Relics - Chapter 17
Monday, March 9, 2009

Angelique's plan has begun. Allan has been poisoned while Inara and Zoe put things together.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own ’em. (Except for Allan and the kids. they're mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


This story takes place nine years after Serenity (BDM) and has the established couples of Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, Zoë/Allan and Jayne/River. Takes place five years post “The Bash”


AN: I'm much happier with how this chapter turned out. One more to go after this one. There are still some loose ends to be tied up.

Warning for mature themes of sexual assault and it's aftermath.


Thanks again to Woonsocket and Chris for the Beta work




Chapter Seventeen


“Excuse me, Zoë?”

“What is it, Annie?” Zoë replied as the young woman entered the house.

“I was looking for Allan. I think I found something.”

Zoë motioned Annie to the breakfast bar, where Inara sat, sipping on a cup of tea. Sara and Jeff were playing a game in the living room.

“Allan's not here,” Zoë replied as she took her own seat. “Tea?”

“Sure,” Annie replied, sitting next to Inara. She placed a data pad on the counter. “I've been looking at the public tax records of the executives of the three shipping companies and I saw that all have something in common.”

“What's that?” Inara asked.

“I don't know what it is. But all three have declared payments to a certain account code.”

“May I see?” Inara asked.

Annie slid the pad across to the former companion.

Inara saw the account listed and smiled, “That is the code used when contracting with the guild. It affords the client some privacy but also makes sure the numbers match with what the guild files when they too pay their taxes.”

“Oh,” Annie replied.

“It is unusual though. The first six digits signify the guild but the last three are different. Regular companions use an eight or nine hundred series code. This is a seven hundred. That's an administrative code, if I recall correctly,” Inara said, deep in thought.

Zoë's face darkened, “Inara... your friend, Angelique. She's not a practicing companion anymore, is she?”

“No... she is an administrator.”

“Just like the code,” Zoë mused.

“Zoë, you can't be insinuating that Angelique could have anything to do with all this.”

“I'm just thinking here, 'Nara. Just seems an awful coincidence is all.”

Inara was deep in thought for a moment. She looked up suddenly, “Merciful Buddha!”

“What is it, 'Nara?” Zoë asked.

“Angelique. She waved me a day before we were attacked on Serenity.”

“What did you tell her?” Zoë asked.

“That were were about thirty hours out. She wanted to speak again once we were home.”

“And she suddenly showed up here on Boros, a couple of days after.”

“Zoë... I...”

“Don't worry on it 'Nara. Might not be her fault. Might just be a coincidence. Either way I think we need to go to Capital City.”

River suddenly burst through the door She was wearing loose pants to cover her baby bump and her bulletproof flight jacket. Katana slung across her back and a pistol hung from her hip. Jayne stood behind his wife, Vera cradled in his hands.

“Allan's in trouble.”


“Why?” Allan croaked out. Fighting back the nausea wracking his body.

“It's simple, Mr. Bryant... or should I call you Allan. Seeing that we are on such intimate terms now.”

“Got to hell,” Allan growled, fighting back dry heaves.

After pulling her robe back on, Angelique reached over and undid the restraints on Allan's feet and hands. He tried to lunge at her but instead, fell to the floor. Bruises forming quickly as the poison in his system broke down the cell membranes.

“Revenge, Allan. Sweet simple revenge. My sister died by your hand. Now you will die by mine.”

“Shedra... was... killed by... John... Lassiter,” Allan gasped out before vomiting on the thick carpet. There was fresh blood visible in the fluid.

“I'm quite surprised you are still conscious. You must have a very strong constitution.”

Allan struggled to his knees. After vomiting, he felt marginally better. If he was going to die, he was taking this bitch with him. His eyes looked about the small cabin, looking for anything he could use as a weapon.

“Looking for your gun?” Angelique teased, holding it up. “Quite the antique. Just like you.”

Allan tried to stand. His head was swimming.”I'll kill you.”

“Hardly. You shall be dead in moments. Then I will place a frightened call to the authorities. Explaining how you shot and killed my pilot and then raped me. Such a tragic tale.”

“Didn't shoot him,” Allan gasped out.

“No, but I did with your gun. Ballistics is such a precise science.”

Allan struggled to his feet, fueled solely by adrenaline, “Why the ships?”

Angelique glared at Allan, “Back story. Makes you look desperate enough to do something rash. Also it benefits my... friends.”

Allan staggered a step in Angelique's direction, fire in his eyes.

“Still trying to kill me? You can barely stand. And I was an instructor in self defense. You have no chance.”

Allan's vision was fading. He made a last vain attempt to reach the woman but instead crumpled to the floor in a heap.

“Pity. I would have enjoyed playing with you, had we the chance,” Angelique smiled. She knelt down to check Allan's pulse. She was surprised to see that he still had one.

Composing herself, she administered the eye drops that would make it look like she had been crying. Now all she had to do was walk to the cortex screen on the bridge and call the authorities.

As she turned to leave the soon to be dead man, she thought she heard a clap of thunder outside the ship. She thought it strange as it was a lovely day outside.


