Quest - Chapter 29
Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tranquility and Freebird arrive at Earth. Reunions abound but someone is plotting something.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. I’m just playing. No money being made. The situations come from my own twisted mind as do my original characters.


AN: Getting closer to the end of the arc folks. Just a few more to finish this up.


Quest - Chapter Twenty Nine


“Not a very strong building.”

“Almost three hundred years old. Built after the 2260 riots. Made to look like an early twentieth century brownstone.”

“Not much security either...”

“Two DPS agents per shift and a couple of rent-a-cops. No challenge.”

“I don't want a challenge. I want revenge.”

“Relax Mei. We'll pay them back for what they did to the Citadel.”

The young woman nodded to her companion, “I know, Wei.”

“I just wish that you would let me be the instrument. You are the last of the family.”

Mei shook her head, “Those Hwoon-dahns killed my Ba-ba and Ge-ge. This mission is mine alone.”

“Very well,” Wei replied.

“Come. We have preparations to make. We strike tomorrow on Christmas Day.”

Smiling slightly, Wei placed the car that he and Mei sat in and pulled away from the curb. The car disappearing into the swirling snow.

They had been parked outside an old building on Beacon St. in the ancient city of Boston. The building that contained the Embassy to the Alliance of Planets.


“Now that's the deep black,” Mal stated as he gazed at the unfamiliar stars visible outside Tranquility's bridge.

“Thirty point three light years from home,” River said.

“How long till we're ready to jump again?” Mal asked his pilot.

“Five minutes. The nav computer is calculating the next course.”

“Lettin the computer do it?” Mal asked incredulously, “You usually do that kinda stuff in your head, 'Tross...”

“I can do it but the calculations would require a sheet of paper twenty by eight meters. Not practical in this case. So I let the computer do it.”

Mal grinned at the no longer young, woman who was flying his ship, “Just teasin, Albatross.”

River grinned at her Captain, “I can still kick your pi-gu with both hands tied behind my back... Sir.”

“I have no doubts on that, Lil' River. Just fly my boat.”

In the co-pilot's seat, Emma just rolled her eyes at her Father. River shot the girl a evil grin.

“And no givin Emma no ideas. She can get in enough mischief without you helpin, Tross.”

Beside Mal, Inara sighed, “Mal...”

Mal grinned at his wife, “Gotta remind everyone who's Captain around here from time to time. Seems they forget that little fact.”

“And you remind us at every opportunity,” Simon chuckled as he entered the Bridge, his son Jack following. The young man made his way to Emma's side.

Mal scowled at the young man until Inara cuffed his arm. Emma and Jack had been sweet on each other since before they were teenagers and Mal had to admit. His daughter could have done much worse than picking Kaylee and Simon's smart and polite son as her fiancé.

The young man took a great deal after his father. As a boy, Jack was known as 'Little Simon'.

Now he was nearly done with his Medacad classes in trauma medicine and would soon be starting his Internship.

Likewise, Emma was in her last semester before graduation from business school. After that, Mal didn't quite know what Emma was going to do after that. And it worried Mal somewhat.

While Jefferson was an almost perfect blend of Mal and Inara. Emma was like a pretty female version of her Father. Headstrong, stubborn and in love with the Black... just like Mal.

Despite his current main occupation as a successful horse breeder. Mal was still a spacer at heart and jumped at any opportunity to break atmo.

Mal glanced off to port where Alan and Zoë cruised alongside in Freebird. In just a few minutes, both ships would be in orbit around Earth. A planet that until this day for Mal was a place of legend. Even though one of his best friends was born there.

“Mind if we come up here?” said General Dan Reed's voice.

“Com'on in General,” Mal replied. Allison Sexton was a step behind. Inara made space for the new couple to stand. The retired Companion smiled at her former student.

“Ready to see Earth, Mei-mei?” Inara asked.

Allison nodded and then glanced at Dan, “I am. It is just so... exciting.”

Inara nodded. She had been fascinated by Allan's stories of Earth over the years. Now to actually set foot upon the planet...

“Aunt Kaylee says she's ready, Mom,” Rachel Cobb said as she too, entered the bridge.

