Triad - Chapter 6
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the aftermath of the attack on Sara, Allan, Mal and Zoe try to figure out a plan but someone tries to infiltrate Serenity Acres.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


This story takes place about a year after the conclusion of Heritage.



Cast of characters:

Parents: Malcolm Reynolds 53 Inara Serra-Reynolds 45 Allan Bryant 69 Zoë Bryant 49 Kaylee Tam 42 Simon Tam 44 Jayne Cobb 53 River Cobb 37 Kids: Jefferson (Jeff) Reynolds 17 Emma Reynolds 12 Sara Bryant 16 Rebecca Tam 17 John (Jack) Tam 13 Rachel Cobb 10 Jesse Cobb 8

Triad-Chapter Six


Allan sat in a chair, trying to remain calm while Simon carefully stitched up the gash in Sara's arm. Thanks to the local antithetic, the girl didn't feel any pain but did keep a close eye on what her ersatz uncle was doing.

“All, done,” Simon stated as he leaned back and began cleaning up his equipment.

“Thanks, Uncle Simon,” Sara replied with a slight smile.

“That's what I'm here for,” Simon grinned. “I'll have a prescription for some antibiotics. Just to make sure there's no infection. Also one for a mild painkiller. The weaves will dissolve in about a week.”

“Okay,” Sara nodded.

“Just relax here for a few minutes. The nurse will be in with you meds and the discharge paperwork. Allan? May I speak with you a moment?”

The older man nodded and Simon led him outside the small treatment room. Once outside, the doctor looked at his friend, “What is going on around here?”

“A mess,” Allan sighed, “Zoë thinks there's a criminal Triad behind all this. They've been recruiting all the kids with Chinese ancestry. Kids who would never have done something like this before.”

“What exactly happened to Sara?”

“I think it was revenge for Sara and Jeff's stopping the killing spree at the mall. I think they went after Sara first because she looked like the softer target.”

“I gather that wasn't the case...”

“Sara did well. Six to one odds. She got three before she got help.”

“Who helped?”

“Your sister... after that it was no contest.”

Simon nodded, “I never thought her taking that teaching job would save a life.”

“I for one am eternally grateful for that.”

“Blood or not, we are a family. We look out for one another.”

“Yeah... I know.”


Mal and Inara had arrived to retrieve Jeff while Becca would ride home with her father. With a bandage on her arm, Sara followed her Allan outside to the old hovertruck, and climbed into the passenger seat.

Allan was very quiet on the drive home, his mind racing. He was trying to figure out a strategy that would protect Sara and Jeff while allowing the kids to have a somewhat normal life.

Sara looked over at her father and noticed the look on his face, “Daddy?”

Allan smiled slightly. His heart melted a bit every time Sara used that word, “Yes?”

“Best way to stop this is to find the boss and take him out.”

Allan glanced at Sara, “You're right. But that's your mother's department.”

“Yeah,” Sara replied, “But that doesn't mean we can't help.”

“Doing what, little girl o' mine?”

Sara giggled, “What's Olivia bringing for gear?”

Allan smiled back, “Knowing her? The whole toy box.”

“Then it's easy.”


After dinner that night, Mal and Inara came over to discuss things. Sara and Jeff sat on the sofa, ostensibly doing homework but also eavesdropping on their parents.

“Ain't real happy, bout' this,” Mal stated.

“I know, Mal,” Allan replied. “As soon as Olivia and Israel get here tonight, security for the kids will be better.”

“What if they decide to go after Emma, or one of the other children?” Inara asked.

“That's a possibility,” Zoë admitted. "But we're manpower limited. Even with all this go-se happinin, the hundan won't spring for the overtime to post a few cops at the schools.”

“You've got to be kidding me?” Allan exclaimed.

“Somethin about that man just sets me off,” Zoë replied. “I got Jayne lookin into his past.”

“You thinking he's in on this?”

“Not really... well, I hope for his sake not,” Zoë replied.

Allan mused for a moment, “Could have River drop by his office. She might pick something up.”

“Nothing I can use in court. A reader ain't nothing I can use for evidence.”

“Might point us in the right direction, though,” Allan replied.

Before anyone could reply, the security alarm activated and the main cortex screen in the living room popped up a screen showing that the sensors near the far property line had been activated.

Allan swore under his breath, “Kids, Inara stay here,” he ordered.

“But...” Sara said.

“Stay here,” Zoë replied, cutting her off.

