Relics - Chapter 10
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Kansas Survivors settle in on Serenity and Allan's nemesis plots.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Allan and the kids. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


This story takes place nine years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/Allan and Jayne/River. Takes place five years post “The Bash” -

AN: Okay, okay... I added in a little action... -

Thanks again to Woonsocket and Chris for the Beta work




Chapter Ten


“... and that's the current situation here in what we euphemistically call the 'Verse,” Allan finished with a smile.

He sat at the dining table in Serenity's galley. With him sat Sylvia, Melissa Forbes, Annie Nash and Vonda Harrell. The survivors from the Kansas.

“That's a lot to take in,” Vonda Harrell said quietly before sipping from her coffee cup.

“Can say that again,” Annie Nash agreed.

Allan looked at the two women. Annie, an attractive, thirty year old brunette, almost six months pregnant before she was placed in cryo and Vonda a twenty-five year old woman with light brown hair. She was nearly five months along.

“The closest analogy I can think of is to consider each world here in the verse is it's own country. We use spaceships now like we used airplanes back on earth.”

“What is our legal status?” Annie asked out of the blue.

“You are all citizens of the Alliance,” Allan replied before tossing envelopes on to the table in front of the women. Even the teenager, Melissa. “Those envelopes contain your new identity cards, a bank card that draws against accounts set up by me and one thousand credits in cash.”

“Wow,” Melissa said.

Allan grinned. “The accounts each have fifteen thousand credits. That money will help you start your new lives. The identity cards will ensure you have access to any and all social services, including health care.”

“Where will we go?” Melissa asked.

“Since you are a minor, Melissa, you are temporarily under the care of Captain Marsh here.”

Sylvia smiled at the girl who returned it.

“Do any of you have any vocational skills?” Allan asked.

“I was a para-legal,” Annie said. “I worked in a law office in Kansas City. Then I helped out in Kansas' legal offices once I was on board.”

“Still plenty of lawyers about,” Allan grinned. “I think we'll be able to figure something out for you.”

The woman smiled.

“And you, Vonda?”

“Not much use here, I'm afraid.”

“Why is that?”

“I'm a pilot... flight instructor, actually. My husband...” she choked off. Sylvia patted her on the shoulder.

“It's okay. We all miss those we left behind.”

Melissa and Annie looked sad as well. Annie had left her fiancé behind and Melissa had expected to awaken with her parents.

Allan smiled at Vonda, “Plenty of call for pilots.”

“For spaceships, maybe. From what you've shown us, airplanes are kind of hard to come by.”

“Perhaps, but shuttles are plentiful. So are the smaller ships like Serenity here. I learned to fly back on Earth in a Piper Cub. If I can fly Serenity here, you can learn too.”

Vonda began to smile again. “Thanks.”

“What about you, Melissa?” Sylvia asked, “What did you want to do?”

“I'm pretty good with math. And I like computers. I was thinking of being a programmer.”

“Well, I think some schooling along those lines could be arraigned.”

“I don't want to be a bother...”

“Nonsense,” Allan smiled, “I'm pretty well off these days. I can afford it.”

“How wealthy are you, Allan?” Sylvia asked.

Allan rolled his eyes. Sylvia would have to ask that question, “Well, you know how big a company Blue Sun was back on Earth, right?”

There were nods around the table.

“Multiply that by about twenty...”

Even Sylvia was shocked. Then she grinned, “So I guess Sara's not going to have to worry about working her way through college.”

Allan grinned, “Not by a long shot.”

“What about Melissa's question?” Annie asked.

“For now, you will be staying here on Serenity. We're leaving tomorrow and heading back towards civilization. We need to make a supply stop. Then we'll be heading back to Boros where my home is. For the short term, you all are invited to stay in the guest house there until we get you all settled.”

“What's Boros like?” Melissa asked.

“Depends on where on the planet you are. The equatorial areas are a bit warm, much like the Australian outback. The further north or south you go it becomes more temperate. Where I live is much like Montana or Wyoming. Some prairie areas, mountains, forests. It's quite nice.”

