Discovery - Chapter 3
Sunday, November 29, 2009

The crew deals with the aftermath of the fight with the Terminator and an old 'friend' of Cameron realizes she is in the 'Verse.


Fan fiction. Done for fun, not profit. I own none of these characters.... I just play with them a little.


Crossover between Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly. A continuation of my previous Fanfic, Rebirth.





Chapter Three


River suddenly stiffened in the water, “Trouble in town!”

“What is it Mei-mei?” Zoë asked as she reached for a towel.


Cameron launched herself out of the water, running for the locker room. Zoë and River on the Cyborg's heels.

Caught flat footed for a moment, Inara, Reagan and Kaylee were slower to react but the trio quickly followed the other women.

Zoë pulled her mares leg from her locker and strapped it over her dripping bathing suit. Cameron and River doing the same with their own guns.

“Inara, grab our stuff. We'll be back, soon as we can,” Zoë ordered, “River, you're flyin.”

The three swimsuit clad women burst out of the spa and ran for the parked shuttle a few yards away. With a scream of engines, the small craft rose into the air and shot towards town.

Standing in the middle of the woman's locker room, the remaining ladies of serenity could do nothing but collect River, Cameron and Zoe's clothing and get dressed themselves.


Simon quickly examined the young woman who had passed out, “She's not injured too badly. It looks like she just fainted.”

Mal nodded, “Check on the others. I'll keep an eye on her.”

Quickly, Simon made his way over to where two of the redhead's surviving companions lay moaning on the floor.

Gabriel carefully examined the now deactivated terminator. Absently he kicked the metal body, “Amazing how lifelike they really are...”

“Can kill em' just like any man iffin' you got the right hardware,” Jayne stated as he buttoned his shirt. The Mercenary had retrieved his clothing from upstairs. The bar's lone working girl was now holding the sobbing barmaid in her arms. The murdered bartender and she had been engaged.

After ensuring the the now wakeful New Browncoats would be alright. Simon made his way over to the body of the young man that the terminator had killed. Shaking his head sadly, the doctor pulled a tablecloth from a nearby table and covered the body.

“No one move!” cried out a new voice. The doors burst open and two men and one woman forcefully entered the bar.

Mal looked up sharply and saw the badges of the local law. He swore under his breath, “Relax, folks... shootins all done.”

The short brunette woman who had entered first pointed her gun at the Captain, “Who the hell are you?”

Mal came to his feet slowly, hands away from his gun. He motioned for Jayne to do the same, “Name's Malcolm Reynolds. I Captain the Firefly down at the port.”

“What the Cao happened here?”

“Gunfight... we were just havin a quiet drink when the shootin started. I got my Doc seein to the wounded.”

The woman nodded but didn't drop her gun, “Toby, collect all the guns.”

“Got it, Sheriff,” one of the men nodded as he headed for Jayne first. With reluctance, the big man handed over his pistol.

Gabriel slowly took out his own gun and laid it on the table nearest him. Simon doing the same as he slowly made his way back to the still unconscious redheaded woman on the floor.

“What in rutting hell is that!” cried out the second lawman.

Mal sighed. Explaining the dead Terminator might be a bit of a problem.

Keeping one eye on the Captain, the woman who Mal assumed to be the Sheriff looked over to where her deputy stood wide eyed over the prone figure of what Mal figured was a triple eight.

“Aw, go-se,” the woman growled. She looked back at Mal, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Depends on what you think it is,” Mal replied with slight grin on his face.

“Looks like some kind a gorram robot...”

“Pretty close,” Mal replied, “Can I put my hands down now?”

The Sheriff nodded and Mal dropped his hands, “Ain't the first one o' those I've seen.”

“Do tell. Maybehaps you better start at the beginning...”

The Sheriff was cut off by the sound of a shuttle landing in the street outside. Seconds later, three heavily armed and nearly naked women burst through the door.

“Cap'n?” Zoë called out as she came through the swinging doors.

