Triad - Chapter 1
Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Allanverse". Set one year after the events in "Heritage". Allan has retired from Running Blue Sun, Zoe is having crime problems as Police Chief and Sara is getting in trouble as usual.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


This story takes place about a year after the conclusion of Heritage.


AN: New story arc. Set approximately 19 years after the BDM (Serenity) This chapter is un-beta'd.

Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 53 Inara Serra-Reynolds 45 Allan Bryant 69 Zoë Bryant 49 Kaylee Tam 42 Simon Tam 44 Jayne Cobb 53 River Cobb 37 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 17 Emma Reynolds 12 Sara Bryant 16 Rebecca Tam 17 John (Jack) Tam 13 Rachel Cobb 10 Jesse Cobb 8

Triad-Chapter One


On a narrow two lane road, the hover bike screamed along the asphalt. Cruising well above the posted speed limit, the rider didn't care. It was a beautiful day and nearly Christmas. Without a care in the world, the rider didn't notice the ground car parked behind some shrubbery until it was too late.

“Go-se,” the rider swore as the Sheriffs department patrol car pulled out, red and blue warning lights flashing in the bright sunshine.

With a growl, the rider pulled over and powered the bike down. Reaching up, the rider removed the helmet protecting her head.

Shaking her copper curls free, Sara Jane Bryant waited for the deputy to approach her.

“Gorramit, Sara,” The deputy growled, “This is the second time this month I've pulled you over.”

“Sorry, Jimmy,” Sara replied, using her best, sad puppy dog expression.

“Don't pull them eyes on me, girl,” James, (Jimmy) Buford replied, “Didn't work last time and it won't work this time either.”

Sara huffed in frustration, “Fine.. write the ticket.”

“If you'd just slow down a little, I wouldn't pull you over. I know you're more'n capable of handling the speed. Just, folks are compainin about all the kids using this piece o' road as their personal race track.”

“I don't race,” Sara replied.

Jimmy rubbed his hand through his short hair, “I know that... you just go too gorram fast.”

“Jimmy...” Sara whined.

His retort was cut off as two ground cars roared by, obviously racing and well over the posted limit by a factor of two at least.

“Looks like you got bigger fish to fry,” Sara grinned.

“I... gorramit, you got lucky this time. Now go home and don't think I'm not callin your Ma'.”

The smile fell from Sara's toffee colored face, “Fine... spoil a nice day.”

Jimmy shook his head and ran for his patrol car. With a screech of tires, he swung around and started in pursuit of the two cars that had been racing.

As soon as the deputy was out of sight, Sara powered her hover bike back up, put her helmet back on and pulled back onto the road. It was only another mile or so to home.

As she approached the gate to Serenity Acres, she spoke a command into the system built into her headgear and the gate began to open. In a cloud of dust, she pulled into the drive, the gate closing behind her.

Slowly, she motored down the drive. She never went fast this close to the houses. It was too easy to run over one of her cousins. Jesse in particular since he loved to run about the compound.

Pulling up in front of her house, Sara shut the bike down and swung her long legs over the saddle. She waved at her Aunt Kaylee who was watering the flowers in front of her house a score of yards away. Removing her helmet, the teen ran up the front steps and into her house.

A loud bark told Sara that Sam was in the house. Setting her helmet on the counter, she knelt down in front of the German Shepherd, scratching the dog between his ears, “Hey Sammy, how's my boy today?”

Her reply was a happy woof and a slobbering tongue.

Standing back up, Sara dumped the backpack containing her books and computer and pulled off her leather jacket, dropping it over the back of the sofa.

“Dad?” she called out, “You here?”

Not receiving an answer, she walked through the kitchen, pausing at the fridge to grab a can of Blue Sun Cola and headed through the sliding glass doors onto the rear deck.

Sara had to smile, her gray haired father was asleep on a lounge chair. Dressed in the warm weather attire he usually wore now that he had retired from Blue Sun. Shorts, sandals, tank top and a hideous Hawaiian shirt. A book lay open on his chest. He snored softly.

