New Blood - Chapter 11
Sunday, May 10, 2009

A night on the town inevitably leads to a brawl. Afterward, Max and Zoe take the plunge.


Disclaimer: Joss, Fox, Universal Own em’. (Except for Maxine. She's mine) I’m just playing. No money being made.


A new story line to recharge my Muse. Set outside my “Allanverse.” Just to see what happens. Set about a year and a half post Serenity. Story line has the standard pairings of Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee. Also has River/Jayne. Zoë/Maxine -

A/N: A little action to hold you over for a while.

Warning: This story line from here on out will include 'gasp' fem slash (Like you didn't see it coming). It won't be graphic but I know some are offended by any depiction of homosexuality. If you don't like this kind of thing... stop reading right now.


New Blood


Chapter Eleven


The crew of Serenity strolled down the main street of the small city. It was strange. One side of the street consisted of markets, book stores, clothing shops and the like. The other side held, bars, pubs and even the occasional strip club.

Even the people walking the sidewalks seemed different somehow depending on what side they were on. Zoë pointed it out to Maxine.

“What's with the differences?” She asked as they walked along.

“See the line down the middle of the street?” Max asked.


“On the side we're walking on is the city of Putnamville. Has the spaceport, all the bars, pubs low rent housing and other not so squeaky clean things. On the other side of the street is the village of Winslow. Where all the respectable things are.”

“Sounds complicated,” Zoë replied, still holding hands with Max as they walked along.

“Try growing up here,” Maxine chuckled, “My father was the shepherd at the church you can see up the street. My momma worked at the pub where we're going. Quit when she married my father.”

“Sounds like an unlikely pairing,” Zoë commented.

“Tell me about it,” Max replied, “I reckon I take after my momma more than my father. Got the red hair to prove it. My father is... was blonde. Gray now. Kinda lookd like the Captain does now with his new hair color.”

Zoë snickered, “Gonna be months before that peroxide fades and his hair goes back to brown.”

“I think Inara likes it.”

Inara heard her name and looked over her shoulder, “What was that?”

“Just commenting on the Captain's hair color,” Maxine replied.

“Nothin wrong with my hair... least I didn't dye it purple...” Mal snapped back.

“That was River's idea, Sir,” Zoë shot back, “Not a hair color I'd pick myself.”

“It worked, didn't it?” River replied as they walked, “Confused the Blue Hands enough for us to get the drop on them.”

“At least my curls are coming back,” Zoë commented.

“Enough with the hair,” Mal grumped, “How much further to this pub, Maxine?”

“Just around the corner, Captain.”

“long as they got grub, I'll be happy,” Jayne grumbled.

“Oh, they got grub, Jayne.”

“Good, getting hungry.”

“When are you not?” Simon commented

“When I'm sexin yer sister,” Jayne shot back with a grin.

Simon just sputtered.

“Ow! Riv, quit smackin me,” Jayne whined.

“No picking on Simon,” River said firmly, “Or you will be hungry tonight...”

Simon turned red again and Kaylee giggled while Jayne's face fell, “You wouldn't...”

“I would,” River replied.

“No more pickin on yer' brother,” Jayne grumbled.

Thinking of another target, Jayne grinned evilly and looked back to where Maxine and Zoë were walking, “Better watch out, Max. Zoë used to shut Wash off every time he screwed up...”

Maxine smiled sweetly, “Can't shut off anything I ain't had yet.”

Jayne's face fell a little then he started to open his mouth again. He shut it when River pinched his arm.


“Yeah, Zoë?”

“You do know I can hurt you.”

“I... uhhh...”

“Best quit while you're behind, Jayne,” Mal said as the rounded the corner.

“Good idea, Cap'n,” the big man agreed

“There we are,” Maxine said as their destination came into view.

“The Stein and Barrel, huh?” Mal commented.

“This is the place,” Maxine confirmed.

Mal was impressed. Much cleaner than the usual type of place the crew frequented. It looked like a cross between an old west saloon and an English pub.