“Are there seasons?” Annie asked.

“Four,” Allan replied. “Boros takes two years to go around it's star. Summer is about eight months, winter is about seven. Spring and autumn are quite nice as well. The winters near where I live are fairly mild. Lots of snow though. And we have alternating white and green Christmases.”

“Sounds nice,” Vonda replied.

“It is,” Allan agreed. “And not quite as high tech as the core worlds. Boros is very much like North America was back when we left. That's why I like it. Just feels like... home.”


Winston Chapel smiled while he cleaned his pistol. The fools on this ship had showed him how to use and given him free access to the cortex. Using it's resources, Chapel had learned a great deal about the current political and economic situation. His plan had to be changed slightly. No matter. Once this was over, he would make his way to one of the border worlds like Triumph where there were many people with little education and were god fearing. Ripe territory for starting the movement again.

That is, as soon as Allan Bryant was dead. He had to act tonight. The ship Bryant was on would be leaving in the morning. If he timed it right, no one would be the wiser. All he had to do was kill Bryant, that monkey he called a wife and his half breed offspring. The rest of the ships crew looked like uneducated oafs who could barely speak. Except for the captain anyway. No matter, he would kill him too. The rest would be easily kept in line by threatening one of the women. The young, dark haired waif looked like a feather could knock her over. She would be the one he would hold hostage.

Chapel had memorized the path from his room to the docking bay, Serenity was using... Serenity, what a name for a ship. When he seized it, he would rename it to something more fitting. Redemption had a nice ring to it.

Confident in his plan, Chapel laid his pistol aside and began sharpening his K-bar.


“You have all the plans?” Allan asked.

“Right here, Dr. Bryant.”

“I do wish you'd call me Allan.”

“Sorry, doc... Allan.”

“That's better, Steve,” Allan grinned. “You think you can keep to the schedule?”

“No problem. The freighter from Blue Sun is due in three days with the girders. Once we have the framework assembled, the tugs can dock with Kansas and start slowing her down.”

Allan nodded at the young engineer, “What about the body recovery?”

“In progress. The Guardian arrived last night and brought a disaster crew with them. They're handling that part of the operation.”

Allan nodded, “Sounds like things are well in hand.”

“I think so too, sir... Allan.”

“Steve, if you ever get tired of the military... Blue Sun is always looking for good engineers.”


“Are you trying to steal one of my officers?” Admiral Shin asked as he and the Magellan's Captain walked up. Steve snapped to attention.

“Just giving the young man some career options for when he decides to leave the military,” Allan grinned.

The Magellan's captain glared at Steve. The young man began to sweat, “Are you planning on leaving us, Lieutenant?”

“No Sir,” Steve squeaked.

“Good, I'd hate to see these go to waste,” Captain Rasmussen said with a smile as he handed the young officer a small box, “Lt. Steven Henderson. For exemplary service to the Alliance, you are hereby promoted to Lt. Commander and entitled to all benefits therein.”

Steve looked shocked. His jaw dropped open for a moment before regaining his composure and saluting his Captain and Admiral. “Thank you, Sirs,” he stammered after the salute was returned.

“Here, let me get that Steve,” Allan said as he opened the box and pined Steve's new rank pins on his collar.

“Thank you.”

“Like I said, anytime you want to give up this life of adventure, give me a wave.”

“Will you get out of here,” The Admiral chuckled while making shooing motions with his hands, “Mr. Henderson has work to do.”


“Sorry about the accommodations. But with the kids along, space is kinda tight.”

“That's alright, Mrs. Bryant,” Annie Nash replied. “Vonda and I don't mind sharing a room.”

“What about Melissa?” Vonda asked.

“She's bunking with Sylvia. And please, call me Zoë. We're gonna be on this ship for about four and a half weeks.”

“That long?” Vonda asked.

“Well, it's about three days to our supply stop. Then a four week haul back to Boros.”

“How do you keep from going nuts?” Annie asked, “I mean, Kansas was so big but this ship...”

“We keep busy,” Zoë replied. “We all help out with the chores. The kids tend to keep us occupied. Particularly Becca and my little one. Always getting into mischief and the like.”

