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When a beautiful friend of Inara's comes to stay on the ship for a few days, Jayne is more then smitten with her...For all you loyal Jaynelovers out there, THIS IS FOR YOU! Although for all the Jaylee lovers out there, this may not settle well w/you guys...This is my first fanfic and my first writing for this type of genre...Go easy on me....Will appreaciate and am looking forward to any kind of feeback, positve and negative...will continue with story if there's enough support for it! Enjoy!


2:45 a.m. How long had he been lying there already? Letting out an exasperated sigh of discontent, Jayne rolled onto his back, staring blankly up at the ceiling. The soft humming of Serenity's engines reverberated throughout the ship, the gentle thump,thump becoming a soothing lullaby that could've put even the most fussiest of infants to sleep. Sleep, that's all Jayne wanted...just to close his eyes and let his body drift into the marvelous dreamland he always seemed to find himself in...where luscious, beautiful nymphettes tantalized every bit of his senses...ahh yes...the very thought of it all was enough to bring on a stiff one to break through the zipper on his pants. But as he lay there, trying to force himself alseep, Jayne knew that happy little head trip was miles away. Pulling the thick wool blanket up around him, Jayne rolled over onto his side, trying his damnest to get comfortable, feeling the firmness of the mattress beneath him. Soon...soon they would be hitting Lanai. And stepping foot on that wondrous, hustle and bustle of a rock meant getting paid finally. Damn that Mal...always wantin to do everythin' perfect...why couldn't he have just gone with Brennan Meijer's offer back on Raymer? That son of a bitch was going to offer a handsome sum for everything! Jayne thought then...he didn't know what was worse...going for two weeks without seeing a single credit in his hot little hands or going two weeks without being laid. Had there been a bout of temporary insanity that had seeped unmercifully into his skull when he hooked up with Mal and Zoe in the first place? There had been days...oh good lord there had been days...days when Jayne found himself wanting to wrap his hands around Mal's neck and just squeeze...just choke the life from him. But then again, there was a certain tenacity Mal possessed, a certain subtle stance that commanded and begot respect. Jayne could readily admit it even if another living soul would never hear him say the exact words, he could give credit where credit was due. Rubbing his face with his hands, Jayne slowly stood up, stifling a wicked yawn as he did. Enough was enough. Ain't no damn use, Jayne told himself. He was through with this Pi hua. If he were to lay there any longer, the only thing it would bring would be a grouchier than usual mood. Climbing out of his quarters, Jayne headed silently to the dinning area. At least there he could get himself some good eatin to take his mind off his present dilema...if nature wasn't gonna take it's course, then why not do something enjoyable in the mean time? As Jayne reached the corridor to the dinning area, a scowl came across his face. The room was brightly lit and he could see a shadow sitting at the table. He really wasn't in the mood for company, not that he ever really found himself in that mode too often...except maybe for the times when Book and him conversed about the philosphies of masturbation...that always held his interest well...but as Jayne peered into the dinning area more closely, half exepecting to see Mal givin' his guns a good cleanin' or even Kaylee sippin on her warm milk, Jayne was stunned as he caught site of the woman sitting at the table instead. What was her name? Sahara? Sara? Selena? For the life of him, Jayne couldn't remember. Unless there was a purposeful and imminent reason for a name to be carved into memory, mainly a prosperous reason at that, Jayne just didn't see the sense in having a name stick with him. He already had too much other crap crowdin' his mind to worry about trivial things. Inara had told the crew her name earlier in the week when she had announced she was going to be having a friend stay with her for a few days on her shuttle. But as Jayne approached the young woman, he suddenly felt a pane of embarrassement at not being able to recall it. "Oh," the woman said, looking up at Jayne. "Hi." Taking the empty chair next to her, Jayne could tell she had been startled, but she quickly regained her composure and gave him a warm, friendly smile. "Can't sleep, either?" she asked him knowingly. Jayne nodded. "Uh huh...figured if I got up and strecthed my legs a might help get me some shut eye...and you?" The woman nodded in agreement. "Same story here." Pointing to a small metal pot sitting in front of her, she asked, "Would you like some? It's green tea...I just made it...sometimes, when I'm having a rough night I'll drink it to relax might help you to." Jayne shrugged his shoulders. "Don't mind if I do." he replied. Wrinkling his brow, Jayne grabbed the ugly brown coffee mug sitting in the middle of the table with an even uglier bright pink rose painted on the side of it. Kaylee had bought it some time ago on Persephone and had sworn up and down how it had such a "positive, rosy