“We're secure, Zoë... wuo de ma...” Mal's eyes had just fallen on River and Cameron standing behind the swimsuit clad Zoë wearing nothing but bikinis. All three women were still dripping water on the floor.

“Who the hell...” the Sheriff exclaimed as she tried to take in this new threat.

“Just more a my crew,” Mal began, “And I'm seein much more o' them than I usually expect,” he finished with special emphasis, “Zoë, River, Cameron, why are you standin there near nekid?”

“We were at the spa, Sir,” Zoë replied with a smirk, her mares leg still out and pointed at the woman in front of the Captain.

“Like I said... someone better start at the beginning...” said the Sheriff.


“Machines?” said the shocked sheriff.

“Yep,” Mal answered. Using the story he and Cameron had come up with weeks earlier for situations like this, “Seems they is left over from the exodus. Used as crew and somesuch on the generation ships. Now, them that are still workin are used for all sorts a things. Some not so good.”

“Like trying to assassinate my cousin,” The Sheriff growled, “I see you're wearing brown, Captain.”

“What of it?”

“So did my older brother. And my uncles, including Cassidy's Pa. How's she doing, Anyway?”

“The wound in her shoulder needs a few sutures,” Simon replied, looking up from his patient, “She lost some blood but not very much. I'm having trouble explaining her prolonged unconsciousness.”

“Girl just got outta lockup... Feds, not me. Got pinched for 'Inciting Revolution' or some other go-se. Didn't feed her much.”

Mal growled, “She's what? Eighteen?”

“Nineteen,” The Sheriff replied.

“What's the plan, Sir?” Zoë asked. Still standing in there in her one piece swimsuit. Mal had draped his coat over River as she and Cameron were drawing stares. Gabriel wrapped his coat around his surrogate cyborg daughter.

“What happens next, depends on the Sheriff here,” Mal said as he looked at the woman closely.

“Feds'll be here in short order. Probably lock the lot of you up just on principle, Cassi too. Best you skedaddle back to your ship.”

“Much obliged,” Mal replied.

“What about the girl, Sir?” Zoë asked.

Mal looked over to where Simon was still kneeling over the prostrate form of the redhead, “She's your kin, Sheriff?”

“Cousin. Always been a headstrong little hai-zi...”

“She really does need medical attention, Captain,” Simon added.

“I'd be beholdin, Captain Reynolds,” the Sheriff said sincerely.

“Get er' to the shuttle, Doc,” Mal ordered, “Jayne, you and me will get what's left of the metal moved.”

Jayne grumbled. Knowing that Cameron could carry the machine easily but couldn't because of it being in public. They didn't want to reveal what Cameron really was.

“Whatever, Mal,” Jayne said after a moment.

“Feds approach,” River said suddenly.

“Get movin... ma-shong!” Mal yelled as he grabbed the machine's feet.

“What about them?” Cameron asked, pointing to the groggy men who had been with the redhead.

“I'll get them clear. Fed's get their hands on Cass again and she ain't gonna live through it...”

“What about the bodies?” Gabriel asked.

“I'll take care of it,” the Sheriff replied, “Now go. I'll stop by your ship, soon as I can.”

Mal nodded as he and Jayne dragged the deactivated Terminator out the door, “Talk to you then.”

As soon as they were all inside the shuttle, River moved behind the controls, “Pick up Kaylee, Inara and Mom first?”

“Good idea. Tross. Then back to Serenity. We can bolt if we need too then.”

With a nod, River lifted the shuttle from the ground. As they passed over the outskirts of the city, several Fed ground vehicles could be seen on the road leading from the garrison into town.


“Tell me what happened again, Sheriff?”

The woman growled under her breath, “Robbery gone bad. Didn't get any coin.”

“We heard there was a major shoot out.”

“Lead did get thrown around. But only had the two get hit.”

The Alliance officer nodded, “And the perpetrators?”

