Triad - Chapter 2
Saturday, March 14, 2009

While the bad guys shoot up the New Edmonton Mall, Sara takes matters into her own hands. While this is happening, a robbery is committed.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


This story takes place about a year after the conclusion of Heritage.


AN: New story arc. Set approximately 19 years after the BDM (Serenity) This chapter is un-beta'd.

Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 53 Inara Serra-Reynolds 45 Allan Bryant 69 Zoл Bryant 49 Kaylee Tam 42 Simon Tam 44 Jayne Cobb 53 River Cobb 37 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 17 Emma Reynolds 12 Sara Bryant 16 Rebecca Tam 17 John (Jack) Tam 13 Rachel Cobb 10 Jesse Cobb 8

Triad-Chapter One


There were screams echoing throughout the mall as the gunmen blindly fired their weapons. It looked to Sara like they were trying to not so much kill folk as create as much ruckus as possible.

But shooting folks is what they were doing, Sara realized when she saw a woman across the corridor laying in a pool of blood.

That made her mad. Another thought struck her that her sweetie Jeff was somewhere in the building along with his sister Emma and Jack Tam. No one was gonna hurt them if she had any say in the matter.

Carefully, Sara crawled across the floor to the store entry so she could get a better idea what was happening.

“Sara!” hissed Mr. Knox when he saw the teenager crawling across the floor.

“Stay down Mr. Knox,” Sara called back.

Risking a quick look, Sara popped her head around the corner...

And pulled back just as quick as bullets slammed into the opening just above her head, “Rutting hell!”

Sara zipped up her leather jacket, even though she was sweating. The jacket had a layer of the ballistic cloth her father had invented. It made the garment for all intents and purposes, bulletproof.

Carefully, Sara slid to her feet, using the door fame as cover. Taking a deep breath, she clutched her pistol in her hands and dove into the mall proper. Hitting the floor with her shoulder and rolling, she came up behind a large planter. Bullets ricocheted off the tile floor where she had been just a moment before.

Heart pounding, Sara held her breath as more bullets flew her way. She heard the familiar click of an automatic pistol locking open. The youth with the gun swore something in Chinese.

Sara stood and pulled her trigger twice.

The young man fell back, his gun slipping from his now lifeless fingers as he dropped to the hard floor.

Sara stood in shock for a moment. She had just killed someone. Sara nearly joined him as another of the gunmen whipped around a sub machine gun and started spraying lead in Sara's direction.

Sara grunted as a round hit her in the left arm. She dropped to the floor, swearing.

The bullet didn't penetrate her jacket but the impact hurt like hell. Scrambling away from where she was, Sara got ready to fire again if the kid came after her.

The other two gunmen were also converging on Sara's position to avenge the one she had killed.

The mall had gone eerily quiet. Sara could hear the faint sounds of their shoes on the hard tile floor as the three young men tried to sneak up on her.

Sara shifted from her backside and crouched. She hadn't been this scared since the crash that nearly killed her almost two years ago. Just as the three men began to round the huge planter Sara was hiding behind, someone yelled.

“Hey! Hundan!”

The three men turned...

Two shots rang out...

Two of the gunmen hit the floor...

The third began running for the nearest exit and Sara stuck out her foot and tripped him as he went by. She winced as the young man's face hit the floor. Blood sprayed from his broken nose and he was knocked unconscious.

It was suddenly quiet again.

“Sara?” called a voice. A voice she knew quite well.

“Jeff?” She called in reply.

“It's clear,” Jeff Reynolds called back.

Shakily, Sara rose to her feet. Ten feet away, his own pistol in his hands stood her boyfriend. Sara almost collapsed with relief. Jeff was at her side instantly and wrapped her in his arms.

“You okay, Boa-bei?”

Sara could only nod vigorously.

Sounds began to return. Moans from people shot, crying children and approaching in the distance, the wail of sirens.

“Jefferson! Sara!” Inara called out as she ran down the concourse, her skirts flowing and a small nickel plated pistol in her hands.

“We're okay, Mom,” Jeff replied as his mother ran up.

“Where's Emma and Jack?” Inara asked franticly.

“Right here Momma,” Emma said as she stuck her head out from the store where she had hidden.

Jack Tam also stuck out his head, took a look around and ran to a wounded woman nearby. He immediately tore off his white button front shirt and used it to bandage the woman's arm.

The doors to the mall burst open and Jayne Cobb and Lucy Lee from the Police department followed by Jimmy Buford from the Sheriff's department ran inside. Jayne had Vera in his hands while Lucy and Jimmy carried shotguns.

The three of them skidded to a stop when they saw the carnage. Jayne swore under his breath.

Ten bodies lay around the central mall courtyard. Numerous other's were injured and in the middle of it all stood Sara Bryant and Jeff Reynolds. Still in each other's arms.