As soon as everyone was in the door, a blonde haired girl walked up to the group, “Evenin folks.”

“Evenin,” Mal replied.

“You folks here to drink, eat or both?”

“Both,” Mal replied, “Also supposed to meed a friend here. Shamus Kinsella.”

The girl smiled, “Been expecting you. Shamus ain't here yet but he'll be along directly. I got a good spot for you folks.”

Mal thanked the girl and she led them towards the back of the pub to a large table. It was in a quiet corner and had good sight lines to all the entrances and exits.

After everyone was seated, the barmaid left a pile of menus on the table and took everyone's drink orders. Other than Inara, the crew decided to start out with the house drought ale. Inara ordered a glass of wine.

“The beer here is great,” Maxine said as the barmaid returned with seven mugs and three pitchers of the dark amber beverage.

Just after everyone's meals were served, Shamus entered the pub and headed for the crew's table

“Gang's all here, looks like,” Shamus commented as he took a seat next to Mal.

“Hey, Uncle Shamus,” Maxine greeted.

“Maxie lass,” Shamus smiled.

The barmaid brought Shamus a large glass of some kind of dark beer, “What'll ya have Shamus?” she asked.

“I be havin me usual, Vanessa lass.”

“Got it,” She smiled and headed for the nearby computer terminal to enter the order.

“Take it you come here quite a bit,” Mal observed.

“Near every night,” Shamus replied, “I ain't a good cook so I tend to eat out a lot.”


As the evening wore on, More beer and stronger spirits were consumed and the bar began to fill up with a good number of the locals. A little after nine, a band began playing in the corner and a few couples made their way to the dance floor.

As soon as the music started, River dragged Jayne from his seat to dance. A moment later, Kaylee pulled a reluctant Simon to his feet as well.

Mal grinned and stood, holding his hand out to Inara who smiled demurely and followed Mal onto the dance floor. Leaving Shamus with his niece and Zoë.

Maxine smiled an glanced in the direction of the dancing couples. Zoë caught the glance, “Maybe a bit later. I ain't drunk enough yet,” Zoë grinned.

Maxine raised her hand and snapped her fingers to signal the barmaid, “Whiskey!”

Zoë shook her head and Shamus chuckled, “Better watch ye' self, Zoë lass. Me Niece ain't one to be kept waiting.”

“I've been noticing that, Shamus,” Zoë grinned.

Turning serious, Shamus looked at Maxine, “You given your Da' a wave?”

“Why should I? Hundan disowned me and said he never wanted to see me again,” Max replied sharply.

Shamus sighed, “Sorry, lass. Just pains me to see family apart.”

Max smiled slightly, “You'll always be family, Uncle.”

Just then, the other's returned to the table and the barmaid arrived with Zoë's drink. Zoë tossed back the shot and glared at Maxine who giggled.

“Trouble in paradise?” Mal asked.

“Max is tryin to get me drunk enough to dance with her,” Zoë stated.

Getting there?” Maxine asked hopefully.

“Not by half,” Zoë grinned.


An hour and three shots later, Zoë was drunk enough. She reluctantly followed Max as the redhead dragged her to the dance floor.

The music was fast and they danced close but not overly so. Kaylee and Simon danced nearby.

As the song ended, Zoë gave Max a quick peck on the lips. It didn't go unnoticed.

“Look at that, would ya... Gorram shame is is.”

“What?” asked the first speakers companion. Both men were locals. Seth, a tall, rugged man who fancied himself a rough and tumble type and his slightly shorter friend, James. They both worked in a local foundry.

“That,” Seth said, pointing to where Zoë and Maxine were now slow dancing close.

James threw back his drink, “Gorram. A sister that fine and she's rutting sly.”

Seth looked over at his dark skinned friend, “Redhead ain't bad neither. Maybe they ain't never had the right kinda man,” he chuckled.

“Maybe they're slight,” James wondered.

“Doubt it. Not the way they's lookin at each other. Them two's as sly as they can get.”

James poured another shot from the bottle on the table and drank it quickly, “You wanna go over and introduce ourselves?”