“I have the course now. Cross linking it to Freebird...”

Mal smiled and looked down at Inara, “Let's go get our wayward lambs...”

Seconds later, both Tranquility and Freebird blinked from existence.


Trudy sighed and picked up the capture on her desk. Absently she scrolled through the images contained on the thin wafer of circuitry. Her parents, Alison and herself on their first day at the training house, Inara with her arms around the two girls, Her husband...

Trudy sniffed. Charles had proposed on Christmas Eve. A rare Sinic Christian, Charles Wu had fallen for a Companion who had been born Christian and then converted to Buddhism while she was a Companion. They made an odd pair.

Former Alliance medivac pilot turned cruise ship Captain and a Rim born farm girl turned Companion. Alison had been working as a Companion on the ship captained by Charles. Trudy had immediately fallen for the Captain after Allison had introduced them when she had visited her sister on the Shinon Queen.

That had been a time when Allison had been in her 'Sly' phase. A time in her life when she took female clients almost exclusively. Probably why Charles had fallen for Trudy as well, since her twin sister barley looked at men in those days.

Trudy flipped forward through the captures and paused when she reached the most recent. It showed her and Robert together. A smile split her face when she thought of him. It was true that absence made the heart grow fonder. She would show him how fond she was when Robert returned from Londinium.

Fifteen years of Companion training and experience would not go to waste.

Another sigh escaped her lips when she realized that it would be months, if not over a year before Quest's replacement could be built.

She sighed again only to be interrupted by the chime of her cortex screen.

“That's odd,” she remarked out loud. The messages from the Alliance over the FTL cortex link took hours to arrive. This looked like a live signal but that was impossible.

She hit the accept button, “Ambassador Trudy Wu...”

“Hiya Trudy,” said the smiling face of Allan Bryant.

Trudy's jaw dropped, Al...Allan?”

“Merry Christmas,” the elderly engineer grinned.

“What... how are you sending a live signal?”

“Because we just popped out in the system. We're currently passing Mars' orbit.”

“I thought it would take over a year to build a new Quest?”

“It would,” Allan agreed, “But I came up with a work around. There is no way in hell I was going to miss the birth of my first grandchild.”

“A... work around?”

Allan smiled proudly, “Yep. Now I need you to do me a favor.”

“What's that?”

“We'll need ground transportation for nineteen at Wendover.”


“We brought nearly everyone,” Allan replied.

“On one condition,” Trudy stated.

What's that?” Allan asked, knowing probably what it was.

“You had better have brought Robert with you or you can go back and get him... dong-ma?”

Allan smiled wide and moved the cortex camera slightly, “We picked up this hitchhiker on Londinium. Had his thumb out and holding a sign that said 'Earth or bust'...”

Trudy nearly squealed with joy when she saw the face of Robert Pace. The Republic of North America's Secretary of State and the man the Companion turned Ambassador had fallen in love with.

“Hello, Trudy,” Robert smiled.

“I'll have transportation waiting,” Trudy said as she gazed upon Roberts face on the screen.

“And keep it under your hat. We want to surprise everyone,” Allan said off camera.

Trudy continued to smile,” Whatever you want, Allan. Whatever you want...”


Side by side. Freebird and Tranquility settled to the ground next to the snow covered Sara Jane. Snow was falling heavily and Allan grumbled slightly at the weather.

What's wrong, Dear?” Zoë asked.

“The roads will be nasty,” Allan replied. Through the gloom could be seen the approaching headlights of a bus.

“It is winter in New England, Allan,” Melissa pointed out.

Allan nodded, “Yep. Spent many a winter night swearing at the snow.”

Zoë clucked her tongue and shook her head, “Husband. You are getting to be a grump in your old age.”

Allan grinned and then quickly kissed Zoë, “Who's a grump?”

Robert rolled his eyes and looked at Melissa, “They always like this?”

She nodded, “As long as I've known them.”


“Becca? You seen Trudy?” Sara asked as she walked into the embassy kitchen.

“She's in her office,” the engineer replied as she stirred a batch of eggnog, “Said she just ordered a bunch o' food for tonight and tomorrow. Says we got guests comin...”

“More State Department stooges,” Sara growled.