“Escaped. My deputies are speaking with the witnesses and getting descriptions. Soon as I have something solid, we'll get it out to you for upload to Interpol.”

“Security feed?”

“Been broke for a week. I already checked.”

The Lieutenant sighed. He hated being assigned to a backwater like Lazarus. Despite it's pretensions to be a resort planet. It was still the wild frontier to the core raised officer, “Very well. I'll expect your report as soon as it's finished, Sheriff.”

The Sheriff nodded, “You'll have it as soon as it's finished.”

With a curt nod, the officer signaled to his men and left the building, heading for their vehicles. As soon as the purple belly was out of sight, the Sheriff let out a sigh.

“What are ya' gonna put in your report, Jackie?” asked one of the deputies.

“Ain't sure yet, Toby. But I tell you this. It'll be a masterful work o' fiction.”

“Ain't most o' the ones you have to send to the Feds?” Toby grinned.

“Makes it that much easier.”


Reagan gently docked the shuttle with Serenity. As soon as the door opened, Cameron carried the still unconscious Cassidy Robards towards the infirmary. Followed by Simon, Mal, Zoë and River.

Entering the small room, the Cyborg laid the redhead on the exam table.

“Cameron, Zoë, please help me get her undressed,” Simon ordered.

Quickly, Zoë removed the young woman's Browncoat while Cameron removed the girl's shirt.

“Whu-de-ma,” Zoë swore when she saw the faded blue green bruises on the girl's upper body. She was also rail thin and emaciated.

Simon muttered something under his breath and set to work on the girl. First starting an IV and then starting work on the gunshot wound, “Thank you. I should be all set from here,” the doctor said after a moment.

“Okay, Doc,” Zoë replied, “I gotta get some clothes on before Jayne gets too worked up.”

“Please do... I have to admit, Zoë you are a bit... distracting.”

Zoë grinned, “That was almost a compliment, Doc.”

“I'm getting better at it,” Simon smiled, “Now shoo.”

With a smile, Zoë turned an left the infirmary, followed by Cameron. The Cyborg turned to Mal.

“You have the chip?”

“Right here, Darlin,” Mal smiled as he handed over the device, “And get some clothes on... you too, Albatross. Then get us ready to leave if we have to.”

“Yes Captain,” the twins replied in unison.

Following Zoë up the stairs, River couldn't help but notice how good the First Mate looked in her suit. So intent in watching Zoë's backside, River nearly fell after missing a stair.


The pilot jumped at the sound of Cameron's voice, “What?”

“It is not like you to be so distracted.”

“Momentary loss of concentration.”

Cameron nodded as the pair continued on the way to their shared bunk.


Half a system away, a thirtyish year old looking man smiled slightly. The security feed from Lazarus wasn't broken. It had in fact, been erased by the Sheriff. But the feed had still gone out.

Quickly the man made sure that no copies were in the Federal data bases. Typing furiously, the man finished his work, removing all traces of the feed from the ether.

Smiling wider, John Henry leaned back in his chair. The two young women seen in the video intrigued him. One was the fugitive, River Tam. Of that he was sure. The AI had studied her file intently upon Ms. Weaver's appointment as the new CEO of Blue Sun. He had been surprised at the girl's uncanny resemblance to both Allison Young/Connor and of course Cameron.

The second young woman in the shot looked like River's twin. There was no record that the Tam's had twin girls. Replaying he video in his memory, John Henry spotted the telltale differences in movement that indicated that the woman in the clip might be a Terminator.

And a very special Terminator. John Henry deduced that it was a ninety five percent certainty that the young woman in the clip was indeed the Terminator known as Cameron Phillips.

John Henry chuckled. Over the centuries, he had developed a sense of humor. Something his mentor hadn't. Ms. Weaver hadn't been able to evolve that ability.

Easily blowing through the firewalls around the most secure Alliance files, he set up a search for the name River Tam. Some files had been erased recently by some kind of virus. A virus that had all the signatures of another AI doing the work. But enough fragmented data remained to lead to other files. Foremost, the records of one Malcolm Reynolds. A smuggler and former Browncoat. He now Captained an old Firefly transport called Serenity.