“Not worth the effort,” Seth commented.

“Bet ya' the dark one's slight. We play our cards right, might get lucky tonight. Maybe with the both o' em'.”

Zoë and Max had danced themselves away from their table. Simon and Kaylee, also dancing were all the way on the other side of the floor.

“I must say, you are one fine lookin woman,” James said as he stepped up beside the two women. Seth moved up on the opposite side.

Zoë roiled her eyes and Maxine sighed.

“Go away,” Zoë growled.

“That ain't hospitable. Specially from a sister as fine as you,” James leered. Zoë just glared at him.

Seth reached out and grabbed Maxine's arm roughly, a grin on his face, “Bet you're right frisky in the sack.”

“Shame you'll never find out,” Maxine replied, her voice low, “And you better move that paw of yours if you want to keep it.”

“What's a little thing like you gonna... AHHH!” Seth's words transformed into a cry as Maxine twisted in his grip and drove her knee into the man's groin. As he doubled over, her elbow came down on the back of his neck. Seth hit the floor in a heap, out cold.

James reached for Zoë and came up short as her fist impacted his jaw. The big man staggered back a step and then came at Zoë again.

And staggered back a second time as a one two combination nearly stunned him. Several of the two men's friends came to their feet to help. It threatened to become a free for all in short order.

“Get your friend and scoot now,” Zoë said to James, “Otherwise you're in for a world of hurt”

“You're the one gonna be hurtin, you fong luh bitch!”

“Bring it,” Zoë replied, fire in her eyes.

The man charged Zoë with a roar. She easily sidestepped the charge but in the process was grabbed by a pair of James' friends.

Maxine did a spinning kick that knocked the one of the men holding Zoë to the floor. By this time, James had recovered and grabbed Maxine in a bear hug from behind.

The redhead stomped down on James' foot and he cried out. His grip lessened but he didn't let go. Max snapped her head back and she grinned as she felt the back of her head break the man's nose. James dropped to the floor, clutching his face.

“You bitch!” James yelled through his hands.

Zoë twisted in the grip of the man trying to hold her and smashed her elbow into his solar plexus. He woofed as the breath was knocked from him and staggered back.

Right into Jayne...

Before he knew what was happening, the man felt himself fly across the room and land in a painful heap. He didn't get up.

Ignoring his broken nose, James regained his feet and pulled a knife from his boot, “Gonna cut you up so bad no one will... want... you...”

James eyes went wide and his voice trailed off as he found four pistols pointed at his face. The most disconcerting gun was held by a slip of a girl who wasn't even looking at him yet the gun was aimed precisely between his eyes.

“James Baxter! What the gorram hell are ye' doin, accostin me niece and her girl!” Shamus roared.

“Niece?” James squeaked.

“Tha' what I be sayin, ye' imbecile. Now collect ye' cronies and get th' 'ell out!”

James dropped the knife, grabbed the awakening Seth and ran. The other two collected themselves from the floor and made a hasty exit as well.

Mal holstered his pistol and looked at Shamus, “There gonna be law problems?”

“Highly doubt it, me lad,” Shamus grinned.

“Why is that?” Mal asked.

“Cause ye' be lookin at th' deputy city marshal o' Putnamville.”

Mal's grin matched Shamus'.


After another hour at the pub, Mal said it was time to head back to the ship. Everyone had had a bit to drink but not so much as they were staggering drunk. Maxine and Zoë's encounter earlier had burned off a some of the alcohol and now they just felt warm as they walked back. Arm in arm and leaning on each other. Not speaking but just enjoying each other's company.

As Serenity came into view, Zoë looked over at the woman on her arm, “You stayin in my bunk tonight?”

Maxine's heart began to pound, “To sleep?”

“Eventually,” Zoë grinned.

Mal triggered the remote control Kaylee had rigged and Serenity's ramp began to lower. Maxine took a deep breath and smiled at Zoë “Just gotta grab a change of clothes for the mornin...”

“You do that,” Zoë replied.

