Quest - Chapter 21
Saturday, March 27, 2010

The attacks continue as someone tries to kill Mal and Inara's daughter. Old friends step in to save the day and the crew gets to experience something that only Allan and Zoe have before.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.




Quest - Chapter Twenty One


“A dress... I kid you not,” Emma Reynolds said with a giggle.

“Emma...” Casey Jenkins began, “I've met your Dad... I can't see him in a dress.”

Across the table, Israel Schneider tried not to laugh. Concentrating on keeping an eye on the other restaurant patrons While the two young women he was escorting could eat in safety.

“Momma said it was for a job they were doing on Triumph.”

Casey chuckled, “The good old days...”

“Less than thirty years,” Israel commented as his eyes roamed the room once more.

“Before I was born, for sure,” Emma replied.

As Israel scanned the room, two men eyed the short security officer. Whenever his eyes came their way, the two men were looking somewhere else. Usually at their plates. Being a Friday night, Alisha's was quite busy.

“You girls about done?” Israel asked.

“We gotta have desert,” Casey said quickly.

“Oh yes,” Emma replied, “ I get so tired of the food at school.”

Israel nodded and scanned the room again. The two men watching him averted their eyes and went unnoticed.

Unnoticed by Israel. But not by the restaurant manager. Being a former student at the hell hole called the Academy for six years taught Audra Baer one thing. She could spot a threat from across the room.

Concentrating slightly, she communicated her suspicions mentally to her twin brother, Andy, who was also the restaurant's executive chef. Having taken over in that capacity from Zoë 's sister, Alisha several years before. Like his sister, Audra. Andy had also been a captive of the Academy program.

Smiling, Audra crossed the dining room to check on several of the evenings guests. Stopping at a few other tables for a quick chat before making her way to Emma Reynolds table.

“Hey, Audra,” Emma smiled.

“Hello, Emma,” the assassin turned restaurateur replied. She leaned low over the table and spoke quietly, “Izzy... your four o'clock. Two guys in dark suits. Keep looking this way when you're doing your scan. Look away when you look at them.”

Israel nodded slowly and smiled, like he was enjoying his meal, “Thought they looked a little off... Thanks, Audra.”

The blonde stood up, “Anytime. Andy's aware. You need anything... holler.”

The security officer nodded. He had worked with Audra on several occasions. The most notable being when Sara Bryant had been kidnapped, ten years ago. To be honest, Audra frightened him slightly. As did River Cobb. Anyone who had undergone the brutal training of the academy did. At least Audra could only read her brother and not everyone else like River could.

The girls were casting glances at their bodyguard, “Iz?” Emma asked.

“We need to go,” he said firmly.

“But..” Casey began.

“Now, Cas,” Emma said firmly, getting the hint. The other girl nodded.

Emma grabbed the check off the table and led the way to the front of the restaurant. Casey a step behind and Israel bringing up the rear. The two men Audra had pointed out quickly stood up and headed for the front as well.

After paying, the trio exited the building, “Head for the alley,” Israel ordered, “We need to see if they follow.”

Emma nodded and placed her right hand near her holstered pistol. Israel did the same. Casey looked a little bit frightened.

After walking twenty feet down the alley, Israel swore. Three men with guns out awaited them in the dark.

“Hands away from your weapons,” the largest of the men ordered.

Emma glanced at Israel and the security man nodded once. Emma slowly dropped her hand away from her shoulder holster. Moments later, the two men from inside the Restaurant came up behind them, guns out as well.

“If you're looking for money...” Israel began.

“Bi-zuie!” ordered the leader, “All of you. Get down on your knees.”

Israel swore to himself. This wasn't a kidnapping or a robbery. It was an execution. Casey was crying and Emma was a combination of scared and angry.

“Boys... get their...” the leaders voice suddenly cut off as a large meat cleaver buried itself in the back of his head.

Before the four remaining men could even react, two nearly silent pops were heard and the foreheads of the men behind Israel and the girls exploded from the passage of a a pair of hollow point bullets.