Sam trotted by Sara, headed in the direction of his favorite tree.

Grinning, Sara turned and headed back into the house. Taking a long swig from her soda, she began collecting the various ingredients to make dinner. Cooking was the one chore around the house she didn't mind.

As she started to set pans on the range, Sara heard a loud bark and a bellowed, “Sam!” which told her that her father was awake now.

Allan stumbled in the house, rubbing sleep from his eyes. His eyes fell on his daughter, “Hey, Princess.”

“Hi, Dad,” Sara smiled.

Allan face fell slightly. Sara using Dad instead of Daddy was new. He missed Sara calling him Daddy.

Allan's face clouded a bit more when he saw what his daughter was making for dinner, “Okay... what did you do this time?”

“Huh?” Sara asked, not looking up from her work.

“Must have been something if you're making your Mother's favorite...”

Sara's toffee face darkened, “Nothing... really.”

“Uh, huh,” Allan replied, crossing his hands over his chest. Not believing a word.

Allan saw an eye peek in his direction. After a moment, Sara sighed, “I got pulled over.”

“City or County?”

“County... Jimmy.”


“I was only speeding. I wasn't doing anything really bad....” Sara whined.

“How fast?”

“It wasn't....”

“How fast?” Allan asked again.

“Eighty,” Sara squeaked.

“Get a ticket?”

“Couple o' kids came by racing in their cars. Jimmy went after them instead.”

“No ticket,” Allan stated.

Sara shook her head, “Said he was gonna call Mom.”

“Hence you making dinner. Not gonna work, Little girl o' mine.”

“Worth a shot,” Sara said with a hopeful tone of voice.

“Sara. Your Mom is the Chief of Police. You need to be setting an example.”

“Hey, a little speeding is pretty mild compared to what some of the kids do,” Sara shot back.

“Yeah... well... still. You need to be setting an example.”

Sara looked dejected, “So how much trouble am I in?”

“I'll leave that to your Mother. I will however suggest that as soon as she walks in the house tonight, you admit to getting pulled over.”

“How will that help?”

“Might throw her off. She usually expects you to try and cover things up. Or butter her up by doing things like making her favorite for dinner.”


Allan smiled and kissed his daughter on her forehead, “Don't worry, Kiddo. I'll run what interference I can.”

“Thanks, Daddy.”

Allan smiled. There was the word he had been waiting for.


Zoë pulled up in front of the house in her Police SUV. Exiting the vehicle, she looked over at her Daughters hover bike and growled. Taking a deep breath, Zoë stepped up on the porch and opened the front door.

The smell of her favorite dinner hit her nostrils. Zoë did her best to hide her grin. Sara was using her usual tactics for when she had done something wrong. Before Zoë could take more than few steps into the living room, Sara came out of the kitchen and stepped in front of her.

Sara took a deep breath, “Mom... Jimmy pulled me over for speeding today.”

Zoë adopted a stern expression on her face.

“And. I shouldn't have been. I was wrong. I need to be more responsible.”

Zoë did her best to hide her surprise. Sara never admitted to wrongdoing without any cajoling. Something was up. Looking toward the kitchen Zoë caught sight of her husband's grin.

Zoë suddenly smelled a rat. But, Sara had admitted to doing something wrong. Like it or not, Sara was trying to be more responsible.

Inwardly Zoë smiled a bit and even Sara noted the twinkle in her mother's eyes.

“So I reckon, you making my favorite dinner is just a coincidence?

“Not really. That was actually my primary plan...”

Zoë smiled then and shook her head, “Aw hell. Okay, I'm restricting your driving privileges. School and back only. No joy rides for a month.”


“Could make it two...”

“Fine,” Sara grumped.

Zoë reached out and pulled her daughter into a hug, “We nearly lost you a year and a half ago. Don't want to temp fate again... dong-ma?”