“Probably,” Becca agreed, “But you know Trudy. Gotta be the perfect hostess.”

“Must be the companion training,” Sara muttered. She didn't want to meet guests on Christmas Eve. Since she wasn't with her regular family (Except for Becca and Clay) or her crew, she just wanted to have a quiet evening in the embassy. Maybe play her guitar a little and then go to bed and dream of her husband.

God she missed Jeff.

“Cap'n!” called out Roseanne from the front room. Sara ran out of the kitchen, Becca on her heels.

“What is it Rosie?”

“Bus just pulled up out front. Security guard is talking with them.”

“Trouble?” Sara asked.

“Doesn't look it. Might be Christmas Carolers...”

“In this part of Boston...” Sara trailed off as she saw people begin to exit the bus. The first three off looked incredibly familiar in their heavy winter clothing. She would almost swear that it looked like her parents and her husband.

“Ah... our guests have arrived,” Trudy said as she arrived next to the other women.

Sara just looked right and left at her friends and then Trudy's self satisfied smirk, “Somethings up, Ambassador,” Sara accused.

“More like down, Sara,” Trudy grinned.

“Shenme?” Becca asked as more people exited the bus. She looked out the window as a big man stepped off the vehicle with a small woman beside him. She looked at Sara, “Am I seein things or does that big fella look like Uncle Jayne...” Becca trailed off.

Sara's jaw dropped as comprehension set in. It was her parents and her husband standing in the snow outside. And Uncle Jayne and Aunt River. Along with the rest of their family.

With a shared look, Sara and Becca exploded through the front door and down the steps. Not even bothering to grab coats against the cold.

“Momma!” Becca cried as she launched herself at her Mother, Kaylee smiled wide as she hugged her Daughter.

“Jeff!” Sara yelled as she threw her arms around her husband. Their lips locked . Beside the reunited couple, Allan and Zoë shared a smile.

Sara broke the kiss, “How?”

“Why don't we go inside, Princess. It's gorram cold out here,” Allan grinned.

“Daddy!” Sara cried as she suddenly realized he was standing there. Allan pulled Sara into his arms and spun her around. After a second, Zoë joined the hug, “Momma.”

“How you doin, Baby girl?” Zoë asked.

“A hell of a lot better now,” Sara replied.

“Becca, what the hell are you doing outside with no... coat... on...” Clay's voice trailed off as he realized who was just outside, “Tian xiaode...”

“Hey, Clay,” Jeff grinned as he pulled Sara back into his arms.

“Don't y'all know to come in outta the cold?” Trudy called in her rarely used Greenleaf accent.

“Trudy!” Called out a feminine voice that was very familiar to the diplomat.

“Ali?” Trudy replied.

“Surprise!” Allan grinned as the sisters embraced.


Everyone had gathered in the main dining room of the embassy. It was the only room with enough chairs. Allan and Jeff stood at the head of the table and recounted the story of how Hipolito Flores had been coerced into betraying not only the Alliance but his friends on Quest. The telling of the entire tale took nearly two hours.

Jeff had choked up slightly when he described how Hipolito had sacrificed himself to save Jeff's life. Sara squeezed his hand.

“Damn...” Owen muttered. Everyone shared the security officer's sentiment.

Sara's voice broke the quiet, “Tell me about the new drive, Dad...”

Allan took a seat next to his wife across from her and Jeff and smiled at his daughter, “Well. It works like this...”


Hotel rooms had been arranged for some of the guests. Mal, Inara, Jayne, River, Rachel, Derick, Jessie and Melissa would be staying at the Back Bay Regency a few blocks away. Allan and Zoë were given a room in the Embassy. As were Simon and Kaylee. Jeff of course spent the night with his wife.

Dan had whisked Allison off to the apartment he maintained in Boston for when he was in town on government business. Robert stayed with Trudy that night rather than drive out to his home in Lexington.

Allan slipped into bed next to his wife, “Merry Christmas, Baby,”Allan whispered as he handed Zoë a small, oblong wrapped box.

Zoë turned to face him, “What's this, Husband?”

“One of your Christmas presents...” Alan grinned.