vibe" coming off it." Jayne had tried telling her that it was nothing more than Gos se. Jayne shook his head. Here I told her I wouldn't be caught dead drinking out that ugly thing and now here I am, about to use it...good for me the rest of the crew is aleep, Jayne told himself. Pouring the piping hot tea into the mug, the young woman gave Jayne an imploring look. "How long do you think until we reach Lanai?" she asked. "Not soon enough." Jayne grumbled back unhappily, taking a quick sip of the tea she had poured for him. The young woman raised her perfectly arched eyebrow up in bewilderment, not following Jayne's obvious anticipation. "Oh...well...," Jayne started, clearing his throat. "You know...maybe three or four days...maybe less...depends..on know...what comes about...never can be too sure bout these neck of the woods...somethin always goin' on." "Must pretty exciting...coming across all sorts of different people?" she asked him. "I be just go where you want?" "I wouldn't really call it being free...being couped up on this boat for a week with no action," Jayne stopped, realizing the offensive he was about to take and quickly recanted with, "Well, I mean...only having these walls around you will get under your skin, that's all." "Me?" Jayne added. "I don't take to be takin' up with folk I don't know nuthin bout'." The woman cocked her head to one side, not understanding. "What about the crew here? All of you seem to get along so well." Jayne let out a chuckle as a devilish grin took over him. "Well I can think of a few bodies aboard this ship I wouldn't mind seeing gone, that's for sure." Jayne replied. "Gets too crowded with too many bodies runnin' amuck round here...ain't no room to breathe...a man's gotta have room to breathe." The young woman sat silently, mulling over what Jayne had just told her and for the first time, Jayne noticed two tremendous qualities to the woman sitting at his side. When she had came aboard last night, Jayne hadn't really paid much attention to her, having been to wrapped up in playing keep away with the lug wrench from Kaylee. He did recall that Inara had said something about her being a companion and as Jayne looked her over from head to toe, he saw why. Long black hair fell to the middle of her back, midnight black hair that shined gloroiusly in the light. Her soulful almond shaped eyes led to a face that was soft and eye catching, as if God had made no mistake on how he wanted her to look. With the gold and red silk smock wrapping around her curves to show off her olive colored skin to perfection, her presence was radiating. She was beyond beauty and Jayne couldn't even begin to think of the word to describe her. The other quality was how she smelled...God, it was driving Jayne crazy...did all women smell that luxurious at 3 in the morning? And as her flowery, candy sweet perfume worked its way underneath his nose, Jayne wondered if it was some half baked companion trick for the ultimate sedcution. But as he sat, trying to get himself under control before he said something that would probably get himself slapped silly, any type of seduction she was inadvertedly trying was working beautifully. "You like the work?" she asked Jayne, jolting him out of his carnal urge. "Huh?" Jayne asked blankly. "Work...," she repeated as she took a sip from her mug. "Do you like it?" "As long as it ain't work." was Jayne's steady reply. "What about you?" Jayne asked her then. It was burning in him. He had to ask...lord knows that Inara never gave anything up. That woman was sealed up tighter than the bolts holding Serenity's engine together. The woman blinked at him. "You being a companion and all..." Jayne said, raising his mug to his mouth. "Was..." the woman corrected. "That life is behind me now." "You remember all of em'?" Jayne pressed. The beauty on her face became very hushed and still and Jayne sensed he had hit a bad spot, something he wasn't suppossed to have unearthed. Lowering her head some, she replied softly, her voice barely above a whisper, "Only the ones I'd like to forget." "Hey, I didn't mean to..." Jayne started, wishing he would've watched his tongue a lot better but she quickly waved a jeweled hand at him. "It's okay." she said, smiling brightly. "Where's my manners?" she said then, clasping her hands together. "Here I've been talking with you and haven't even introduced myself! Please forgive...I'm Sonja." She put her hand out. "Jayne." he told her, shaking her hand. "I'm pleased to make your aquaintance, Jayne." Sonja said. "You've got kin on Lanai?" Jayne asked her then. He didn't know what it was, but he didn't want their conversation to end just yet. But he didn't want any of that awkward silence either. He hated awkward silence! If there was one thing he loathed it was being put on the spot for something to say. Leave that crap for the intellects and scholars. Sonja nodded. "I was born parents...they had resided in the same house I had grown up in...they passed away a few years back and now I'm going home for good." Jayne understood that. The mere mention of family and it stirred him up inside. It had been so long since he had last seen his little sis or his mom for that matter. He tried not thinking of it too often, no use in getting yourself all worked up over something you couldn't