“What do you do for fun?”

“Play cards, Hoop ball in the cargo bay, exercise... got a set of weights and a couple of machines in the bay. Stationary bike and a treadmill. We do movie night every Friday. Kids movie early and once the little ones are in bed, something for the rest of us.”

“Sounds nice, “Annie replied.

“We're a family now. I been with the captain almost twenty years, 'tween the military and here on Serenity. Kids call themselves cousins, even though there's no real blood 'tween em, well... except for the ones actually siblings.”

“It looks like you have a good life here,” Vonda commented.

“Took a while to get where we are today, but I agree. Well, I got work to do, dinner's in about an hour. Make yourselves comfortable in the meantime.”

“Thank you Zoë,”

Zoë smiled and left the two women in their passenger dorm and headed up the stairs to the top deck. She heard giggling from behind one of the water tanks on the mid deck and decided to investigate.

“And what are you doing?” Zoë asked.

“Playin hide and seek, Momma,” Sara grinned.

“Who with?”

“Becca, Jeff, and Melissa.”

“Who's seeking right now?”


“She don't know the ship, daughter o' mine.”


“That's like cheating.”


Zoë smiled, “Why don't you find her then help her find the rest o' you. Then go get ready for supper.”

“Okay, Momma,” The five year old chirped as she ran off in search of the teenager.

That gave Zoë an idea. She wondered if Melissa had ever done any babysitting.


Dinner that night was excellent, as usual. Allan and Kaylee had outdone themselves with the meal. Allan made his signature red sauce over pasta and Kaylee had baked fresh bread.

“You are truly multi-talented, Allan,” Sylvia said as she finished her last forkful.

Allan took a slight bow, “Thank you.”

“Just wait till he breaks out his guitar,” Zoë said.

“You play guitar?” Vonda asked.

“A little,” Allan replied modestly.

“More than just a little, Husband,” Zoë smiled, “It's how you got me.”


“Serenaded me,” Zoë said, “An old tune called... what was it dear?”

“I know a set up when I see one, Wife,” Allan grinned, “And it was Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl. Seemed appropriate.”

“Momma sings real good too,” Sara piped up.

It was Zoë's turn to be embarrassed.

“What kind of music do people listen to now?” Melissa asked.

“Depends on where you are,” Allan replied.

“Music in the core tends to be either classical or the latest fad,” Simon replied.

“And the rim worlds run the gamut from local folk tunes to core pop to old fashioned rock and roll from Earth.”

“What kind of folk music?” Annie asked.

“Jayne... the man they call, Jayne...” River began to sing. Jayne shut his wife up with a kiss.

The crew broke out in laughter. The newcomers were confused.

“Jayne here is a folk hero back on a little place called Higgins Moon,” Mal grinned. “Has a song and all.”

The big man growled.

“I like Rock and roll,” Melissa said, “My great grandma was a musician. Was in a band. I first thought is was music for old fogies,” the teen giggled.

“I may be... older... but I am no fogie,” Allan said with a grin at the girl.

Again, laughter filled the room.

As the evening continued, Allan dug out his guitar, as did Jayne and they played on into the evening. Soon it was bedtime for the children. Allan tucked Sara into bed, while Kaylee did the same for Becca. The two girls were bunking together due to Annie and Vonda needing to use Sara's room. Jack slept in a small bed in the corner of his parents room and Emma slept in a crib in the shuttle her parents shared. Mal's old bunk had been converted to an office years ago.

Around midnight, the adults all drifted off to bed themselves. Soon Serenity was quiet.


It was time. Winston Chapel carefully slipped his k-bar knife into his boot and slipped his gun into the waistband of his pants. His jacket hid the weapon from view.

It was late, well after two in the morning, ships time. Chapel knew that there was a guard on his door. He wasn't locked in, but if he left his room, he had a 'guide'.

Chapel slid his door open. As he expected, a crewman stood outside. The boy hardly looked old enough to shave.

“Is there a problem, Sir?” the crewman asked.