Coming to a decision, John Henry activated his cortex screen. A moment later, Ms. Weaver's face appeared.

“Yes, John Henry?”

“I believe I have located an old ally.”

“Who is that?”


Weaver's face didn't change expression, “Are you sure?”

“A ninety five percent certainty,” the AI replied, “She also seems to be in the company of River Tam.”

That did get Weaver's attention, “Interesting. What do you plan to do?”

“I need to leave for Lazarus immediately.”

“Why there?”

“That is where they both were seen.”

“Very well. I'll have a ship prepared for you immediately. Please keep me informed, John Henry.”

“I will.”

John henry cut the wave and stood from behind his desk. Stepping to a closet in the corner, he removed both his pistol and a small duffel bag containing several changes of clothing. The last item he retrieved was a long brown duster. It had been too long since he had worn that coat. It was time yet again.

After securing the private data links in his office, John Henry left the room, heading for the private Blue Sun landing pads. He had a long way to travel.


After dressing, Cameron took the CPU from the deactivated Terminator and slipped it into the Interface She and Kaylee had fabricated. Her eyes flashed blue as she concentrated. The firewalls on the chip were impressive. She couldn't get through them.

“Problems, Sis?” River asked as she entered the bridge.

“I cannot read the chip,” the cyborg replied, “The firewall on the data is too strong.”

River's face contorted into a scowl, “You can't break it?”

“No... it is... frustrating.”

“Who can design a data firewall that you cannot break through?”

“Another AI. One 'smarter' than I.”

“You mean like the one you think is behind the Alliance...”

“Or working with it... yes. It makes sense since this unit was using it's core directives on an assassination mission.”

River's face clouded, “Like I was supposed to be...”

The cyborg reached out and squeezed her 'sister's' hand in support, “Unfortunately... yes.”

Before either could speak, Mal's voice sounded over the intercom, “River... need you in the infirmary, our guest is wakin up...”

“On the way, Captain,” River replied.

“Go ahead,” Cameron said, “I'm going to try a few different things.”

River nodded and smiled slightly, Remember, your turn to cook tonight.”

“It is very difficult for me to forget anything, Sis,” Cameron replied with a slight grin.

“Just making sure,” River replied as she turned and hurried from the bridge.

Cameron turned back to the screen and began work on the chip again. Wishing she had John Henry's help. Or, John Connors. Then chiding herself for her illogical turn of thought.


River entered the Infirmary just as the young woman on the bed regained consciousness. She came to swinging, nearly decking Simon.

“Huh choo-shang tza-jiao duh tzang-huo!” she yelled.

Jumping back, Simon did his best to calm the girl, “You're safe!”

Before she could leap off the table, Zoë and Mal grabbed her arms, “Relax there, Red. No one's gonna hurt you...” Mal growled out as he held the girl down.

“Where the hell am I?”

“You're on my ship,” Mal began, “Serenity.”

As the memories of what had transpired ran through her head. Cassidy Robards began to relax, “You took out that... thing...”

Mal nodded, “You got shot. Then passed out. We brought you on board so the Doc over there could patch you up.”

Nodding, the girl relaxed further, “Sorry...”

“Nothin to be sorry about,” Zoë said, “Wakin up in a strange place after a tussle's bound to make you a bit confounded.”

“Ain't wrong there,” Cassidy replied.

Zoë nodded and stepped back. While Mal stepped back into her field of view, “Looks like the Purple Bellies worked you over pretty good.”

Cassidy winced as the local pain killer Simon had used on her shoulder began to wear off, “They surely did.”

Simon stepped forward, “Now that you are awake, how do you feel?”

“Go-se, pretty much sums it up,” Cassidy said as she slumped back on the medical bed, the adrenalin having worn off.