Mal and Allan were already off the porch heading for the hovertruck, parked in front of the house. Jayne and River burst through their front door, heavily armed. The alarm rang in all the houses.

Allan slid behind the wheel with Zoë beside him, Mal and River took seats in the back and Jayne hopped into the bed, Vera at the ready.

Allan accelerated down the path that led to where the two ships were parked, crossed the bridge over the creek and preceded to head for the location on the perimeter where the sensors had tripped.

Serenity Acres had a state of the art security system. It's sensors could detect lifeforms as small as insects. In such a rural area, it ignored most fauna and deterred the occasional predator like wolves or bears with sonics.

If a person approached. It was different story. Many times, hikers would wander too close to the property line. A verbal warning from the system would usually suffice. If the person continued to approach, the system would sound an alarm. Every one of the extended Serenity family and certain close friends biometric signatures were programmed into the system and would be ignored.

But if the system detected a weapon carried by a person not in the database, it reacted very differently.

The first verbal warning would be followed by a second warning that if the intruders continued, deadly force would be initiated.

Every fifty meters, small camouflaged units were emplaced along the perimeter. These units contained the sonics for chasing away predators and a variable power laser.

The first shot would be low power, just enough to cause pain and a slight burn. if the intruder continued...

Allan crested a small rise and saw the flash of the lasers through the trees. Not the red beam of the low power setting but the flesh slicing high powered green.

Someone didn't take the hint.

Allan slowed the truck to a stop, a hundred feet from where the headlights illuminated four bodies on the ground.

Allan swore loudly. Mal as well. Each one of the bodies that lay on the ground had been carrying various firearms. One even had an old independent issue assault rifle.

All were young, Sinic men. One looked no older than sixteen.

“God damn it!” Allan growled, “Who do these assholes think they are, sending theses kids to be slaughtered?”

Zoë shook her head. River examined the bodies and they all herd her suck in a breath, “Wu de tyen ah,” she whispered, “This is James Xio. He... he was one of my art students.”

Everyone around knew that Serenity Acres was well protected. No one ever approached the property unless it was through the main gate.

Yet someone had sent these kids to be killed needlessly. Suddenly, Alan's eyes shot wide, “We need to get back to the houses.”

“What?” Mal asked.

“Diversion,” River said as she turned to run to the truck. As Allan slid back behind the controls, the rumble of a small explosion could be heard.


Sara, Jeff and Inara were waiting for the others to either return or call. It was a surprise when the floor shook with an explosion. The alarm system activated again, signifying that the main gate to the compound had been breeched.

Sara bolted from the sofa to the gun cabinet in the corner. Swiftly unlocking it, she withdrew her parents, antique but perfectly serviceable Colt M-4 carbines.

Sam went on alert, baring his teeth and swiveling his ears. While he normally acted as the family pet, the big German Shepherd was fully trained for protection.

“Sam, jagen!” Sara ordered in German, telling the dog to hunt. In a flash, the canine disappeared through his dog door in the kitchen.

Tossing one of the carbines to Jeff, Sara loaded hers. Inara moved beside the girl and withdrew a pump action shotgun. Being the wife of Malcolm Reynolds and after being with the crew as long as she had, Inara knew how to handle a gun.

Jeff killed the lights in the living room and peered out the window. He thought he saw movement in the trees across from the house.

Suddenly automatic weapons fire erupted from the trees, glass flew everywhere and bullets chewed into the walls. Sara was grateful her father had decided on building log homes all those years ago. The heavy wood stopped the bullets.

Another volley of shots thudded into the house and more rounds came through the smashed windows. In a pop of sparks, the big cortex screen on the wall died.

As the unknown gunmen paused to reload, Jeff and Sara stuck the carbines out through the now open windows. Thermal sights showing glowing figures in the trees. Some began to move towards the house.

“Eight?” Sara whispered.

“All I can see,” Jeff replied.

“I don't see Sam,” Sara whispered back.

“There,” Jeff called out. The big dog was just visible in the thermal sights, sneaking up behind one of the gunmen. The man must have heard Sam because he turned and raised his gun.

And then hit the ground as a three round burst crashed into his back.

“No one shoots my gorram dog!” Sara yelled as she fired again. Jeff's carbine chattered beside her. The gunmen hit the deck and tried to shoot back at the muzzle flashes.

While the attackers were firing at muzzle flashes, Sara and Jeff picked their targets with care, thanks to the thermal sights on their rifles. Two more men fell and did not move.