Israel moved. Drawing his gun and shooting one of the would be assassins in the face, felling him instantly. Before the security man could shift his aim to the last man, another shot rang out to his left. The gunman fell to the pavement, dead from a single shot to the heart.

Emma Reynolds slowly released the trigger on her pistol. Taking a deep breath, she looked over at her best friend, “You okay, Cas?”

The blonde could only nod. Her eyes wide with shock.

“Gorramit! That was my best cleaver,” grumped Andy Baer as he retrieved the kitchen utensil from the head of the man he had killed.

“Leave it to my brother to bring a knife to a gun fight,” Audra said as she holstered her silenced pistol.

“It's a cleaver... not a knife, Sis.”

“Whatever,” Audra replied. She turned her attention to the would be victims, “You guys okay?”

“Thanks to you, Audra,” Israel replied.

“What am I? Chopped protein?” Andy grumped.

Emma giggled, “Thanks, Andy.”

“I see someone here appreciates me...”

“Oh... I appreciate it...” Israel's com beeped.

Quickly he answered the call, “Schneider...”

Casey was still trying to come to terms with the fact she had nearly been killed. She stood in shock as Audra began going through the dead men's pockets. Looking for any identification. Emma began to help her.

“Say that again, Liv?” Israel said to his wife over the com.

“Quest's gone. Blown up. Crews hurt. Bobbie's got em' aboard Heracles and heading for New London General.”

“Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze fuh ur-tze!” Israel swore before continuing, “Gets worse, baby. Someone just tried to shuffle me and the girls off this mortal coil. Got five bodies in the alley next to Alisha's. And we owe Audra and Andy a couple of bottles of something nice...”

Olivia Schneider swore to herself. The bottle of something nice was code for someone saving her husbands bacon, “Everybody okay?”

“Everyone that counts. Get the cops here. And a full team. I think Emma needs to go see her brother.”

“On the way, honey.”

“What's that about my brother?” Emma asked.

Israel sighed. How was he going to tell Emma that her brother was hurt after his ship was blown up in orbit.


“Make sure that Zephyr stays away from Xue,” Mal said to his ranch foreman, “That horse is just to randy for his own good.”

“I got it, Mal,” the Foreman, John Hutchins replied, “Me and the boys have things well in hand. You and the missus go see to Jeff. We'll take care of things here.”

“Thanks, John,” Mal smiled. Shaking his employee's hand. Jayne was trotting towards the men. The term walking arsenal really didn't describe the gray haired former mercenary's gear.

“Got enough weapons there, Jayne?” Mal asked as the big man walked up the ramp into Tranquility.

“Hwoon-dahn's hurt my little girl. Ain't never enough guns for that.”

Mal had to agree. He was probably just as upset as Jayne was. No one messed with Malcolm Reynolds' son and lived to tell the tale.

A few minutes later, after John had headed back to the horse barn. A New Edmonton police ground car approached the ship. Mal stepped forward, “Kinda outta your way, ain't it, Lucy?”

“Rounded up a stray for Jayne,” the police chief replied as she stepped out of her car. Lucy Lee had been appointed Chief after Zoë had retired from the position.

Jesse Cobb clambered out of the front passenger seat, “Thanks for the ride, Chief.”

“No problem Jesse,” Lucy replied. She looked at Mal, “Bad as I've heard?”


“Gonna get the ones who did it?”

“That's the plan,” Mal replied.

“Give 'em some for me, will ya'?”

Mal nodded, “That I will.”


Tranquility shuddered slightly as it powered through Boros' atmosphere. River sat behind the controls. Focused on the task at hand. Jesse sat in the co-pilots seat. Like his big sister Rachel, River had taught her son to fly. At the moment, Jesse was there more to help keep his mother calm than fly Tranquility.

Back in the engine room, Allan and Kaylee were making final adjustments to the newly installed FTL drive.

“We gotta name it,” Kaylee said as she adjusted the flow controller.

“Name what?” Allan replied as he furiously typed commands into the engineering computer.

“Th' drive,” Kaylee said as she leaned back from the engine casing and wiping her hands on a rag.

“Trudy wanted to call Quest's system, the Bryant/Tam drive,” Allan replied.