The thunderclap was in fact a sonic boom as River dove Shuttle One out of the sky. Port control was yelling at her but Simon explained over the cortex that there was a medical emergency and he utilized a Companions Guild priority code provided by Inara.

River landed next to Shuttle Two. The engines hadn't even spooled down when Zoë and Jayne erupted from the hatch, River, Simon and Inara at their heels. Everyone had a weapon out and ready. Even Inara.

The Wessex's hatch was closed but not locked. Jayne wrenched it open and Zoë tossed in two flash bangs. The hull rang from the detonations.

River launched herself through the hatch with Zoë and Jayne following. Simon readied his pistol and entered behind them. Taking a deep breath, Inara entered as well.

Startled by the explosions, Angelique locked the door to the room. She was trapped inside with Allan. She didn't know what was happening.

River walked unerringly to the small stateroom stepping over the body of the dead pilot who lay in the corridor. Jayne took position on one side of the door while Zoë positioned herself in front.

Jayne pounded his fist on the locked door. River smiled when she saw the unlock code pop into Angelique's mind. She punched in the code to unlock the door.

With a nod from Zoë. Jayne slid the door open and Zoë rushed in...

And came to a stop as she saw her husband, face down on the carpet while Angelique held Allan's own gun to his head. Zoë also noted that her husband was naked.

“Don't come any closer!”

“Put the gun down you yao guai hu li jing,” Zoë snarled.

“Chu ni duh!”

“I'll kill you where you stand.”

“And by reflex, I'll put a bullet through his head,” Angelique snarled back.

“Not if I shoot you in the brain stem,” River said as she slid into the room, pistol aimed precisely at the bottom of the companion's skull.

Looking a bit like a caged animal and realizing that there was no way out, Angelique moved the gun from Allan's head to her own. Before she could pull the trigger, River lunged forward and knocked it from her grasp.

Angelique tried to lash out at the young woman but River easily sidestepped the blow. Distracted by River, Angelique never saw Zoë move up behind her. Likewise she never saw the butt of Zoë's mare's leg come down on the back of her head.


Allan thought he could hear voices. His first coherent thought was that he must be in hell because angels shouldn't sound like Simon.

Blinking his eyes open. Allan immediately shut them again, wincing from the pain induced by the lights. He moaned slightly.

“Allan? Baby?” He heard someone say. 'Now that had to be an angel,' he thought. 'Because it sounded like Zoë.'


Allan's eyes shot open.

“Sara?” he croaked.

“Welcome back,” Zoë said.

Allan blinked to focus his eyes. Leaning over him was Zoë, holding Sara in her arms. As his vision cleared further, Allan realized that he was in Serenity's infirmary.

“I... go somewhere?” Allan croaked out.

“Nearly,” Zoë replied softly. There was the hint of a tear running down her face.


“You better be,” Zoë smiled. “And I ain't lettin you outta my sight, ever again.”

“Yeah,” Sara pouted. “Unless it's with Aunt River or Uncle Jayne.”

“Yes, ma'am,” Allan smiled slightly.

Zoë set Sara down, “Baby, can you go see what Becca and Jeff are doing?”

Sara looked up at her mother, “You gonna yell at him?”


“Good,” Sara replied before scampering off.

Despite the pain he felt, Allan smiled. Then he remembered what had happened to him. All the carefully maintained emotional barriers suddenly fell and he began to sob.

“Shhhh, it's okay, Bao-bei,” Zoë soothed. She wrapped her arms around her husband on the bed, “'Nara got the whole story outta that fengle bitch.”

“I betrayed you,” Allan sniffled.

“No, she drugged and raped you. Had you trussed up like a turkey. Bitch even took a capture of it. It's all there. Murdering her pilot, admitting to the attacks on the ships... everything. Ain't your fault Bao-bei. You fought her all the way.”

“I should be dead,” Allan replied. A shudder running through his frame, “How come I'm not?”

Simon cleared his throat and stepped forward. “The only antidote to the poison she forced on you is the drug regimen I had you on for your radiation poisoning.” Simon laid a reassuring hand on his friends shoulder.

Allan nodded. Regaining his composure somewhat, “She was surprised when I was able to get up.”

“The medication in your blood fought the poison. I've given you a booster dose. I'll need to continue monitoring you for a few days but so far, things look encouraging.”

“Why am I on Serenity?”

“We came after you in 'Nara's shuttle,” Zoë replied, “Mal and Kaylee followed with Serenity.”

“You actually let him fly?” Allan smiled weakly.

“Since River was flyin the shuttle, he sorta had too. Vonda helped him fly.” Zoë smiled back.

Allan smiled, “Good.” Suddenly he yawned.

“You better get some rest, Husband.”

“Where is that bitch?” Allan asked. “Is she dead?”

“Feds have her. Guild's none too pleased either. Already they're willin to pay restitution to the families o' the ships crews that were killed.”

Allan nodded and yawned again, “Too bad...”

“Get some rest, Baby. We'll be home in a bit. River's prepping for takeoff now.”