Allan, Simon and Devon Conley, the hospital administrator were just walking back to the clubhouse from the eighteenth green when Simon and Allan's personal com's went off at the same time.

A moment later, the administrators com sounded. Allan and Simon shared a look. Something was up.

“Allan Bryant,” Allan said into the device.

“Allan, this is Becky, the dispatcher for the PD. There has been a shooting at the Mall. Jayne said to tell you that Sara is involved but she's okay. He wants you to head over there.”

Allan's face went pale, “I'm on the way.”

Allan looked at Simon as he too disconnected his own call, “Mall?” the Doctor asked.

“Sara's involved. Jayne says she's okay.”

“Trauma team has been activated. There are numerous people shot. I need to get there to start triage.” Simon said, his face hardening.

“Let's go.”


“Wu de tyen ah,” Zoë muttered as she entered the New Edmonton Mall. Both air and ground ambulances for miles around had converged as well as nearly every cop and deputy on duty in the entire county. Even neighboring Butte County had sent deputies.

Zoë had been in a meeting with the City Manager, arguing to keep the three officers on the payroll that the moron wanted to be cut.

She walked over to where Jacob Buford, the Sheriff stood. He had assumed command of the scene until Zoë could arrive.

“What happened?”

“Not rightly sure of the why yet, but them three dead fellas under the sheets started shootin up the place. Killed seven and wounded another fifteen or so. Got one o' the bad guys on the way to the hospital. Jayne's sittin on him.”

“Who killed the other three?”

“Couple of kids... namely your little girl and Mal's boy.”

“Shen-me?” Zoë replied, her eyes bugging out.

“Sara done shot one of em' twice in the chest and Jefferson got two more. Sara tripped the one tried to run and he ended up knockin himself out on the floor.”

“Where are they?... the kids.”

“Miss Inara's got em' over in her store. Lucy's in with em' getting full statements.”

“I'm gonna kill her,” Zoë muttered under her breath, just loud enough for Jacob to hear.

“Don't be too hard on her, Zoë. From what the witnesses are sayin, them two kids saved a bunch o' lives today.”

Zoë nodded and started walking towards Inara's clothing store. She shook her head at the pools of blood on the floor. As she walked past the music supply store, the owner called out to her, “Chief Bryant?”

Zoë stopped, “Yes?”

“Sara was in here when all this started. I've got her bank card.”

Zoë smiled, “Thank you Mr. Knox.”

“You got one hell of a little girl. She just charged into the middle o' this mess. Girl's a hero in my book.”

Zoë kept the smile on her face but inside she was seething. Sara should have stayed under cover instead of playing the hero. “I'll tell her that.”

Taking the bank card, Zoë continued down the mall. Upon entering Inara's store, she was intercepted by the former companion.

“Where is she, 'Nara?”

“In the back room...”

Zoë headed in that direction. Inara grabbed her friends arm, “Sara is very upset.”

“You think she's upset...” Zoë snapped back.

“Sara killed someone today. She's having a hard time dealing with that.”

Zoë deflated like a balloon stuck with a pin, “She okay?”

“I think she might have been hit. She had her jacket on so she wasn't seriously injured but...”

“Thanks, 'Nara.”

Composing herself, Zoë headed into the back room of the store.

Sara was sitting on a chair just outside Inara's small office. Jeff sat next to her while Jack tried to get his older cousin to take her jacket off so he could look at her arm. The Thirteen year old planned to follow his father into medicine and was already skilled in first aid.

“Sara?” Zoë said as she approached.

“Momma!” Sara cried as she shot to her feet and hugged her mother, “I'm sorry.”

Zoë was taken off guard, “What are you sorry about?”

“I should have stayed hid. Instead I jumped into the middle,” Sara sobbed.

“Shhh, It's okay, Baby. You did what you thought you had too.”

“You ain't mad?”

“I am a might. But only cause I could've lost you. Now you sit down there and let Jack look at your arm.”

Sara sniffled, “Okay Momma.”

Zoë turned to her sergeant who stood by, “Lucy?”

“I already got their statements and I took Sara and Jeff's guns into evidence.”

“Good,” Zoë replied, “I got a conflict o' interest here. I'm gonna turn the main investigation over to Jacob.”

“Good thinking, Boss.”

Zoë's com crackled, “Dispatch to PD One.”

Zoë sighed, “Go Becky.”

“Just got a report that the Armored Transport office was just robbed.”

“Cao!” Zoë swore., “Lucy, grab Mike and Jessup and get over there. I'll be along as soon as I can.”

“On it, Zoë.” Lucy replied before rushing out of the room.

Rubbing her temples to try and stave off her impending headache, Zoë headed back to the main crime scene. On the way she was nearly bowled over by her husband.


