreed that Sara could return to school as long as she took it easy. Jeff of course agreed to carry her books for her.

Sara had quite a bit of catching up to do. While she was already one grade ahead of other kids her age, Sara had missed almost a month of the new school year. She grumped publicly about the extra homework but secretly, Sara had been bored to tears and longed for anything to keep her busy... even school work.

The search for the Wing's began to bear fruit as well. The Federal Marshals on St. Albans had done some checking around and found out that two men in their thirty's matching the Wing's description had indeed reopened the Richardson family mine. Neither had been seen outside the complex for several weeks but they had brought in nearly fifty hired men. Some miners, some obviously mercenary's. All were familiar with guns.

The two Blue Sun ships, Heracles and Challenger were just over thirty days out and needed to make two refueling stops on the way. As soon as they arrived, the teams would scout the area, get intelligence and wait for Allan to arrive.

It was time to leave again.


“Why do you have to go Daddy?”

Allan sighed. Sara had perfected the pouty puppy dog eyes at an early age. She must have learned it from River and Kaylee Allan decided. He pulled his daughter to his side on the couch, putting his arm around her shoulders.

“Remember when we talked about justice?”


“This is part of that.”

“What about Uncle Jayne and Oso?”

“They are going... besides, who do you think is going to get Uncle Jayne to St. Albans?”

“Okay... I concede that point,” Sara replied, “Uncle Jayne can barely fly a shuttle. I don't want him touching my ship.”

“That's why I have to go.”

Sara gave her father a look that said what she thought about that statement, “Yeah... right. Just do one... make it two things for me?”

“Whats that Princess?”

“Wear your armor... and come home.”

“I promise. Besides, once I get back we can start building your birthday present.”

Distracted by the change of subject, Sara giggled, “I can't believe you you want me to learn to fly an... airplane.”

“Nothing wrong with flying an airplane. That's how I learned.”


“It will be fun?”

“So's flying a shuttle”

“Put it this way... who's the best pilot you know?”

“Aunt River.”

Allan growled at his daughter and she giggled in reply.

“Okay... the second best pilot you know...”

“Me,” Sara said proudly.

Allan rolled his eyes, “Someday, little girl o' mine.”

Allan suddenly reached over and started tickling Sara. She howled in laughter.

After a minute, she gasped, “Okay... okay... I ... give up.”

Allan grinned and then his face fell serious, “I promise to stay safe and come back home Sara.”

“I suppose I can let you go if you promise.”

“I always keep my promises, baby girl.”

Throughout the entire conversation between father and daughter, Zoë sat on the stairs behind them. Zoë smiled. Thankful that no one could see her as she wiped away a solitary tear.


Three days later, everyone had gathered to See Allan and Jayne off. Israel and Olivia were in the process of storing additional gear on the ship while the two men said their goodbyes.

“You will ensure that Zang-fu returns unscathed.”

“Yes River,” Allan chuckled.

“Same goes for you Jayne,” Zoë added.

“Aw hell, tween the two o' us, them Wing's don't stand a chance,” Jayne rumbled.

“Still, repeated entreaties will keep things in the forefront of your minds.”

Jayne looked a bit confused but Allan knew it was an act. Jayne's response was to pick his wife up off the ground in a bear hug and kiss her.

“Aw hell girl, I gotta come back to you.”

Zoë and Allan's goodbye was a little more sedate but no less passionate. It took a loud clearing of her throat by Sara to pry them apart.

“You know how much that creeps me out?”

“About as much as it does me when I see you and Jeff locking lips little girl,” Allan teased his daughter.

Sara's toffee skin darkened, “Daddy...”

Allan kissed Sara on the top of her head, “Be good little one.”

“I will Daddy.”

“Good luck Allan,” Mal said, shaking the older man's hand.

“Thanks, Mal.” Allan replied. Inara didn't dare speak but her worried smile said everything. Allan gave her a quick hug and promised that they would return safely.

“Now you be careful Allan,” Kaylee said next.

“I will Mei-mei,” Allan replied.

“Good luck,” Simon said simply shaking the older man's hand, “And make sure you bring back my brother-in-law.”

“I will Simon.”

The older kids stood by their parents. Trying to be strong for their younger cousins and siblings.

Allan turned to walk up the ramp into Sara Jane but paused a moment, “Jeff? Can I have a word?”

The young man stepped up to Allan's side.

“Jeff, I know Zoë is more than capable of taking care of things, but if she needs a hand with anything...”

“I'll take care of it Uncle Allan.”

Allan smiled and nodded. Reaching in to his pocket, Allan slipped a pair of one hundred credit bills into the young man's hand, “Take Sara out to dinner a couple of times.”

“Uncle Allan I don't...”

“Take it Jeff.”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, get going.”

Jeff smiled and nodded, heading back down the ramp. With a last wave and a blown kiss to Zoë, Allan walked up the ramp.