Sitting up in bed, Zoë slowly unwrapped the box. She gasped when she opened it.


“It's a Grandmothers locket. I had Ari on New Melbourne have it made.”

Zoë looked at the fine gold chain with a heart shaped locket attached. She popped open the cover and a small screen inside began to flip through images of Sara growing up.

Zoë looked at her grinning husband and then placed the piece of jewelry on the night stand.

“Like it?” Allan asked.

Zoë replied by tackling her husband to the bed.


As soon as they had been able, Sara and Jeff had slipped away from the others to Sara's room. They had begun discarding clothing while still in the hallway. As evidenced by Sara's sweater and bra and Jeff's shirt laying just outside their now closed door.

Becca had chuckled and picked up the clothing as she and Clay had made their way to bed. She grinned at her fiancé as they noticed Rosie and Owen walking hand in hand up the stairs. With a smile, she and Clay entered their room.

“Husband?” Sara asked as she and Jeff lay in a tangle of sheets and limbs.

“Hmmm?” Jeff mumbled. Two and a half months of pent up passion had left him sated and more than a little sleepy. He thought he had pulled something too.

“You forgot to tell me something at dinner...”

“What's that, baby?”

“That you were willing to sacrifice yourself for the rest of the crew...”

Jeff's eyes shot wide, “How...”

Sara kissed him before continuing, “It was my ship. I know how many EVA suits were in the port airlock lobby. And how many people were in there with you.”

Jeff looked crestfallen, “Oh...”

“Did you think about us? Or our baby?”

“Yes I did,” Jeff said simply. Then elaborated. Bracing for an argument, “If there had been any other way... at the time I would have done it so I could come back to you. But as Captain... it was my responsibility.”

“It was,” Sara replied, “I would have done the same gorram thing in your place. I love you Jeff and I'm so ever grateful you were able to come back to me.”

Jeff smiled slightly, “You would have?”

“I would. And I hope you got Bobbie a bottle of good stuff for pulling your Pi-gu's outta there.”

Jeff grinned, “Those two bottles of Jack Daniels we picked up before I headed back with Quest.”

“Good choice,” Sara grinned.

“I thought so.”


Overnight, nearly a foot of snow had fallen in Boston. Turning the city into a winter wonderland.

Sara stumbled down the stairs into the kitchen in sweats and a t-shirt. Fuzzy slippers on her feet. She found her father already there.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

“At the moment? Making coffee,” Allan grinned.

“You know we do have caterers coming don't you?”

“I know... but I thought I'd surprise my Daughter with breakfast.”


Allan grinned at Sara's words. He loved it when she used Daddy rather than Dad, “Relax kiddo. Just making one of your favorites.”

Sara looked at the counter and spotted the eggs, flour, sausage, cheese and other ingredients needed to make her favorite. Pancake sandwiches. “That's a lot of work Dad...”

“Then you better get over here and help me...”


Across the city. A rented delivery van pulled out of an old warehouse. Inside sat Wei and Mei. Between them on the floor of the cab sat assault rifles and the back of the van carried nearly a ton of explosives.

More then enough to extract the Sinic Liberation Front's revenge on Quest's Captain and the representatives of the Alliance.




Sunday, May 30, 2010 8:02 AM


Whoa! Some lovely reunions, but the threat of imminent violence too! Ah, so good to be home ... Can't wait for the next part - is the Embassy safe?

Sunday, May 30, 2010 12:56 PM


Not counting 2 readers, 2 browncoats, a handfull of geniuses, an alliance trained assassin, a couple of alliance trained security, and NOT to mention the Hero of Canton... JAYNE!!!!! Wei and Mei are probably not going to enjoy their day a whole lot.... if they survive it at all..
This is getting GUUUD

YES PLEASE!!! may we have another???

Monday, May 31, 2010 3:52 AM


The reunion between Sarah and Jeff was my favorite....just like Zoe. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 7:11 AM


WHAT a cliffhanger!!!! sure do miss this arc... I just want to let you know you have a fanbase.. ok.. fan.. that is interested in your Arc's, this one in particular, as Allan is one of THE Best Original Characters I have ever read. Im sure there are others looking forward to a continuation of this creative work.

Looking forward...


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