control. "Ma...she sent me this hat...she knitted it for me awhile was cunning, if I don't say so myself...," Jayne said, and then added, "Don't get to see her much tho...doin' what I do and all." "I would love to see it sometime." Sonja said. "What?" "The hat she made for said she knitted you one?" "Yep...sure...I could show it to ya...I keep it in my bunk in the top drawer...whenever I get a little extra credits, I send her help out." Jayne said. "Have you ever been to Lanai?" Sonja asked. "Nope...been past it alotta times...never had any reason to touch down there's all...isn't there suppossed to be some big river seperating the north and south ends?" Jayne replied. "That's the Chang Xian River. My house is on Dulong overlooks the's beautiful in the morning...the steam rises off it and everythin is so quiet." As Sonja finshed up the last of her cup, a yawn came over her. She stood up and pushed the chair in. "It's getting'd you like the tea?" "Well I ain't keeled over dead yet so I'm guessin it's okay." Jayne snickered back sarcastically. Laughing some at his remark, Sonja added, "Well that would've been rude!" "You're tellin' me!" Jayne replied. "I've taken up too much of your time already...I'll see you at breakfast?" Sonja asked, a hint of hope wavering in her voice. Quckly, Jayne got to his feet, looking around himself in the hopes that something of a nonasshole nature wouldn't roll out of his mouth. "I could walk with ya...back to the shuttle...if you wouldn't mind it." Jayne finally said. "Sure...I'd love that." Sonja replied. Walking through the corridors together, Jayne couldn't help noticing how chilly it was. Funny he didn't notice all day before, but then again, he had spent most of the day going through the cargo they had picked up, picking through the good stuff and the bad. Apparently Kaylee never did get around to replacing that thermostat coil. Rubbing her hands around her arms, Sonja drifted down the dimly lit corridors with Jayne, making sure to watch her step, her silk embroidered gown gracing the floor. Suddenly Jayne came to a stop as he pushed the door open to his bunk. "I'll be right back." He told her. Within minutes, he reappared carrying a heavy grey wool coat in his hands, the gold buttons glistening. "Here." Jayne said, holding the coat out to her. He hadn't worn in quite awhile and he really hoped it didn't have some ungodly stench to it from all the craziness he had worn it through in the past. Taking the coat, Sonja slipped one arm through and then the other. It was about four sizes too big on her petite, dainty frame, but all she did was smile graciously back at Jayne. "Thank you." Jayne shrugged nonchalantly. "Looks better on you anyways." he told her, grinning. "I would've never guessed." Sonja replied, her smile matching his. "Does it ever bother quiet the ship gets at night?" Sonja asked as they proceeded to walk down the metal stair way leading to Inara's shuttle. "Never have really given it much thought." Jayne replied. "it's kind of peaceful, I think. But some people...they don't like all that awkward silence...that quietness surrounding them...because that means they might actually have to listen what's going on inside them." Sonja said then. Jayne kept quiet, his eyes staring straight. Had River and her been former lovers in another life? How could she read him like that? "Well, Jayne..." Sonja said, looking up at the doorway back to Inara's shuttle. "I should give you this back." she said, starting to take the coat off. "Keep it...Kaylee may not replace that thermostat coil for a few keep it." Jayne told her, trying to mask the disappointment creeping in his voice at having their interaction being cut short. Standing there with her, that close, smelling her...Jayne wanted to, he really, really wanted to...just pull her close to him and feel the warmth of her body...he could keep her warm, easily...just push his lips to never kissed a woman on the lips...there was just some crap you didn't do and Jayne had long put that belief into practice. All it did was get your ass into trouble and Jayne had had his fair share of trouble with broads...but Sonja...she was so soft and fragile and stong and lovely. "Goodnight, Jayne." Sonja finally said and then abruptly, turned on her heels to head into the shuttle. "Yeah...night." Jayne repeated back numbly, as he watched her drift away, her perfume the only thing lingering behind.

To Be Continued....


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Good for Jayne! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

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i must see where this goes

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Excellent first fic. I know your stomach musta been in knots when you first took the plunge and copied it into the box. Feels like you're on a big stage with a huge audience holding their breath, doesn't it? But you did GOOD here! I really like how you got Jayne's voice down. And the new light o' love sounds like a promising connection. We've gotta have more, if you're willing. And if you ever want a beta for your fic, please consider me. E-mail it to me at

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aaw, jayney gets some love...maybe. well, here's hopin'!!!



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