“Jayne, close her up. Time to get this show on the road.”

A few minutes later, the Firefly called Sara Jane rose smoothly into the darkening sky of Boros to begin the journey to St. Albans.


“Six weeks huh?” Jayne asked from his seat in the co-pilots chair.

“A bit over that,” Allan replied from his own seat on the other side of the bridge.

“Lot can happen in that time.”

“I know. Heracles and Challenger should arrive in about four weeks. They'll be setting up surveillance and a few of the team members will be trying to go in undercover around town and at the mine. See if we can get any eyes on the Wing's. From what we've been able to gather so far. They are building quite the little empire out there.”

“Fed's can't do anything?”

“Three men at the post. The Wing's have nearly fifty.”

“Not good odds,” Jayne grumbled.

“With all of us, we'll even that out a bit.”

Yep... there's a reckonin comin fer them.”


Throughout the first two weeks of the trip, Allan worked hard trying to get himself back into peak condition.

While in extraordinary shape for a man pushing seventy, Allan knew he was still no where near to where he needed to be. The months spent at Sara's bedside while she recovered hadn't helped. Nearly two months of stress, almost no exercise, bad hospital and takeout food had packed on an extra fifteen pounds he didn't need.

Whenever he wasn't sleeping, flying or planning, Allan could be found in the cargo bay. He had installed state of the art exercise equipment in the space. While Jayne availed himself of the weight training equipment, Allan concentrated on his aerobic fitness. Soon he was back to running seven and half minute miles on the treadmill and ten mile sessions on the exercise bike. A few weight training sessions were thrown in as well.

After one particularly grueling session, Jayne had to comment.

“You keep this up, Zoë ain't gonna be able to keep her hands offa you when we get back.”

“Never had a problem in that department,” Allan replied with a grin as he wiped the sweat off his brow.

“So you an Zoë are still...”

“Doing the horizontal tango?” Allan chuckled.

Jayne guffawed, “Somthin like that.”

“Well, being married to a younger woman does help in that regard... you should know since you and River fit that description too...”

“We ain't never had any problem's sexin.”

“I don't doubt it my friend,” Allan grinned, “Come on, I'll rustle up some grub before I take my bridge watch.”

“I could eat.”

“Now why did I think you'd say that,” Allan chuckled as he started up the stairs for the Galley.

Allan quickly prepared the evening meal. As his small crew, consisting of a retired mercenary turned cop, former federal marshal and honorably discharged special operations soldier dug into their food, Allan had to smile. He finally had his own ship and crew. Temporary as it may be.

“Boss?” Israel asked.

“Yeah Israel?” Allan replied.

“I've been thinking...”

“That's never a good thing,” Olivia teased from behind her coffee cup. Jayne snickered.

“Anyway,” Israel continued, ignoring Olivia, “When we get there... I'm concerned about the legality of going after the Wing's.”

“We've got that covered,” Allan said.

“We do?”

“Yep. Jayne?”

“Afore we left Boros. Judge Clayton issued an arrest warrant for Rafe and John Wing for the attempted murder of Deputy Eddie Buford along with grand theft of a rental ground car,” the big man stated.

“Since Jayne is the lead investigator in the Buford shooting case...” Allan trailed off.

“He can enter and arrest the Wing's on the warrant from Boros,” Israel finished.

“Exactly,” Olivia added, “Since any local cop can act on a federal warrant, the Interpol warrants issued for the kidnapping and murders on Londonium can be enforced by Jayne as well.”

“And Zoë deputized the rest of us as Auxiliary Police Officers before we left...”

“She did?” Israel asked.

“She did,” Allan replied with a wink.

“Ohh, right. Must have slipped my mind.”

“So we can enter legally on the warrants. And when they resist arrest like I know they will...” Allan said with a grim smile.

“They won't live to see a courtroom,” Jayne finished.

Everyone around the table nodded in agreement at that statement.


“How's the schoolwork Ni-zi?” Zoë asked Sara as the teenager sat at the breakfast bar finishing her homework.

“Almost caught up,” Sara replied, not looking up from the data pad laying on the granite counter top.

“Good,” Zoë said as she put dinner in the oven.

“Are you trying to cook again Momma?” Sara asked grinning.

“Hey... I can make a frozen pizza.”


“You know... I sense a grounding in your future,” Zoë said, the smile on her face negating the implied threat.

“Very funny.”

“Where's Jeff taking you Friday night?”

“The Wayside for dinner then a concert the the fairgrounds.”

“Concert huh?”

“Daddy would like it... the band plays Earth-that-was music.”

“He probably would,” Zoë agreed.

“I miss him.”

“So do I baby. He'll be home as soon as he can.”

“I know. It's just.... Uhhh Momma? The pizza is burning.”

“Ciao!” Zoë swore as she pulled the blackened pie from the high speed convection oven.

“Lou Fong's delivers out here you know...” Sara said helpfully.