“Dang-ran,” Sara replied.

“Lets eat.”


Later that night as he and Zoë got ready for bed, Allan noticed that his wife was very tense. She sat on the edge of the bed. Shoulders squared up and the muscles flexing. Visible even through the thin material of her nightgown.

Allan kneeled on the bed behind Zoë and began to rub her shoulders.

“Mmmm,” Zoë moaned, “Give you about a week to stop that.”

Allan smiled, “Not sure if my hands can last that long, but I'll try.”

Zoë leaned back into him and sighed.

“Everything okay at work?” Allan asked.


“On what?”

“On weather it's my opinion or the city councils.”

“What's happening now?”

“Since they made me Chief, populations gone up twenty percent. Got more industrial areas, not to mention the mall drawin folks from all over and they cut my budget request and then complain when the crime rate goes up.”

“Getting bad?” Allan asked.

“Think we got some gang activity moving in from Capital City.”


“Tong or a Triad. Been seein a lot more drug stuff. Drops and the like. Burglary's are up. Even had a mugging last week.”

All the while Zoë was talking, Allan continued to massage her shoulders. Zoë grunted when he hit a particularly tense spot.

“I thought the council supported you?” Allan asked.

“Got three new members since last election. Only the chairman and one other left o' the ones that hired me. New City Manager too. Some core bred, college boy. Ain't got a lick o' sense but he looks good on paper.”

Allan smiled slightly, “Worse than Simon?”

“Simon asleep, has more brains than this hundan. And more sense.”

Allan chuckled and Zoë leaned back into him harder. Allan kissed her on the top of her head.

“What did they cut in the budget?”

“Three o' my part time officers... includin Jayne.”

“What?” Allan asked incredulously.

“Said I don't need an investigator. Specially a part time one with a... questionable past.”

“What about your questionable past?”

“They ain't had the stones to bring it up... yet.”

Allan growled.

“Does Jayne know yet?” Alan asked after a moment.

“Told him this afternoon. Offered to shoot the Manager as a favor. He's the one tellin the board what to do. They treat what he says like holy writ. I show numbers that says we need more cops and he counters with numbers that say the opposite. Since he's got the education to back him up, they listen to him, stead o' me.”

“That's bullshit,” Allan replied, “You're the Chief of Police. You know what's going on more than anyone.”

“Tell them that,” Zoë sighed.

“Maybe I should.”

Zoë turned around, “Baby, I know you mean well but anything you say ain't gonna have the pull since you're married to me.”

It was Allan's turn to sigh, “Guess you're right.”

“Let's go to bed,” Zoë said quietly, “And forget about all this go-se.”

Allan smiled and kissed her as Zoë turned out the light.


“Mom?” Sara asked.

“What is it, Baby?” Zoë replied, looking up from her breakfast.

“I know you said, school and home only... but I need to pick up some new guitar strings and the fuzz pedal I ordered is in.”

“Fine... You can stop at the mall on the way home from school. But that's it, Dong-ma?”

Sara smiled and kissed her mother on the cheek, “Thanks, Mom.”

“Can you grab some new strings for my Les Paul, Sara?”

“Sure Dad. Same as last time?”

“Yup,” Allan replied as he sat down with his own breakfast. He eyed his daughters omelet with envy. Simon said Allan needed to lower his cholesterol so he was forced to eat oatmeal.

“What's your plan today, Husband?”

“Helping Kaylee change out the port compression coil on Serenity. Do the monthly reactor check on Sara Jane and then I'm playing a round of golf with Simon and the Hospital Administrator this afternoon.”

“Simon bucking for another promotion?” Zoë asked with a smile.

“He's already director of the Trauma Service. Only other job he might be interested in is Chief Surgeon.”

“Does he want it?”

“I think so. But I think Kaylee would kill him if he took it. He'd be at the hospital even more than he is now.”

Zoë chuckled, “Think you're right on that one.”