Two of the men had moved to cover behind the large fiberglass stegosaurus in the center of the compound, while the remaining three tried to find more cover.

They didn't find any as they were cut down from behind by precision shots fired by Jayne and River.

The remaining two, suddenly realizing they were surrounded, threw down their weapons, hands in the air.

“Get on the ground! You're bound by law!” Zoë yelled as she, Allan and Mal approached on foot. They had left the truck by the workshop near the landing pad, allowing them to sneak up on the gunmen.

Unseen in the trees, another man swore quietly. Holstering his pistol, he began to slip away. He hadn't gone more than a few steps when something large and furry collided with him.

Sam had switched targets when his mistress had shot the man he had been stalking. Raising his sensitive nose to the air, he caught the odor of another intruder on his territory. Silently, Sam crept up behind his prey. As the man started to run, Sam launched himself.

The man screamed with pain as Sam's jaws came down on his forearm. The impact of the hundred and twenty pound canine had knocked him to the ground.

Sam growled and snarled as he chewed on the man's arm. Despite having a gun, the man only could think of protecting his face from the attacking dog.

“Sam! Aufhalten! Weit!,” Allan yelled, ordering the canine to release his prey and move away.

“Kommen hier,” Allan commanded as he reached the whimpering man, pistol at the ready.

Sam obediently, trotted to Allan's side and growled at the man laying on the ground.

Allan smiled at the dog, “Gut junge,” He praised. Sam wagged his tail.

“I need a doctor!” the man on the ground yelled.

“Ain't that too bad,” Allan growled. In the distance, he could hear sirens approaching.

“This is brutality!” The man cried.

Allan kneeled next to the man and removed the bitten man's gun from his holster and tucked it into his belt, “No... brutality would be me letting Sam here, chew on you a little longer.”

As if to punctuate his masters words, Sam barked and then growled again.


“Somethings wrong,” Bobbie Sutherland said to her two companions.

“What is it?” Olivia asked.

“No one's answering waves at any of the houses.”

“We'll get suited up,” Israel said, “What's our ETA?”

“Ten minutes,” the redheaded pilot replied.

“Make it a combat landing... Just like St. Albans.”

“Got it Israel,” Bobbie replied as she drove the courier ship deeper into Boros' atmosphere.

Olivia and her new husband adjourned to their tiny cabin and began donning body armor and checking weapons. Preparing for every eventuality.

With the crack of a sonic boom, the experimental ship announced it's arrival over Serenity Acres. About a third bigger than a standard Alliance Gunship, the new Apollo class, fast courier was designed to carry either a few people of a small cargo very fast over medium ranges. Quite possibly, they were the fastest ships in the known 'Verse.

Swinging the small ship around, the trio was both relived and concerned when they saw the myriad flashing lights of police vehicles and a group of ground ambulances. There was even a fire department vehicle on the scene.

Quickly, Bobbie landed the sleek ship next to the pair of Fireflys that dominated the landing pad.

As soon as the hatch opened, Olivia and her husband started running for the main compound.

Trotting up, Israel swore as he saw the carnage. The front of Allan and Zoë's home was pockmarked with bullet strikes and most of the windows on the front of the house were shot out. On the ground lay six, sheet covered bodies. Two young men were handcuffed on the ground, surrounded by deputies and some of Zoë's officers. Another slightly older man was being treated by paramedics and he too, looked to be in custody.

“Hold up there!” Called a tall older man. He was dressed in civilian clothing but a badge was swinging from a chain around his neck. His hand was resting on the butt of his gun.

“Israel and Olivia Schneider, Blue Sun Security,” Israel stated as he and his new bride came to a halt. They kept their hands away from their weapons.

The man nodded and smiled, “Sheriff Jacob Buford, Allan said you might be showin up.”

“What the hell happened?” Olivia asked.

“Gorram Triad is what happened. Set some fellas in across the perimeter over yonder to draw Allan, Zoë and the others away from the houses then they blew the gate with explosives. Tried to shoot their way in ta' the house. Ran up against young Sara and Jefferson, they did. Jayne and the misses got three while the kids got the other three. Hell, even ole' Sammy had himself a little taste. Chewed a might on the hundan, medics are workin on.”

“But everyone's okay...” Olivia trailed off.

“Sara's a might upset, second gunfight for the girl in two days. Zoë's gone all quiet like. Scares me when she's like that. Allan and Mal are fit to be tied.