“She's in the back.”

“What the hell happened?” Allan demanded.

“I don't know all the details yet. Four men with guns started shooting up the place. Sara jumped in the middle and shot one o' the hundan's. Jeff was here too and he got a pair o' em'. Last one tied to run and Sara tripped him or some such.”

“But she's okay...” Allan asked.

“Think she got hit in her arm. Had her jacket on.”

“Thank god,” Allan sighed. Knowing the kind of protection the garment provided her.

“She's in the back. I gotta go talk to Jacob. Since Sara's involved, I can't head up the investigation. To add fuel to the fire, someone just robbed the Armored Transport company across town.”

“Son of a...”

“Soon as she's ready, take our girl home. I'm like to be late tonight.”

Allan nodded, “Be safe.”

Zoë gave him a quick peck on the lips, “I will.”

Allan turned and walked into the back room. He spotted Sara and strode over. She had just taken off her jacket and a large bruise was visible forming on her upper left arm, “Hey, Princess,” Allan smiled.

Sara smiled weakly, “Hi, Daddy.”

“How's the arm?”


Allan looked down at the youngest Tam child, “Jack?”

“Just a bruise, Uncle Allan,” the boy replied, “Armor in her jacket took most of it.”

Allan ruffled the young man's hair. Jack Tam had inherited a great deal of his father's intelligence. Even at thirteen, he was a skilled medic even though he couldn't actually use his skills on anyone besides family.

“How are you doing, Jeff?”

“I'm okay, Uncle Allan. Probably hit me tonight though.”

“Most likely. You okay to drive?”


“Why don't you go collect your sister from your mom and then take her and Jack here home. I'll be along directly as soon as we take care of Sara's bike.”

“Okay, Uncle Allan.”

Allan turned to his daughter,” Where's your bike?”

“Out back.”

Allan hugged her and kissed the top of Sara's head, “Okay. I brought the truck. Think your bike will hover high enough to get in the bed?”

Sara nodded, “If I put it in off road mode.”

“Go wait with Aunt Inara. Then We'll load it up and get you home.”

“Okay Daddy.”


“It's bad Chief,” Mike Wood, One of Zoë's officers said.

Zoë looked about and swore. Five bodies lay about the secured loading dock area. All were employees of the Armored Transport company.

“Any survivors?” Zoë asked.

“One o' the girls in the office,” Lucy replied, walking up, “Medics are seein to her.”

“Hurt bad?”

“Got pistol whipped,” Lucy replied.

Zoë rubbed her temples and took a deep breath. This was way beyond the capabilities of her department to handle, “Keep the scene secure,” She ordered, “I'm calling in some help.”

“Got it, Boss,” Mike replied.

Zoë pulled out her com unit, “PD One to Dispatch.”

“Go, Chief.”

“Call the Planetary Law Center and the Feds. We're gonna need some help on this.”


On the ride home, Sara sat in silence while her father drove. Many things were running through her mind. Foremost was that she had killed someone. She knew it was justified as people were in mortal danger, herself included.

But she had killed someone.

Then, Sara began to mentally kick herself for being a fool and just standing there afterwards. Only the pain of the bullet hitting her armored jacket had snapped her out of her reverie.

Then she was pinned down with no way to escape. Stupid.

If not for Jeff being in the mall today after school and having his own gun. Things would have been very different.

Sara shuddered.

“Sara?” Allan asked.

She looked up at her father and a tear ran down her cheek. She opened her mouth to speak but then instead, cast her eyes down.

Allan reached over with a free hand and squeezed his daughters shoulder, “It's okay, Sara. What you are feeling right now is normal. Anger, guilt, fear. All what I would expect you to feel.”

“You... you've killed someone before... right, Daddy?”

Allan nodded, “I have.”

“Did you feel like go-se afterward?”

“Every time.”

“I know Momma's killed folks...”

“She has,” Allan replied.

“Does it bother her too?”

Allan sighed. That was a difficult question. Zoë had killed many people in her life. Not counting the war, it was still a lot of people. Allan decided to be honest with Sara. She deserved no less.

“Sometimes it does. Your mother was a soldier. She did things she's not proud of. Things that at the time were the right thing to do. Either to save her life or the life of someone else. Later, on Serenity. It was the same. You do what you have to to survive. And yes... I think it still bothers her.”

Allan slowed down to pull into Serenity Acres while Sara pondered that information. She had done what she had too to survive and in the process, protect others. Sara was still upset but she could deal with that. Protecting others. That was a noble cause. A cause worth risking your life for.




Saturday, March 14, 2009 6:51 AM


Great new series!! I like the older Sarah.

Monday, March 16, 2009 10:49 PM


Good chapter. And you're setting up some interesting villains here. But how are Sara and Jeff going to handle having killed people?


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