After school, Sara pulled into the New Edmonton Mall parking lot. Pulling around back to the loading area, she parked her hoverbike. Unzipping her leather jacket, Sara removed her pistol from the locked compartment under the seat and tucked it into her fanny pack. Ever since her kidnapping almost two years ago, Sara never went anywhere without a gun. While she preferred the Mare's leg that her mother had given her, it wasn't practical for everyday casual carry.

The pistol her Uncle Mal had given her was perfect for when she didn't want to draw attention to the fact that she was armed. Sara walked up the the service door that lead to Inara's fashions. The store belonging to Inara Serra-Reynolds. Her Aunt Inara.

Placing her thumb against the reader, the door buzzed as the lock released. Sara stepped inside and nearly collided with her Aunt.

“Sara!” Inara exclaimed, “You startled me.”

“Sorry, Aunt 'Nara. I'm just taking the shortcut.”

“I thought you were grounded?” Inara asked, her hands on her hips.

“Sort of. I have permission though. Mom knows where I am.”

“Okay,” Inara smiled. With her companion training, she could usually tell if one of the kids was less than honest.

“Okay if I leave my helmet here?”

“Put it on the shelf dear.”


“If you bump into that son of mine, would you please send him back here?”

Sara grinned, “Sure... soon as I finish smoochin on him.”

Inara grinned. “Don't embarrass him too much. He's already surrounded as it is. Jefferson is escorting his sister.”

“Since when does Emma need a babysitter in the mall?”

“Since she's with Jack.”

“Ohhhh,” Sara replied. “Uncle Mal insisted didn't he.”

Inara rolled her eyes,” Yes... sometimes that man...”

“Tell me about it,” Sara giggled, “You should see the look on Dad's face when he catches me and Jeff smoochin. Besides, Emma's only twelve.”

“It doesn't matter to Mal,” Inara replied, smiling, “Or the fact that Jack is Thirteen and even more inept with the opposite sex than his father.”

Sara nodded in agreement and smiled, “I gotta run, Aunt 'Nara. See you later,” Sara said as she exited the store.

Sara walked quickly down the mall, trying to avoid the pre Christmas crush of shoppers. Christmas was in a few weeks and the crowds were heavy.

Reaching her destination, Sara entered the music supply store and made a beeline for the guitar section.

After finding what she and her father needed for strings, Sara made her way to the counter.

“Hey, Mr. Knox.”

“Sara!” the store owner smiled, looking up from his cortex screen,” How's my best customer?”

“Shiny. You waved and said my new pedal was in?”

“Got it right here,” The gray haired man replied as he set a box on the counter.

Sara grinned as she looked at the box. She had broken her old one and even she and Aunt Kaylee hadn't been able to repair it.

“Perfect. Got the school, holiday concert coming up and I needed this.”

“I'll ring that up for you... strings too?”


“How is your father? I haven't seen him for a few weeks.”

“He's shiny. Just kinda grumpy because of the diet Uncle Simon has him on.”

“Is that Dr. Tam? Rebecca's father?”


“Can you get these to Rebecca?” Mr. Knox asked as he handed another package to the girl, “Reeds for Rebecca's Saxophone.”

“No problem, Mr. Knox. Becca and I are rehearsing tonight anyway.”

“Good... well, that will be eighty platinum total.”

Sara nodded and handed over her bank card.

Before the shopkeeper could swipe the card, the unmistakable sounds of gunfire echoed through the mall and the store window shattered.

Sara dropped to the floor and grabbed for her gun.

Visible through the open doorway, four young, Sinic men were shooting at anything that moved.

“Go-se.” Sara swore as she tightly clutched her pistol.



Thursday, March 12, 2009 4:50 PM


Well hey, nice set-up for the gang at the end with the rising crime comment.

Those four guys are going to regret crossing the kids, aren't they. >)

Friday, March 13, 2009 4:02 AM


Why do I get the feeling Sara is going to get arrested? Just this nagging at the back of my hindbrain. But great start!


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