“Trouble sleeping. Thought that if I could walk around a bit, I'd be able to sleep.”

“The crew gymnasium is on this level, sir. I'd be happy to escort you there.”

“That sounds like the ticket,” Chapel smiled, “Let me grab a towel.

The crewman returned the smile and waited for Chapel to return. As the older man exited his room with the towel, he turned to lead the way. Before the young man could react, Chapel slit the crewman's throat and used the towel to keep the blood from spraying.

Chapel dragged the body back into his room and quickly wiped up the few blood drops on the deck. He callously wiped off his knife on the dead mans uniform. Chapel then took the deceased guards security card and slipped off through the ship.

Chapel had done his research well. This late at night, crew staffing was at a minimum. If he was lucky, no one would spot him as he made his way to the docking bay. If spotted, he would claim to have been out stretching his legs and state he gotten lost on the huge ship.

Ten minutes later, Chapel found himself outside the docking bay. One guard stood outside the open door to Serenity's airlock. Chapel smiled and brazenly walked around the corner.

“Sir?” the guard said as the civilian walked towards him. “This is a restricted area.”

“I'm terribly sorry. I got separated from my escort and I'm hopelessly lost.”

The guard sighed. Civilians, he thought just before Chapel's knife plunged between his ribs and punctured his heart.

“Still got it,” Chapel said quietly over the man's body. This kill had been a pleasure for him. The guard was black.

Carefully, Chapel crept into the ship. Only a few lights were on. He kept to the shadows best that he could. He had done research on the cortex about Firefly's and had come to the conclusion that Bryant's whelp would most likely be in a passenger dorm.

Chapel crept through the hatch leading to the common area, using all the skill he had learned in the Marines. He hadn't been a recon sergeant for nothing. Moving further aft he saw strings of white lights around a pair of signs. One said Kaylee and Simon's room, the other Becca's room. Scrawled in crayon was a piece of paper taped to the sign that said 'Sara too.'

Chapel smiled and slid the door open. Carefully he crept forward, knife at the ready. The blankets were bunched up on the two beds and in the darkness, he thought he could see a dark hand protruding from under the covers. A smile still on his face, he plunged the blade down into the center of the blanket...

And hit nothing but cloth.

Eyes wide with surprise, Chapel pulled the blanket back and realized that the dark hand he had seen belonged to a teddy bear. Reaching over he pulled back the blankets of the other bed and revealed another stuffed toy.

“What the hell...” Chapel whispered.

“That's exactly where you're going,” said a melodic voice behind him.

Chapel whirled and came up short as a samurai sword swung and stopped just short of his throat. The sword was held by the slip of a woman he had dismissed as no threat earlier.

He might have made a slight miscalculation.

Carefully he dropped the knife and smiled. “You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”

“More than you will ever realize,” said a second voice. That voice belonged to Allan Bryant. A moment later, the engineer stepped behind River, gun out and pointed between Chapel's eyes.

“Hello, Winston. Fancy meeting you here.”

In his mind, Chapel swore vehemently. River grinned, “Such bad words for a man of God.”


“And now you're thinking, how did she know that. And you're wondering if that sword is real... I assure you it is,” River finished as she flicked her wrist slightly and drew blood from Chapel's throat.

“Now... don't do any thing...”

“Hasty?” River finished for him.

Chapels eyes were wide with fear now.

River smiled, “And now you're wondering how we knew you were here. The answer is simple... I read minds.”

Chapel looked into River's eyes and saw death there. He felt something warm run down his leg.

Allan smiled coldly.




Wednesday, February 25, 2009 5:39 AM


Oh thank God that piece of *gose* didn't hurt the children. I really, really want River to remove his head. Which is what he deserves.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 8:09 AM


You have written Chapel extremely well, with his casual attitude towards killing, and his certain belief in his own supremacy. But going after Sara with her Aunt around? The question really is, will Allan let River do what she is threatening, or is he going to hand Chapel to the Alliance? Decisions, decisions ...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 10:53 AM


Awe, let River have her fun. After all, any one that hurts a child deserves to be killed in an extrememly painful way.


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