As the ramp hit dirt, Maxine rushed into the ship, heading for her bunk to grab some things. Kaylee and Simon disappeared quickly for their bunk as did River and Jayne.

After a moment, Zoë, Mal and Inara were standing in the center of the bay. Mal had noticed how quickly Maxine had run off in the direction of the passenger dorms. He turned and faced his best friend, “You ready for this Zoë?”

“Ready for what, Sir?”

Mal sighed. He knew Zoë was avoiding the question, “You and Max... goin the rest of the way,” he said after a moment.

“None of your business, Sir,” Zoë replied firmly.

Mal actually looked hurt by Zoë's words, “Ain't what I meant, Zoë.”

Inara stepped forward and placed her hand on Zoë's arm, “What Mal is trying to say is that he wants you to be sure. We both want you to be happy, Zoë.”

Zoë's expression softened, “I know... thanks. And I am.”

“Thats all we want Zoë,” Mal grinned, “Now go on an git. Don't want to keep Max a waitin.”

“See you in the morning, Sir, 'Nara.”

“Goodnight,” Inara replied.

As Zoë strode away, a noticable bounce in her step, Mal hit the button to close up the ship for the night.


Zoë dropped into her bunk. Her leg was aching from all the walking she had done. Pausing in front of the mirror over the sink, she sighed as she slipped off her long vest and laid it over the a chair. As she kicked off her boots, she automatically, undid her belt and slipped off her pants. A second later, her shirt joined the pants on the floor.

Zoë continued to look at herself in the mirror, clad in just her underwear, “So many scars,” She whispered.

“Not all of em' are outside, I reckon,” Maxine said softly as she climbed down the ladder.

“More n' a few,” Zoë replied as she turned.

“Got a couple myself.”

Tonight ain't the night for scars,” Zoë said simply.

“No... it's not,” Maxine replied as she touched the button that closed and locked the hatch to the bunk.

Maxine had changed out of her skirt and shirt and was wearing a robe and sandals. She took a hesitant step towards Zoë, “You okay with this?”

Zoë nodded, “I am. Not like we haven't slept together before.”

Maxine smiled slightly, “That was just some cuddling and kissing. This is the whole deal. I just want you to be sure, Zoë. I'm pretty sure I love you. I know you ain't there quite but that's okay. I don't need the words just yet.”

Zoë smiled and stepped forward, cupping Maxine's face in her hands, “I ain't sayin I'm not feelin something tween us. Not gonna put a name to it neither. Too scared o' chasin it away if I do. Just want to be clear on that.”

“I understand.”

Zoë leaned forward and kissed Maxine tenderly. The younger woman trembled with the passion in the kiss. Zoë pulled her close, “I want you tonight.”

Maxine's heart leaped in her chest as her hands wandered across Zoë's strong arms. She was loosing herself just in Zoë's presence. After a moment, her fingers found the clasp on Zoë's bra and the garment fell to the floor.

Lips still locked together, the two women moved back to the bed, passion overflowing them. Zoë's bra had been the cork out of the bottle.

Max's robe hit the floor followed by her own bra a second later.

Zoë nearly threw Max onto the bed as they scrambled out of the rest of their clothing. Before long, they had lost themselves in each other. The passion building throughout the night.

Next door, a still wakeful River smiled as she lay atop her sleeping Jayne. “Welcome back Zoë,” she whispered before falling asleep herself.



AN2: I saw the mention of the term “Slight” in a forum post on and thought it fit well in the 'Verse for describing Bisexuality.


Sunday, May 10, 2009 2:34 PM


Awesome and as Blkhero69 said, your scene was tastefully and wonderfully done. And the last mine in this with River was sooo sweet....

Sunday, May 10, 2009 11:54 PM


I get a Joanna/Maureen (Rent) vibe from the Zoe/Max pairing, just minus the infidelity from Max and Zoe being the bisexual one.

"Hey Mister." "We're sisters."

Monday, May 11, 2009 2:26 AM


Really good. And tasteful. But mostly I just get a nice warm feeling ...


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