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This installment is leading up to the next one, the final conclusion of this series... "Now, Jayne knew the meaning of it…caring…caring for someone more than himself and now he was aching all over…for her touch, for her kindness…for her."


Their bodies…melting together so soundly, like the sands of time running through one another…so perfect. Mouth covering to taste her, to drink her in and never know another lonely day. Hips lifting so wonderslouy with his….her moans resonanting flawlessly through him, filling them with the lovliest melody his ears could’ve ever been tuned to…. It had been going on almost twenty seven days and two nights since he had last seen her, since he had watched her walk off Serenity. Twenty seven days but yet it felt like light years. Jayne…he wanted her….Sonja…wanted her so bad. His dreams, they played out grand, wonderful scenes of their last night together, reminding him how she had made him feel. Jayne missed her horribly and the only thing he had to keep himself company of hers was his coat that she had worn. He slept with it every night, laying it in a ball next to him so he could go to sleep and wake the next morning smelling her fragrance, all the while pretending that somehow, she would appear as a mystical apparition ready to soothe his soul. Now, Jayne knew the meaning of it…caring…caring for someone more than himself and now he was aching all over…for her touch, for her kindness…for her. Mal had said he could visit her soon, real soon, but they had jobs to finish and well, Jayne was up for it, he was. Money, that was always a good thing. Money made him happy and doing any kind of jobs that Mal and Zoe managed to pull out of their hat made him feel useful anyways. And besides, Jayne had plans for all the money he was raking in, plans that contained Sonja in them. Besides, it was enough for him to keep his mind off her in the mean time until he could execute that plan. Whenever Jayne closed his eyes, he saw it…her arms around him, her lips pressing onto his that had been quivering at the very thought of seeing her leave, her eyes saying goodbye without her having to speak a word. And that was it. She was gone. In Inara’s shuttle, leaving. Jayne had never been one for all mushy garbage. For one it was just too much energy and number two, well, there had never been anyone for him to really even bother getting that way over. So what? Women came and went. People came and went. There would always be someone and something to replace em’…big fucking deal! Life went on. The sun still burned. But the day Jayne watched her leave, he had wished wholeheartedly he could’ve found the strength…to let her know…everything that he was feeling, everything that was taking over his heart that he swore was breaking into tiny pieces at seeing her leave. Damaged, that’s how Jayne felt, at every angle of the word. And he knew the only way to be fixed was to see and hold her once again. Laying in his bunk on his back, Jayne mind wandered, his coat next to him. There were so far from Lanai. And Mal had said something that he had a lead on another job but wasn’t sure when he would be getting word back. They would just have to wait. Seems, as Jayne saw it, that’s all he ever did. Wait and wait some more. He was getting so tired of waiting. And as Jayne went to prop himself up, wanting to take a brisk walk around the ship, Mal’s voice came over the ship, a happy, upbeat tone to it. “Good afternoon fellow campers…this is your Cap’n….it seems that we’re getting a hail from someone asking for a Jayne on board, but well….I told her…oh what did she say her name was? Oh Yes! Sonja! Well, I told….” Leaping out of his bunk, Jayne sprung to his door and hurriedly climbed out into the corridor, barely missing tripping on his own two feet, seeing Mal and Wash at the bridge, laughing. “Easy there big fella!” Wash said to Jayne as he caught his breath from running up the stairs. “You don’t wanna keel over dead or anything, now do ya?” Looking directly at Mal, eyes gleaming hopefully, Jayne asked, trying to catch his breath, “She’s hailing us?” Mal pointed to the screen in front of him. “She’s hailing you, Jayne.” Smiling graciously as if someone just gave him the entire world to rule, Jayne stepped up to the screen and pushed the button on the bottom. Looking back at Wash and Mal, Jayne stood there, giving them both an embarrassed stare. “Yeah, okay…I think I have things…to do…somewhere…or at least I can try to find something to…do.” Wash said then, getting Jayne’s stare Mal nodded. “Yeah, I think I left a pot of tea boiling or somethin’ like that.” Hearing the door behind him be pulled shut, Jayne turned towards back to the screen in front of him, his heart starting it’s crazy out of sync fluttering, his hands starting to sweat. There she was, Sonja, on the screen smiling at him. “Hi Jayne. Is this a bad time?” “No…I wuz kinda…thinkin’….bout’ ya….you was thinkin’ bout me too?” Jayne asked, not knowing what else to say. Sitting down in the chair in front of him, he waited for her reply. “I always think of you, Jayne. How have you been?” Sonja asked. Even on that little screen she was beautiful, a magnificent energy of refined beauty staring back at him, her thick black hair pulled back into little jewled combs, her face rosy from the make she wore. “Yeah,” Jayne nodded, trying his damndest to keep his cool. “I’ve been shiny…you?” “Lonely.” Sonja replied hastily. Oh God if she only knew! Jayne thought to himself. “Yeah…me too…lonely and all…” Jayne muttered back to her. Sonja put her hand up to the screen and gave him a brilliant smile. “I think of our last night together, do you remember?” Did he remember? What kind of a gorram line of questioning was that? How the hell could he forget? It was the only thing he thought about when he laid down at night and the first thing that entered his mind when he got up in the morning, before cleaning Vera, before eating, before breathing….and his dreams….oh his dreams were always so kind to him…so kind indeed. “I ain’t forgot bout’ it, Sonja.” Jayne told her then. “And I ain’t forgot bout’ you’s either….you’s my girl, now ain’t cha?” Sonja giggled then. “Jayne Cobb….are you trying to be curt with me?” “Truthful more’s like it.” Jayne replied. Meeting her hand on the screen, Jayne pressed his hand on it, wishing so bad he was there with her, feeling the real deal. “How’s the job going? Do you think anything might bring you around Lanai again?” Sonja asked. “Oh God girl….I hope.” Jayne responded then, his tone desperate as if he had been making a deal with a higher power to make