“Where are they?”

“Jayne n' River's place. County Prosecutors in there with em'.”

“Izzy?” Called Roberta's voice.

“All clear, Bobbie,” the security man replied.

The short redhead walked up, a pistol riding low in the holster she wore on her hip. Roberta Sutherland might now be the chief pilot for Blue Sun but she was a rim girl who grew up behind the controls of a Firefly and no stranger to a fight.

“Begora,” Bobbie whispered when she saw what had happened.

“Come on Bobbie, Allan's at River and Jayne's place,” Israel said as he began walking in that direction. Olivia and Bobbie walking on either side of him.


“Allan, you need to calm down,” Annie Nash said.

A survivor of the lost exodus ship, Kansas. Annie Nash, like Allan had grown up on Earth. She had been a paralegal and Alan had arraigned a job for her in the Edmonton County Prosecutors office. After a couple of years, she had decided to study for her Bar exam. Passing easily, Annie had earned a position as a deputy, county prosecutor. A year and a half previous, her boss had retired and she had won the election to take his place.

“Damn it Annie,” Allan exclaimed, “These sons a bitches have declared war on this town and my family!”

The attorney sighed, “I know. But We can't have vigilante's running around.”

Allan stared at her, “I'm no vigilante...”

Annie stood and looked up at her friend, “I know that, Allan. I want these bastards as much as you do. But we need to do it right.”

“She's right, Husband,” Zoë said quietly. “Now, I'd bring you on as a reserve officer, Mal too iffin' I could. But the City Manager wouldn't stand for it.”

“Got ways around that,” Jacob Buford said as he entered behind Israel, Olivia and Bobbie.

“Hey, Boss,” Israel said as he shook Allan's hand.

Despite his anger, Allan managed a smile for the short former soldier, “I hear some congratulations are in order?”

“Got that right, Boss,” Olivia replied as she gave Zoë a hug.

“Hey, Allan,” Bobbie piped up.

“Hey, Little Red.”

Bobbie pouted at her nickname but her eyes betrayed what she really felt. They were smiling.

“How's Sara?” Olivia asked.

“Pretty upset,” Zoë replied. “Not six hours ago, a bunch o' hundan's tried to stab her at school. Now this.”

Olivia's light complexion darkened with anger, “Ain't gonna happen any more. Not with us around.”

“Sara's upstairs with River,” Allan began, “Might like to see a friendly face.”

Olivia nodded and started up the stairs. Allan turned to the Sheriff, “What did you mean; Ways around the City Manager?”

“I'll just make you an' Mal, deputies,” Jacob grinned.

“Now that, is a great idea,” Annie replied.

“Better swear in Israel and Olivia, too,” Zoë commented.

“Don't forget me,” Bobbie interjected.

“Don't you have to get the ship back to Londinium?” Allan asked.

“Not for two weeks,” Bobbie grinned.

“Well then. Looks like you got a some new deputies, Jake,” Allan said, a slight grin forming at the corners of his mouth.




Thursday, March 26, 2009 3:29 AM


I love the attack on the house - okay, not love but you know what I mean. The bad guys just don't know what kind of a hornet's nest they've stirred up, do they? And what with everyone now being legally able to go after them, I see some righteous retribution coming. BTW, I think Sam the dog is great. Can I have one?

Thursday, March 26, 2009 4:06 AM


I was going to say! Something had better happen where they can take care of these hundans! I say go for the vigilante justice! What is all this law abiding stuff?? :) Glad to see at least now Alan et al, can all join in the "fun"

Thursday, March 26, 2009 4:06 AM


legally. There was supposed to be a legally at the end of my first post.

Thursday, March 26, 2009 9:48 AM


Now that Zoe is a cop, she can't go off the "reservation" so to speak like they used to. They can get away with it on other worlds but on Boros, in their back yard? No they need to play it carefully.

And, Jane? Yeah. I've got a thing for German Shepherds. My Girlfriend and I used to rescue unwanted GSD's. Mostly elderly dogs. We would only have them a few years before they passed on. Lost three last year.

Down to just three dogs now from a high three years ago of nine. You wouldn't believe my dog food bill back then.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009 1:48 PM


I've never gotten sucked into a post-Serenity universe story before. ...or even a story that focuses on the "main crew" with an extra character thrown in. Still, this story is well written, interesting, and leaves me eager to read more about what happens.

In short, more please.


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