“Needs somethin snazzy,” the fifty year old mechanic replied, “Y'know, hyperspace jump drive or somthin like that.”

Allan chuckled slightly, “Could always plagiarize something from a five hundred year old science fiction film and call it a hyperdrive...”

Kaylee grinned, “That's what I'm talkin about... snazzy.”

River's voice sounded across the intercom, “Da-shu. I need you on the bridge. We are moments from the black.”

Allan hit the button on the com, “Be there momentarily, River.”

“Acknowledged,” came the terse reply

“She's a might upset,” Kaylee observed.

“We all are,” Allan sighed, “But River and Jayne are fit to be tied. I saw her sharpening her sword before we took off.”

Kaylee shuddered slightly. She loved her sister-in-law to death but the violence River was capable of still scared Kaylee even after all the years the crew had been together. Particularly since their lives had been so peaceful until recently, “I know I'd be more than a bit miffed iffin' Becca was on board instead o' bein back on Earth. Good thing we built this new drive. We'd be sein our grand babies just afore they started school iffin we had to rebuild Quest from scratch.”

“Don't I know it,” Allan said as he finished his programming, “Get ready to jump, Mei-mei. I'm heading for the bridge.”

“Okay, Ge-ge.”


When Allan arrived on the bridge, Zoë and Mal were already there. Jesse quickly exited the co-pilots seat, making room for his Uncle. Allan took the teenagers spot and began typing commands into the main computer.

“All set, Baby?” Zoë asked.

“In just a second,” Allan replied, still typing furiously on the keyboard.

Mal took a deep breath and looked over at his best friend. Mal was a bit concerned as he hadn't ever done this before. Zoë by now was an old hand at bouncing around the 'Verse faster than light.

Inara entered the bridge and put her arm around Mal's waist, “All secure, Bao-bei?” Mal asked.

“Everything breakable is tied down. Now, let's go get our son,” Inara said with steel in her voice.

“Damn straight,” Jayne said as he entered the bridge. He took his usual position just behind River's chair. Zoë moved behind Allan's and Mal took his position standing between the two consoles. Inara tucked up against his side. Jesse had settled into the Navigators chair behind Allan.

Allan finished his work. He glanced over at River, “Set course for Londinium and go to...”

“Full Burn” River finished for Allan, “Kaylee... full burn in twenty seconds.”

“Ready when you are, River,” replied the mechanic over the open intercom.

River firewalled the throttles and then hit the switches to engage full burn, “ Steady on course...”

“Jumping in eight, seven, six,” Allan began, “Four three, two, one, JUMPING!”

Outside Tranquility, the random haze of yellow particles in the ships wake suddenly focused on a single point behind the ship and in a flash of light, the Firefly named Tranquility disappeared from the universe.

A quarter of a second later, the globe of Londinium suddenly filled the bridge windows.

“Sonova...” Mal muttered.

“That was a hell of a lot smoother, Husband,” Zoë grinned.

Allan matched her smile, “Yep...”

“I... I can't believe we're in orbit around Londinium already,” Inara gasped.

“Believe it, Inara,” Allan replied, “Now lets get this ship on the ground so we we can check on the kids.”

“Yes, Allan,” River replied as she reached for the overhead microphone to contact Londinium orbital control for landing permission.


Londinium Orbital Control was being difficult. After the attack on Quest, they had shut down the orbital and high altitude airspace around the planet. Add in the fact that a Firefly had just suddenly appeared in high orbit on their sensors and well... it took some fancy talking to get permission to land.

“I don't care who you have to get out of bed,” Allan growled to the bored looking controller on the cortex screen, “We need to land at the Blue Sun pads immediately.”

“Sir...” the controller began, “We have just had a major incident in orbit. At the Blue Sun Shipyard...”

Allan cut the man off, “I know all about it! The ship that was attacked was captained by my son- in-law and I own nearly half of the ship in question. Now get me clearance to land!”

The controller would not be bullied by the gray haired man on the screen, “No ships are permitted to land until such time as they can be inspected....”