it so. “Mal…keeps yappin bout’ hearin’ back on somethin’ but I ain’t real sure.” “I am afraid….” Sonja said then. Sitting up abruptly, Jayne’s eyes got wide. Was she in trouble? Was someone trying to hurt her? Oh, if they were, he would make sure that would be the last thing they ever thought about doing…. “Afraid I won’t see you again.” She continued. Exhaling a relieved sigh, Jayne put his lowered his, his eyes seeing the dust that had accumulated on the bottom of the main control panel. Wash, he never was one to be tidy…. “I ain’t done w/ya girl.” Jayne mumbled to her. “I ain’t gonna jus’ be shovin’ ya out of my noggin’. I’ll see ya…real soon…I swear…I give ya my word, Sonja.” Smiling, Sonja nodded then. “I have to go now, Jayne.” Putting her hand up to the screen, Jayne watched as she faded out, her smile burned remarkably in his mind. * * * * * “So what do you think, sir?” Mal looked over at Zoe. Did she ever wear anything but that same deadpan seriousness to her? It kind of scared him sometimes. “I think we’re gonna have to take it.” Mal replied matter of factly. “What do you think about the history he has with Jayne?” Zoe pressed, leaning her body up against the main control panel. “Who in the verse’ doesn’t have history with Jayne? Come on Zoe, you know Jayne…he’s not exactly the lovable type.” Mal retorted. Cracking half a smile, Zoe nodded and then folded her arms across her chest. “Point well taken, sir.” “Besides, Jayne doesn’t have to deal with him. You and I can make this deal and then we can be on our way.” Mal said then. “Simple in. Simple out. No complications.” Zoe said, thinking it over out loud. “The only way to go.” Mal replied. * * * * He didn’t like helping. He always felt so inadequate. And there was no horrible feeling worse than being as much of man he knew was and feeling “inadequate”. It wasn’t right. But when you’re bored and there’s nothing else to do, helping seemed okay. Handing the silver circular metal piece to Kaylee, Jayne watched as she set it inside the engine, tightening it down as if it were child’s play. “So….,” Kaylee started, her voice giddy. “What’d she say?” “What’d who say?” Jayne shot back. Nudging him in the arm, Kaylee giggled then. “Sonja….she hailed you today now didn’t she?” “Oh well…yeah…she did…,” Jayne nodded. “But you know me. I ain’t one for talking.” “Oh sure you aren’t, Jayne.” Kaylee replied rolling her eyes. “Hey, at least you two had good steamy satisfying sex, right?” Coughing uncomfortabley, Jayne stood up then. “I don’t think…” “Jayne!” Looking up at the doorway, Jayne could’ve actually thought about giving Mal a hug from rescuing him from having to say anything more. “Can I talk to you?” Mal asked. Heading out into the corridor and into the cargo bay, Jayne wondered what was on Mal’s mind. “What’s up?” Jayne asked. “Got word on our next job.” Mal said. “Good…means we getting’ paid, right?” “Yeah….it does.” “I’m for it. It’s not on the up and it’s easy money. I’m there.” “Well, see, this is the thing, Jayne,” Mal said slowly. “Costa Neever, from the job we just got done doing…well he referred us….to our new job we have.” Jayne shrugged then. “Alright. So who’s it for?” “Lar Adams.” Mal watched Jayne’s stoic expression carefully. “Uh…I’m not real sure if you wanna get yourself mixed up with Lar…he’s a real…sucker…a real sheister.” Jayne stammered. “Really?” Mal said then. “See, this is what I wanted to talk to you about. Earlier today, we got a hail from Lar and he seemed pretty all for us delivering his goods. I actually had a pretty good chat with him…seems pretty decent….but he asked if it was true if Jayne Cobb was on Serenity as well…and when I asked why, he didn’t seem real happy at that thought, matter of fact, he kind of seemed…well….semed just a wee bit on the pissed off side…now, why would that be Jayne?” “I dunno know, Mal…I never even….” Jayne started “Don’t lie to me, Jayne. I need to know why this Lar seemed more interested in ripping your head off than us delivering his goods that’ll make him a lotta cash. I need to know if there’s going to be problems because honestly? Problems make me very unstable and makes me do things I normally don’t wanna do…you followin’?” Mal said. Exasperated, Jayne knew it was no use. He had to tell him. “Lar Adams and I use to be partners….well sort of.” Jayne said. “Is there anyone you haven’t partnered with?” Mal said, eyeing him disdainfully. “Let me guess, you tried to throw him out of a moving airplane as well, huh?” “No,” Jayne said, shaking his head. “We was doin’ a job, splittin’ everything fifty fifty. Well we did this one and man…there was so much…it was a civilian cargo ship we hijacked…but the ship wasn’t carryin’ jus’ anyone…the governer of Medina was on it …so we took everythin’ and left….and I…well…I took everything…Lar’s share too and left…..that’s how I ended up getting Vera…cuz of him sendin’ them after me to kill me…said if he ever were to find where I runnin’, he’d finish the job.” “Well I can’t say I blame him, now do you?” Mal said. Suddenly, Jayne got a sick look to him. “I kinda slept with his daughter too. I think that’s what did it.” “You slept with his daughter?” Mal exclaimed, wide eyed. “I was drunk. She seduced me.” Jayne whimpered back pitifully. Throwing his hands up in utter amazement, Mal shot Jayne a grave stare. “Jayne….” He started and then stopped, trying to push the words out without his hands reaching out to choke him. “We’re gonna take the job.” Mal finally told him. “Aw come on, Mal! You can find someone else. You can’t tell me ain’t no one…” “Lar Adams wants to make the transaction on Lanai, Jayne. He wants us to touch down there so we can load his goods on the ship.” Mal quickly said. Stunned, Jayne stood perfectly still. Did he hear right? Lanai? They were going back to Lanai? “When?” Jayne said. “Well, with the course we’re on now, we’re halfway there.” Mal replied. “I’d say about four days.” “We’ll be on Lanai in four days?” Jayne repeated, his brain still trying to process everything….surprising her…seeing her…. “Yes.” Mal replied simply. “And I don’t have to be here when you load the ship?” Jayne pressed, wanting Mal to say it. “Call me a fool Jayne, but don’t you have better things to be attending to on Lanai than to load some rusty boat with some man’s cargo you really ain’t about wantin’ in the first gorram place?” Mal replied, trying to throw Jayne the hint. Jayne nodded slowly. “Four days, huh?” Jayne repeated. Mal nodded again. “It’s your choice, Jayne…ain’t no one forcin’ you’s to do anythin’….” “I guess we best be headin’ to Lanai then, huh?” Jayne replied stoically. Mal nodded again. “I guess so.”