“Finish your homework, kiddo. Then we'll go to the Wayside ourselves.”

“Good idea.”


Allan sat behind Sara Jane's controls, staring out at the black. He heard steps coming up the stairs behind him. Slowly he turned in his chair.

“Hey Olivia.”

“Hi Boss. I... I was wondering how long we were going to be at the Skyplex?”

“Well, let's see. We've been cooped up on the ship for almost three and a half weeks. I'd say twenty four hours wouldn't throw us off schedule too bad.”

The young woman smiled, “Thanks boss.”

“Thinking of spending some time with a certain short ex-soldier?” Allan grinned.

“Huh? I... well...”

“No problem Olivia. Just as long as it doesn't interfere with your work. I have no problem with you two spending time together.”

“Thanks... I mean... aw hell. Israel kinda grows on ya' if you know what I mean.”

Allan chuckled, “I do... We all need a break. Last time I was at this station, it had some pretty good restaurants.”

“When were you out this far?”

“Long way back. About six months before Zoë and me got married. It's where I first met Durin.”

“Really? What was he doing out here?”

“Same as us. Fuel stop. Yolanda was trying to escape again. Tried to pick me up in a bar.”

“Yolanda... as in Mr. Haymer's departed wife, as in Bridgett's mother.”

“The same.”

“Tried to pick you up in a bar?” Olivia asked, a shocked look on her face.

“Yolanda had some... mental issues.”


“Durin loved her unquestionably but she needed tough love from time to time. Hell she used to be a thief and con-artist. Yolanda duped Mal into marrying her once and even did the same to Monty.”

“No way,” Olivia chuckled.

“Lords truth,” Jayne said grinning from the entry, “Ole' Yosaffbridge was one sneaky woman.”

“Whom, if I recall the story as told by Zoë right. You tried to trade a certain gun to Mal for her.”

Jayne turned a bit red, “That was a long time ago.”

Allan laughed, “That it was my friend... that it was.”


Sara Jane slowly approached the Skyplex. The traffic was heavy near the station and the possibility of a collision was in the forefront of Allan's mind as he was directed to the docking bay where the ship would be serviced.

As soon as the new Firefly was docked and shut down Allan made his way to the bay with the rest of his crew. They were met by station personnel as soon as the ramp lowered.

“Captain Bryant?” the crew chief asked as he approached.

“That would be me,” Allan replied.

“Sir, your vessel while here, must be inspected per Alliance general order 2522-16-34. All transports are to be inspected for spaceworthyness if more than twenty years old.”

Allan sighed, “Then an inspection isn't necessary then.”

“Why is that?' The self important man huffed.

“Because this ship is only five months old.”

“Excuse me?”

“This is an 04 Firefly. The second one built.”

“Like I believe that,” the man huffed again.

“Read it and weep,” Allan said testily as he handed the ships papers to the man.

After reading the papers, the man smiled at Allan, “Nice forgeries.”

“What?” Allan exclaimed. Behind him Jayne growled.

“There is no way that a Firefly could have been built less than six months ago. Firefly's haven't been built since long before the war.”

“Well, the production line was restarted.”

“By Blue sun? Ha! I work for Blue Sun. they contract the port services here. I should know.”

Allan, by this time was quickly loosing his temper, “Apparently not. Get your supervisor... Now!”

“Why should I do that?”

“Because if you don't, I hope you find unemployment to your liking.”

“You're going to have me fired? I doubt it.”

There was fury in Allan's eyes but his voice was icy cold, “Get. Your. Supervisor,” he said biting off each word.


Allan nearly hit the man but Jayne's hand settled on Allan's shoulder, “Easy Allan. I know he's a hundan but hittin im' won't help.”

“Israel. Please explain to this idiot who I am.”

With an evil grin, the former soldier turned to the crew chief. He placed a friendly arm around the mans shoulder and held his corporate ID in front of the man's face, “You see this here? It says that I am a team leader with Blue Sun Security. That kindly older gentleman you were just arguing with? That's my boss, her boss,” Israel said, indicating Olivia, “And your boss. You see... that's Allan Bryant. Blue Sun's President and CEO and this ship is his personal transport. So if you want to remain working for Blue Sun. You had best run and get your supervisor... dong-ma?”

The man was gone like a shot.

Allan turned to the remaining ground crew, “Top her off, grade one fuel. Flush the water tanks and when that idiot gets back with the supervisor... make sure he's the one to dump the septic vac.”

“With pleasure Sir.” the young tech replied.

“Come on everyone, I need a drink and I'm buying,” Allan said as he stalked off the ship.

“That I don't doubt,” Olivia said with a grin as she closed up the ramp and locked the ship.




Sunday, November 30, 2008 10:50 PM


Oh, there is definitely a rush of righteous pleasure at Israel explaining to the officious little man just who Allan is! And I love the line Jayne gives about Allan and Zoe still doing the 'horizontal tango' ... Can't wait for more!


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