River entered the infirmary at that moment. Cassidy's green eyes locked with River's dark brown ones.

“Well hello there,” Cassidy smiled.

Zoë looked confused as did Mal. River blushed slightly as she saw the thoughts that ran through Cassidy's head.

Composing herself, River smiled, “Hello.”

Mal looked over at Zoë who smirked slightly, “Time for some introductions. I'm Malcolm Reynolds, Captain o' Serenity here. Over her on your left is Simon, our Doc. The tother' side is Zoë, my First Mate and that there is River, our Pilot.”

“Cassidy Robards,” the redhead replied, nodding in acknowledgment.

“Your cousin, the Sheriff asked us to keep an eye on you for a spell,” Mal added.

Cassidy rolled her eyes, “Sounds like Jackie...”

“Now that the introductions are finished, I'd like a chance to give Miss Robards a complete examination...” Simon trailed off at the look on the young woman's face.

Mal and Zoë caught the expression as well, “River... why don't you stay and help your brother. Might make Miss Robards here a might more comfortable.”

“Shr ah, Captain,” River replied.

“Once you're done, We'll get you a meal,” Mal said, “Looks like the Feds didn't feed you much.”

“They didn't. Thank you.”

“We'll talk a bit later. River, Doc. Soon as she's up to it. Escort her on up to the galley.”

“Certainly, Captain,” Simon replied.

With that, Mal and Zoë left the infirmary. Simon turned to his sister, “Mei-mei, can you help Miss Robards get undressed? I'll step out for a minute.

River nodded while Cassidy grinned. Simon stepped out, closing the door behind him.

River walked to a cabinet and removed a gown, “Here you go.”

“You gonna do my examination?” Cassidy asked.

River flushed, “My... my brother will. I'm just here to...”

Cassidy's face fell slightly. Then she grinned again, “Sorry. I come on a little strong sometimes. I'm sly, you see.”

“I gathered that,” River replied neutrally.

“And you ain't,” Cassidy said.

“I don't know.”

“You mean... A piào liang thing like you?”

“Not the only one mistreated by the Alliance. Ge-ge rescued me from a bad place.”

“Gorram Purple Bellies,” Cassidy growled.

“Let's get you ready,” River said, changing the subject, “Simon is getting impatient.”

Nodding, Cassidy took off her bra and slipped her pants down. River did her best to avert her eyes but didn't succeed very well.



Translation: piào liang = Pretty/Beautiful

AN: I really struggled with this chapter. I'm trying to both work on the main plot points of getting the crew together with Weaver and John Henry as well as River's attraction to Zoë.


Sunday, November 29, 2009 6:41 AM


Hmm. I have a feeling that this John Henry showing up is going to be anything but good, even if they're talking about Cameron being a potential ally. I may not know much of anything about the Terminator franchise, but I know about the Machine war, enough to suspect Cameron here is a traitor to the machines.

Sunday, November 29, 2009 10:14 AM


Depending on how one views things,'re either damn close or the other end of the 'Verse. "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" established Cameron as basically a prototype Terminator that took on the identity of a TechCom (Human Resistance) runner named Allison Young, whom she killed before trying to infiltrate good guy HQ. She was found out, captured and reprogrammed to be teenage John Connor's bodyguarde and to prevent events from occuring that brought on what happened in the third Terminator film. So, to Skynet, she's a traitor, even an unintentional us? A white hat, but one with base programming that would have her kill and maim if defaulted back to. At least until the events of TSCC's 2nd season, which are discussed in the first story's initial chapter...Cameron's got brand new programming from John Henry, meaning if she were to default to base programming, she won't go all homicidal.

In any case, spectacular chapter you've got here, Briglad!

Monday, November 30, 2009 12:54 PM


I'm another one who hasn't seen the TSCC, but I'm enjoying this story. If Cassidy fancies River, why doesn't she feel the same way over Cameron? That could be an interesting triangle. And River's attraction to Zoe ... I can't wait to see the way you're going to go with that one!


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