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Ah, bless Mal for giving Jayne an out as well as a chance to see his beloved Sonja again. Just hope that Lar doesn't up and put a rutting big spoke in things. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, November 25, 2005 6:23 AM


SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!! jayne-y's in luuuurve!!! i'm so completely in love with your jayne!!! d'you mind if i just climb inside your head and live there?


Saturday, November 26, 2005 8:11 PM


Please update soon!!

I am such a Jaylee fan, but I love this pairing...I really love how you've developed this relationship. Jayne in love is so sweet and the way you write his thoughts on it is so true to charchter!

Keep writing more!! I need my Jayne/Sonja fix!

Monday, November 28, 2005 8:23 AM


Fave line: "filling them with the loveliest melody his ears could’ve ever been tuned to…." Nice image of Jayne in love. Could see his face in that.

VERY good back-story on how Jayne got Vera. I loved that, nipnip. If you ever get a yearning to flesh that out even more,(maybe in another story?) I'd just about wet my pants from happiness. Don't worry, I'll wear depends (for the first ever) when I read it if you write it.


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This installment is leading up to the next one, the final conclusion of this series...

"Now, Jayne knew the meaning of it…caring…caring for someone more than himself and now he was aching all over…for her touch, for her kindness…for her."

A moment of truth....."Worlds colliding, coming undone, right there on Serenity that very night…two people in need of something so very bad…shelter from the storm…a saving grace that was lighting both on fire…"

Jayne gets a little worked up...and River adds her insight...

Sonja reveals a shocking truth from her past and Jayne learns the meaning behind the meaning of mistake...

Mal giving some insight...

Jayne and his marvelous thoughts...well lack of maybe....

Depending on how well this goes, my intent for this particular set of fanfic is to have each of the characters talk from their own points of view through 9 different journal entries for each memeber of the crew...this one is Book's talking about how he feels about River right before Jubal Early made his appearence on board....

Okay...back to being serious....
Jayne and Sonja get a little closer but Jayne makes a horrible mistake with her....
Gets a little deep towards the end. Apologies to anyone if it makes them uncomfortable...gotta have some kind steam to the story!!!

Gettin Jiggy w/ Kaylee
Ever wonder what Jayne really thinks bout' Kaylee???
I think I'm having a little too much fun w/ this whole fanfic thing....

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