Allan ignored the rest of the man's speech. He turned towards River, “River, get the Prime Minister on the line...” that got the controller's attention.

“P... Prime Minister?”

“Yes,” Allan snarled, “You know the guy... kind of runs the Alliance... he might be a little mad if I wake him up at three AM...“

Tranquility's printer began to spew out their landing permits and even the local weather report for New London.

“That's more like it,” Allan said, his face still stony, “Good day.”

As he snapped off the wave, Allan growled, “I hate Bureaucrats...”

“Join the club,” Mal agreed, “Albatross... get us on the ground.”


It was typical early December weather in New London. Solid overcast with a cold rain threatening to turn to snow. Local time was just after three in the morning. Tranquility had hardly alighted at the executive terminal of Blue Sun's sprawling private port facility when her port shuttle detached and headed straight for downtown New London. A short ten minute hop.

This close to her daughter, River could feel Rachel's pain more intensely. Allan flew the shuttle as Jayne comforted his wife.

Inara became more nervous as they got closer to the hospital. If River was in this much distress over Rachel's condition, What kind of shape was Jefferson in? It was reported that he was the most severely injured member of Quest's crew.

Allan gently landed the shuttle next to a row of air ambulances and at the far end, sat the hulking and welcome shape of Heracles. The ship had just come out of a six month overhaul and it's fresh coat of paint was nearly burned off the lower hull.

The nearly burned off paint told Allan just how close it had been. Heracles had been pushed to the limit and then some to make the rescue and then get Quest's crew to safety.

The air was cold and damp when the shuttle's door opened. The hospital security staff didn't quite know what to think when three heavily armed men, two equally armed women (one even had a sword) and a teen aged boy carrying almost as many weapons as the largest of the men erupted from the shuttle. They were followed by two women and a dark haired man. Two of the men and two of the women wore long brown coats against the cold of the night.

The guards fell into line blocking the entrance to the Emergency room, “State your business,” the corporal in charge of the detail stated, nervously. He and his men were only armed with stunners.

A beautiful dark haired woman stepped forward, “Corporal. I am Inara Serra-Reynolds. My son is the acting Captain of Quest. He and his crew were brought in by Heracles.”

Before the security man could answer a booming voice could be hard from the entrance doors, “Corp! Let em' in.”

The man looked over his shoulder to see the hulking shape of the chief of Blue Sun Security running towards him, “Mr Tangaroa?”

“It's okay,” the big man said as he reached the group, “They're all cleared for full access.”

Allan grinned at his old friend and former employee, “Thanks, Oso.”

“Anytime, Allan. He looked at Mal and Inara, “It's all hit the fan. Someone made a try on Emma tonight. And Bridgett Haymer this afternoon.”

Inara's jaw dropped and Mal turned red, “What do you mean made a try on Emma.”

“Come on inside and I'll explain.” Mal nodded but glowered at the big man.

“Bridgett?” Allan asked.

Oso nodded, “Everyone's okay. Wait a minute. Two hours ago, you were all on Boros. How in the hell did you guys get here so quick?”

Allan tried to hide his smirk but couldn't, “You ever seen a faster than light Firefly, Oso?”




Saturday, March 27, 2010 7:18 PM


Time to kick A$$.
Others will notice Allan's quick arrival on Londinium.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 11:39 PM


gwg is right - you can't exactly make an entrance like that without getting someone's attention. And you left it before we knew the kids were all right! I love the image of everyone arriving at the hospital bristling with armaments, though. And River sharpening her sword ... someone is not going to live through this.

Sunday, March 28, 2010 7:46 AM


10+ .. Edge of my keyboard here top3%..
Left hanging AGAIN!!!!.. good read.. better be some eminent violence soon or our BDH's are going to just kill everyone and let god sort em out.. :)

YES PLEASE!!!! May we have another??

Sunday, March 28, 2010 8:59 AM


With 4 pods to make mini black holes in the old Quest design small damage to even one of the
Altair Shipbuilding clones would make the ship jump through an off center hole in the universe.
Should be a spectacular sight to see 95% of a ship get into hyperspace.
The new 1 point design is much safer.


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