“Okay,” Allan replied as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Marlin Aguirre was a happy man. Not only did his company, Osiris Shipping, have a near stranglehold on shipping orders from Blue Sun, his mistress would soon return from her trip to Boros. He shuddered with the memory of the pleasure she could bring to him with her implements. He particularly enjoyed her whip technique.

“Mr. Aguirre?” his secretary called over the intercom. “There's woman here to see you. Says it's urgent”

Aguirre smiled. Angelique was early. He was just rising to his feet when the door slammed open and three armed Fed's entered. Behind them strode a tall, attractive brunette. She was the first to speak

“Marlin Aguirre, I presume?”

“What is the meaning of this. Who are you people?”

“These gentlemen are Federal Marshals. My name is Frederica Cobb and I work for Blue Sun Security.”


“Sargent?” Fred asked.

“Marlin Aguirre, you are hereby bound by law.”

“This is preposterous!”

The Fed ignored the businessman, “The charges are conspiracy, securities fraud, accessory to attempted murder, accessory to murder, accessory to piracy and accessory to terrorism. Place your hands on top of your head.”

“I... but...”

Fred smiled as the sputtering hundan was led away in cuffs. She stepped aside as a team of Federal tech experts entered the office and began going through the files. Elsewhere in the building, more techs were doing the same to the computer system and file rooms.

Glad to have taken this little side trip at her Fiancé's request, Fred wondered how Oso was doing on Londinium with his own operation..


At the same time Fred was introducing herself to Marlin Aguirre, Oso strode into the executive offices of Golden Dragon Transportation. He was followed by four Federal Marshals. Entering the outer office of the chairman, he pulled out his Blue Sun company ID.

“Ora Tangaroa to see Mr. Hao Zhao... I don't have an appointment.”

The secretary paled at the sight of the man mountain in before her. Despite his expensively tailored suit and polite tone of voice, Reba Bright was frightened.

“He... he's not in today,” Reba stammered.

“Please. Do not stand up for him. It will only lead to your own arrest for obstruction of justice,” Oso smiled.

Reba nodded and pushed a button on the intercom, “Mr. Zhao, a Mr. Tangaroa to see you sir.”

“Who?” replied a male voice.

Moving quickly, the Marshals kicked in the inner office doors, “ Hao Zhao. You are hereby bound by law,” stated the lieutenant in charge.

The process was repeated on Shinon except it was Marion Vorrasi who did the door kicking in. She and three Federal officers forced entry to the luxury apartment belonging to Noah Irwin, CEO of Shinon Shipping.

Still trying to awaken, the drowsy man was lead away in handcuffs and not much else. The Companion he had contracted with for the evening was allowed to leave after being questioned briefly.

Over the next few days. Twenty other arrests were made. Mostly low level mangers who were involved with the plot to blow up ships. Including a manger from Blue Sun's own dispatch office. He had provided the shipping schedules and transponder codes of the ships struck.

A few minor players slipped through the cracks. Mostly the one's involved with the actual placement of the bombs.

The transponder and pulse beacon codes for the pirate vessels hired to directly attack the transports were recovered from the sized files and sent to the fleet.

Within ten days, all had been blown to dust when confronted by Alliance fleet units. They were given the chance to surrender but each one tried to flight back, a futile gesture since several of the pirates were spotted by cruisers.

In a plea for leniency, Angelique told everything she knew. She had been the driving force against the attacks. Both to further the ambitions of her shipping company cohorts and extract her misguided revenge on Allan Bryant.

The fact that she was willing to order the shooting down of Serenity when she knew that not only her supposed friend Inara was on board but five children as well didn't help her case much. She was immediately expelled from the Companions Guild and her accounts seized.


Allan spent ten days after the attack recuperating in bed. The first few days he could barely move. The poison had wreaked havoc on his body and combined with the radiation dose he had received a few weeks previously. He was quite ill. And not all of his pain was physical.

Simon checked on him twice a day and Zoë made sure he was comfortable. Allan had fallen into a bout of mild depression and nothing Zoe could think of could snap him out of it. After a week of alternating staring at the ceiling or quietly crying , Sara walked into her parents bedroom, crawled up on the bed and said that she missed her daddy.

That was the catalyst Allan needed to get out of bed and start living again.

Zoë came back from running errands and found her husband, sitting on the sofa, reading a story to Sara. Even though she could read already, Sara loved it when Allan read to her. After seeing that, Zoë knew that her husband would be okay.

Allan proved it that night when he and Zoë made love for the first time since the rape. As they fell asleep that night, wrapped in each others arms, Allan finally was able to free himself from the demon's haunting his soul.




Monday, March 9, 2009 3:14 AM


A-ha! Knew it! Makes a change ... Anyway, good stuff. Angelique was a piece of work, but expelling her from the Guild and seizing her accounts doesn't mean she's still not around to plague Allan. Mind you, my favourite line was this:

>His first coherent thought was that he must be in hell because angels shouldn't sound like Simon.

Oh, and the comments on Mal flying Serenity ...


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